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Aug 2, 2013

BOLI Retaliation Claim

The Civil Rights Division of the state of Oregon is investigating a retalliation complaint. This was recommended in my sentencing by Judge Janis Wilson. The strategy of my defense on a violation of a temperary stalking order where I was falsely arrested and convicted of stalking. My former criminal attorney Robin Runstein, a former Prosecuter with the DA's office, stopped defending Iacuzzi due to a tort claim notice given to the city for Police and Judical misconduct.

Runsteins strategy in court was to state the facts of retalliation of the BOLI complaint to the jury. My wittness, the investigater from BOLI, showed up to testify as he knew about Barton's firing and discriminatory behavior towards me. My own attorney sent him home and never conducted an investigation which is standard in the legal industry. So it is now being investigated by BOLI and the Independent Police Review Board. Iacuzzi did have a meeting with the District Attorney 's office stating that this was retalliation. Jeff House, District Attorney, stated that it is hard to prove perjury but convicting Meyers on false swearing may be an option. Meyers who told a judge that she was being accused of being a drug dealer, taking lessons from the other hate mob, and a Civil Rights Complaint was filed was given a temporary stalking order. During the trial of my "violation" Runstein did not have Meyers paperwork on her stalking order so till this day, Meyers has never had to prove her stalking order and I have been criminalized by a hate mob. Their was no justice. Yes, I am guilty of filming them, but I also went to every agentcy in this town for protection including the police, no one did nothing.

The irony of the story is Bradley Angle House whose administrative offices were on the first floor of the building where the witch hunt was going on. Did they wittnesses events? Yes. Did they case manage many of these people? Yes. Did they ever tell them, that I had a right to self indentify my gender to the other residents? They certainly did not stop it and even encouraged Meyers, when they even saw her standing near me while I was calling the police on her. Their reaction, Meyers, will come up to see you. Not, what is going on, why won't the police come? Bradley who is a leader in sexual minorities and protections from domestic violence did not step in. Does Bradley ANgel house allow trans people to stay in their long term housing program? Yes. So why did they not stop it? Retalliation is the only guess since they were also found to be discrininatory by the state.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!


The wind is a gossip, Not in a malicious way. She just likes to move around and stir things up. She runs through the fire barefoot and has no fear of heights. She carries beg blue bowls of rain with her. She plays the flute and loves all kinds of sounds. Her laughter likes the sky. The wind is a wonderful story-teller. I still remember how she intorduced me to the Qualities when I was a child.

J. Ruth Gendler
The Book Of Qualites

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Jul 21, 2013

Queer: Seperate is not Equal

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Queer: Strange and Unusual, Good and Bad

Best Night Ever in Portland, Oregon

Last night, May 12, 08, at the protest in Portland, was the greatest night I have ever experienced. Their was live music, story telling, and people freely sharing kindness. It was a blast to see so many people who care. These people live in homes and without homes wanting to celebrate the dignity of all human beings.

This protest could decide the Mayors race. The police are going to sweep us tonight, but we will be back with more signs and people.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Justice will Prevail

I am going to be sentenced for a crime that I did not commit on Friday at 2pm. I am disgusted with the amount of lying and politics that have affected this case. I also have questions that are not being answered. The amazing thing is, the people who are lying against me are a bunch of junkies and feminist who love to hate. This hate started for me many years ago in my life but has blossomed here in the liberal city of Portland. The discrimination became a hate crime on 9/12/07 when Reach CDC hate mob started filling stalking orders. One after another they came and were denied over and over again until some judge heard that I was transgendered and wanted to help this poor women. Their was a total of 5 attempts and on the last attempt the seed was planted to have me arrested in my own building that I live. The police and the disctirct attorneys office participated in the hate and deliberately ignored evidence of hate and retaliation. The truth will come out and I do not care anymore about the death threats, come and get me.

The gay press and Portland and KBOO radio do not want to air what is happening to me because their of their friends in the womens community where their are many lesbians who are the main haters. This whole thing is wrong and those who sat back and did nothing who are responsible and allies to the gay community are silent.

I will be handcuffed and will not be able to write freely due to the legalities. But Know Worries, they will have to kill me because I will not stop until the truth comes out.

NAGQ is bigger than LISA/LEE IACUZZI

NAGQ known as Not a Good Queer is bigger than Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi. I know I have been marginalized, castrated, by many people who did not think I was capable of putting such an amazing piece of media together.

The most important person responsible for my success is my sister Chris. My sister Chris is a chief paralegal at one of the largest law firms in personal injury in the state of New Jersey. She is amazing and wins all kinds of awards for her Congeniality. She wears a constant smile and has a big heart. She is an amazing person who is my biggest cheerleader in my life. Most great leaders,artists, and creators have people in their lives which helped then get through a "difficult time" until they were discovered or that they made their imprint on society. I hear these people talk about how their significant other or family members helped them get through a "difficult time" they traveled through to reach their success.

My sister Chris and like many people have called me an activist. They are correct in the description of who I am. An activists is an educator who is trying to send a message that is not well understood but through activism, will cause changes towards justice. Many of these people or groups are Love make a Family and Basic Rights Oregon and the many peace organizations who are working. Most activists are work for free, some are funded, and some are lucky enough to be trust-fund.

So declare NAGQ is bigger than LISA/LEE. I will stop signing my name to stories so future postings will only be authored as NAGQ'S.

Anyway, NAGQ is bigger than me and many "HUMANS" who are in my position who have been marginalized, understand and are quickly inspired to the "right thing". You could say that these people deserve to be marginalized but I think that many good gays have a backbone and believe in integrity.I was lucky to take several business law classes under my bachelors degree. I learned about the agent and agency relationship where employers are liable to what employees does and does not do.

Stupid is, as Stupid does.

Forest Gump


They play-poker on
both sides
until one day
those sides
to open the door
to another place
where justice
may take

This work is dedicated to all the HUMANS who believe in KARMA.


I am Guilty of:

I am guitly of:

Being maculine and scaring women according to the DA office in Portland, Oregon. I lost this political battle between the feminst and the gender folks. The feminist say, your transgendered and your a man. This is what Bradley Angle House directer, Kara MacFarland, had to say that their public policies on gender are in fact discriminatory. The battle the feminst won is still in the Court houses that believe that I am a dangerous person.

Yes, i am fairly intelligent, but now your trying to criminalize me for my gender which was not understood and taken away from the jury. To say my trial was a modern day whitch hunt carried out by Arusi Loprinzini is an understatement. The only thing that Glenda Meyers has abo that is flawless cry and hyperventialtion act which seems to work for police, judges, and juries. Will just be served or will the witch hunt just gat uglier and uglier.

Wittness are staying quiet for I acuzzi due to threats to wittnesses. Arusi loprinzi even came to the Rose residence place and met with Meyers in her home. Meyers is a well known homphobe which was documented by the state of Oregon's BOLI.

Who is going to win this political battle that now i am losing and will continue to be punished for stating up against them that revolve around the building as the DA is seen with Reach CDC lawyers on a daily basis. I have a lawsuit against Reach CDC and the DA Arusi Loprinzini does not have a problem with helping out the local businesses. I wonder if Lopronzini will meet with me and talk about a hate crime of a mob at the Rose.

This hate mob is fooling you when they say they are threatened. Their lying, they were never afraid, it was a pay back from winning the BOLI case.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Housing Rights: Sojourner Truth

Michigan State Troops guard African-American families moving into the Sojourner Truth housing project, April 29, 1942. In 1942, the Sojourner Truth Projects were built to provide housing for Black workers. However, the federal government placed the projects in a predominately white neighborhood. In February of 1942, a protest by 1,200 white workers as black families tried to move into their homes. The protest quickly became violent and resulted in arrests. It was not until the following April that the families moved in, this time under the guard of over 1000 armed troops. The outbreak served as an omen of the troubles to come in the next spring.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Retaliation by Reach CDC

Reach CDC was given a subpoena in late October,2007, they state that they never received any drug complaints about Meyers: This is a copy of an email written on September 24, 07
This is a written complaint to resident manager Jamie Barton and Rachel Huber, her supervisor, dealing incidents since I have lived at the Rose. I request and Investigation and a prompt response. Each incident is numbered and requires a response, which never happened by Reach CDC management. This incident report was also given to BOLI, Kerry Johnson, Portland Impact, Outside Inn, Housing Authority of Portland

A warning to residents posted on September 19/07 about cause of termination for verbal harassment, etc…..
September Sunday 23

1. At approximately 3pm. I am walking back to my room. I have a cig in my mouth. Glenda, my neighbor, turns around and tells me to “keep it up” that “she is going to call the police on me and the police are after me”. This must be the mental health police.

Sunday at 4pm

I am walking back to my room; Glenda turns around and tells me to keep it up because the police are going to arrest you

Saturday 22 3pm

I am awoken to a fire alarm noise. Management put an alarm on the back door so overnight guests could not be caught on camera. The camera are suppose to protect us but are used for discipline.

2.Jamie Barton gets called in to shut the alarm off. By the time she gets here the alarm is off. She does not investigate on who set the alarm off. I see Glenda, her daughter and two children down in James office. I listen outside their door. Glenda states that I am unstable to her because I wear my coat outside in and that I am our at night walking around. She also states that I am making banging noises in my room. Jamie does not tell her that she is not a psychologist, or a psychiatrist to make any comments on others mental health condition. She tells her to write down my behavior and to call the police. Glenda complains that she needs help documenting my behavior, Jamie sates that she will help her write the incident report.

Jamie opens the door and sees me listening. I told her that I was waiting to talk to her and she told me to GO and wait in the lobby.

3.After 10 minutes, I go back to my room. Glen’s daughter is yelling to Glenda, my neighbor, that she is going to make a complaint to REACH CDC about how her daughter is mistreated by NAGQ. She yells this to me like a threat.

4.Sunday 23

At approximately 3pm. I am walking back to my room. I have a cig in my mouth. Glenda turns around and tells me to “keep it up” that she is going to call the police on me. The police are after me. This must be the mental health police.

Thursday the 20th
I tried to get into my kitchen. I was given a key after two days of asking for one. Jamie Barton told residents on other kitchen floors to lock the kitchen so I would not be able to get. Glenda, my neighbor knew that I did not have a kitchen key and was constantly locking the door. She wanted me to come to her and have her let me in the kitchen. This is a recipe for disaster.

5. I was in the kitchen. I had used my square key to get in. This was the wrong key and a piece got chipped in the door. I put butter in the key hole and I figured I would eat then try to fix it. I was in the kitchen. Glenda tried to key in. The door was unlocked. She came in screaming aggressively. She charged me while raising her hands. I backed away and walked around her. She did not allow me to explain. She called me a fucking bitch. I went to my neighbor who reported to Kerry Johnson. She came out of her room and watched Glenda pass by and yell and scream again that I was a fucking batch and crazy. She slammed her door violently. I went into my neighbor’s room visibly shaken. I went back out and fixed the door. It took 15 minutes and nobody was obstructed from eating in the kitchen.

The problem: Jamie never told Glenda that she had no right to judge me and behave erratically towards me. She never said anything to deescalate the situation but validated a known heroine and clonzapan addict to continue her behavior on me and told her to take notes and to complain to Reach CDC.

6. I know and saw Glenda selling 30 of her clonzapen pills to Maria Leal in my kitchen. Bren was also present during this financial narcotic exchange. The clonzapen selling was also witnessed by little Linda. Little Linda also states that Meyers gets in these emotional places when she is not using her clonzapen. She sells her clonzapen to buy heroine. Her drug use and heroin use is well known and documented before she was let into the Rose. So here is a person who is selling narcotics in the building that is supposed to be taken her own narcotic who is confronting me on my behavior? The manager does not question her mental health but sides with her clinical observations. She does not write a report on this women who is bawling hysterically over my presence. She does not document this women's behavior but tries to gain information about getting me evicted via disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of others. Glenda continues to complaining about my hammering. I did use a hammer at 4pm to fix something. It lasted several minutes but it was during a time where others should have been up. Glenda tells Jamie that I am pounding at night and keeping her up. I have been living next to Glenda for almost six months. I have taken care of this women when she was sick and have gone to the store for her. Why is it over the last 2 months, her behavior has changed. I believe this is due to the fact that Kim, another drug dealor has moved out of the building and Meyers is now the new drug dealer. Now Maria Leal gets her clonzapen from Glenda who is not taking her prescribed medication. Glenda makes loud noises every 5am to get her methadone. I have never complained about her noise.

My “erratic” behavior, I am up at night, because this is the only time I can do laundry and cook without being harassed. I am also a writer who spends a lot of time walking outside and gaining thoughts. If I am out on the public sidewalk, laughing, how is it anybodies business? Jamie Barton does not echo this. She allows residents to take shots at me when I am not even in the building. The public sidewalk is the public sidewalk.

Friday 21st

At approximately 4pm,
Thursday 20th

7. I left the building and found a note on my door. It said that supina was spelled like subpoena on my door. I had my nieghbhor witness the sign.,

Thursday 20,

8.I left the building and came back and someone wrote on my do not disturb sign that I was illiterate. Anne in 211, told me that I was illerate when I wrote the article fraud at the Rose. She said that her gang members that my writing is an embarssment and that I am illiterate. See Note.

On Wednesday the 19th

9.I came back and found that Maria leal wrote on my do not disturb sign, that I was a bitch. She also attacked me on this day and a neighbor across the hall came out and told her to leave me alone. This is a different neighbor. As Maria walked away she told me that I should put my dildo on. I told her that she was really missing out if she did not own one. Maria Leal is a butch lesbian who has always considered me as her brother. We were never sexual but Bren told me the entire time in the building that I sexually wanted Maria and Bren was obsessed about this fact. She clearly sexually harassed me for months. A good witness would be Denise in room 104...See Note

10.On Tuesday the 18th, I was in Denises room. It was about 1pm. She asked me if I abused Bren's dog. I laughed. I told her that I was having dinner with Maria on Monday at approximately 5pm. Maria has other people cook for her due to her overwhelming drug abuse with clonzapen. She had a black eye and her tongue had a bright red mark all the way across her mouth. She said that she had a seizure. This is what she says when she accidentally overdoses on the drug. She is given a perception by her doctor of advan but she is only given ten pills a months. She makes up for the rest of he days by purchasing drugs in the building. Maria Leal has had the ambulance to the Rose twice for drug overdose but has never been written up. She uses the seizures as a cover even though her drug use has been reported by me.

11.On Monday 17th at 5pm,
Maria promised me if I cooked that she would not allow anyone in the kitchen. I did not want to deal with Bren. I told her that I would cook for her but she cold not allows Bren in our kitchen. Bren had her own kitchen who way welcoming herself to my dinners that I cook with Maria. I told Maria that I was maxed out and that I just wanted to eat in peace. She promised me that this would happen and she said she would not let Bren inside the kitchen. I moved the table so it was not visible to the kitchen door. As the dinner was ending and we were cleaning up, Bren came by. I waved her off with my hand gesturing to her not to enter. This of course, my boundaries never get honored by Bren even though I am on a contract not to harass her. She opens the door. I shut it with my foot and gesture to her again with my hands and my head shaking to her not to come in. Maria Leal opens the door. Bren lets her dog down and comes into my kitchen. I pick the dog up and hand it to Bren which she puts back in her arms. I told her that I did not want her to enter. She yells at me that this is a community space and that she is allowed to come in. I just walk out.

Maria Leal comes charging at my door calling me a liar because Maria Leal is stating that she did not see anything in the kitchen to defend the dog abuse charge. This is my last interaction with Maria Leal. She looks horrible and her behavior is erratic due to the amount of drugs she is ingesting. She told me that everyone hates me and that she was the only one that defended me, the boi in the building that nobody wants to have in a women’s building.

12.Monday 17th at 5am.

I can’t get into my kitchen. It is too early to wake up Glenda and I do not want to deal with asking permission to eat. The kitchen has not been locked the entire time I have lived in the building but Glenda started this behavior in the last month.

I have a friend outside the building. He is homeless. So what. He works two jobs and he had a new job and I wanted him to eat. I went down to the first floor and very quietly tried to cook. Within twenty minutes, I see Cheryl giving me this look through the window. The look was like, you piece of shit, your nothing. She opened the door and said that I should not be in her kitchen. I told her that I was locked out of my kitchen and that I would be out in a minute. She told me to get out and I told her that she was welcomed to go get somebody to chase me out. She said that she was going to get Martha. I cooked for another 5 minutes and ate breakfast outside on the Rose steps. My friend can not come back into the building until 9pm.

13.Monday 17 at 1130

I knock on Glenda door and ask for a cigarette. She said sure and to come in. She told Jamie that I just walked into her apartment. Anyone that knows Glenda, that if she does not want you into her room, you could not take a step. I had not talked to her in awhile but I had been feeding her plates of food when I cooked and gave her cigarettes. When I got into her room, she immediately stared yelling at me. She said that I was scaring her children because I am earring my two sided jacket inside out. She states, that I am pacing in form of the building and saying racial slurs. She yelled at me, like this gossiping that happened at 5am is now spread to all my neighbors by 1130. I told her that she was not a psychiatrist and who is she to take my inventory.

I wrote her note and stated that I would not be coming to her door anymore as I would expect her not to come to my door. I also stated that I had taken care of her when she was sick and went to the store for her. I told her that this would not be the future and that we could live in peace. I told her that I wanted to be left alone.

14.Sunday the 16th At 3pm,

Little Linda has a daughter and a son in law. They were hanging out in my room. The male told me when he came by; Martha told him that I was a bad person and a butch. He said he has heard derogatory comments constantly from the gang when he visits the building.

15.Saturday the 15th,At 11pm

I walk down the stairs and Terry, Martha’s gang member chanted to me crash and burn crash and burn. I had slept outside the building for the last three nights. I was told the boil investigator was coming on Friday and I did not want to be accused of witness tampering or having my evidence be jeopardized. Bren told me that she would of stayed in the building but I think that this sis the difference between me and my opponents. The second time I passed Terry and she said crash and burn, crash and burn, I asked her if she was going to say this every time that I passed by. I told her the cameras were watching and she might not want to be doing this behavior.

16.Friday 14th the day of the Investigation, BOLI at the Rose apartments

12th September through October 18th

Stalking orders filed by three women with five attempts, Meyers was successful on the fifth, these stalking orders were all accompanied with a letter from Reach CDC manager Jamie Barton.

The Behavior of Kim Matic and Lee Greer,Portland Impact: Lee Greer and Kim Matic, Transitions Project incorporated,Please talk to Kim’s and Lee's supervisor before interviewing them. I do not believe these people know how outrageous their behavior is and the obstruction of their behavior has been in this investigation.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Jun 9, 2013


I don’t know why.
I am getting by
Just happy to have a
A full belly
Is no joke
I want to be inspired
Travel the world
And wander.....
Yeah your lost
not fitting into
Capitalism of course
The music rocks you
The wind
Calls you
I ask the sky
If it will always be my friend
The sun said
I will love you and will bring
You warmth
Be your guide
When your
Bring you back to your childhood
With races to the pool
Sucking pop sickles was
I take a breathe in your
To be as big as you
Would only create
A mess
An explosion of energy
So I will just worship you instead

NAGQ blogspot


Anonymous said...
"The wind
Calls you
I ask the sky"

couldn't have said it better myself...i think most of us understand more than u know
drockwood said...
From an atheist point of view I have an instant aversion to any kind of worship; pagan or monotheistic.

but i like popsicles and races to the pool.

Feb 27, 2013

IPR APPEAL August 18

Not a good queer is the only appeal for 2009 for the Independent Police(IPR) review board on August 18 at 5:30 in the Love Joy room. When the appeals process was instituted the IPR thought that would have a ton of appeals but this did not happen. Why? Because the process is long and the IPR reports are done by the police themselves. In my IPR report, Officer Lowery states that he did not investigate a gay bashing because I had a supposed temporary stalking order, well the gay bashing was two weeks before the hate mob was able to obtain a stalking order. THe police did not even check OJIN to find out these facts. The bottom line in the city of Portland, is that their is no police accountability and it is a waste of time to think that they are ever held accountable.

In this meeting that I have waited almost two years for, I will be asking for the investigation to be reopened. The police interviewed the hate mob who deliberately set up my arrest and I want an investigation regarding some communition that Metro Watch called the police while hate mob leader Glenda Meyers was on the phone calling 911. Their is not any documentation of Metro Watch on the police report and when BOLI investigated a retalliation complaint, Metro watch did not explain themselves.

Being patient is going to pay off as those who committed these crimes against me will be going to jail. THey are Jamie Barton, Jackie Barton, Maria Leal, Bren Athens, Glenda Meyers and more. They are already guilty of tampering with a wittness which will give them more time than the hate crime.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Hate Crime added by the POLICE

Koefed and Lowry do not press any charges on this drug affected hallway owner. Bren Athens shown in the video also is the writer of a hate blog called Queerer and Queerer http:/ which is dedicated to the hate of Not a Good Queer(NAGQ).

The videos above show the story of hate of someone who has a male and a female gender in an all women's building. You see a video of Maria Leal who overdosed twice in the building. Her drug dealer is Glenda Meyers who has been convicted of several misdemeanors for drugs. After the hate mob put bed bugs on my door, Meyers spat at me while I was trying to cleanse my room. Andrew Koefed came to the rescue and threatened to arrest me after I was gay bashed. I was arrested in my lobby of my own building even though I had a stalking order on Meyers and Meyers gang. Boli investigated the hate and several witnesses came forward who wrote documents citing Meyers homophobia who forced other gays out of the building. In one of the videos you see former Reach CDC manager Jamie Barton. Jamie Barton committed perjury with Glenda Meyers when she falsified the facts given to a judge where Meyers was able to obtain a stalking order on NAGQ. NAGQ spent 29 days in jail and still faces chargers of violation of stalking order since November 07.

NAGQ video taped the arrest which clearly demonstrates that Meyers violated her stalking order but NAGQ was arrested for standing in my own lobby. Due to the substantial finding of discrimination form the state, BOLI, Reach CDC is being sued for gender discrimination. Jame Barton supposedly resigned due to the Housing Authority doing a criminal investigation against her behavior. NAGQ went outside the building and held up signs for free drugs at the Rose. Barton would only write up NAGQ for drinking in the kitchen but would not write up others even when an ambulance and the fires department had to revive the above Maria Leal. The drugs made their hatred validated by Reach CDC management doing nothing but protecting a homophobe and drug dealer who exposes her grandchildren to her drug dealing.

Of course, the sexual minorities round table, a Portland based police community against the discrimination of sexual minorities is doing nothing! Maybe this is because Bradley Angle house is involved with this organization against hate. Bradley Angle is against hate but not when it affects trans people? Bradley Angle House's administration is on the first floor of this building. They also case manged many of the residents of this building. Did they tell others to knock off this gang behavior or did they encourage them to file a lawsuit against those who are bigendered?

Let's say, that did nothing to protect me and had a spokes person in the building who signed a hate document against NAGQ. Shame on Bradley Angle house.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on BWe still rise, we will not apologize for anything!


Photo taken by Iacuzzi. The picture is of the heart of a tree..
(Lie on your back and look up at me.)

am a complicated tree
the only way to see me is
underneath the soil
which grows into the sky .....
I wonder how thou Tree and Me
became bent in places.....
Which curves into the wind and cuddles life around itself
reaching for a taste of

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Stalking Orders are Unconstitutional

Anyone can go down to District Court and file a stalking order on anybody they want. As a matter of fact, you do not need any evidence. One can be thrown out of their residence without any evidence or even a trial. Stalking orders came about during the feminist movement to protect poor women from being stalked. But now, stalking orders are being misused and are unconstitutional.

One is not suppose to suffer loss without due process. Once one gets put on you, it is followed up by another judge who may or may not want to hear any evidence and then you are a stalker. This is bullshit, it needs to stop, the feminist have gone too far. Thanks for the new fight to change legislation on stalking orders because it is being abused so dramatically and is certainly not reflective of any sort of due process.
The next thing you know, your on trial for violating a stalking order, the person who puts the stalking order on you, the victim only needs to show how well they can cry.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Bradley Angle House and the Roto Rooter Man

When I stayed at Bradley Angle house, a domestic violence womens program, there was a women there named Rhonda. She was going to be the first women to complete Bradley's Angle domestic violence shelter program without a single write-up. She had new clothes and was entered into a new job training program. She was well on her way on becoming independent. The night before her insurance training and in her last week at Bradley, she was written up for making noises at 8:30 pm when she was trying to retrieve
an alarm clock for another guest.

Rhonda was upset, she was boosted by Megan Lake, her case manager, of being an absolute success and this write-up, caused Rhonda to loose her entire self esteem. The next morning, Rhonda came down to the office and complained inappropriately about the write-up. She was upset for good reason. Bradley Angle House kicks her out in the street. Other tenants came to me and told me that I had to help Rhonda move her stuff since I was the only one with a car. I had a meeting myself in 2 hours that I could not be late nor miss or I would have been kicked out.

Rhonda packed her many things and then would take a break and come down and yell at the staff. After several times, directer Oliv McCullen stepped in with her huge body and blocked her way to the office and yelled, "get out"! Rhonda told her that she was a big women and had no right to throw her weight around!

I was at the bottom of the stairs waiting outside, laughing so hard that I could not breath.

As I was driving Rhonda to her new spot, she spotted a Rooter Rooter truck, she said, "this same truck had been following her for two years". Then she said, "that she would sue them even if she was mentally ill, she would show their maliciousness".
I still laugh when I see a Rooter Rutter truck.

The founder of Bradley Angle House states, that they are having respect issues with residents, the full story on
Recently the Oregonian wrote an article on the same abusive behaviors of Bradley Angle.

Bradley Angle House kicks out people with mental health problems out into the streets. Where is "Imagine a World, Free of Oppression?

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Loprinzi- Arusi: Put Your Head in A Noose

Arusi Loprinzini, Attorney, District Attorneys

I laughed with a friend today as we talked about putting ones head in a noose. The District Attorneys office in Multnomah County has certainly done that. We both laughed as I told her of the video the DA edited to the jury. As he told the jury that we were talking about drugs and cut out the video of what was really being said. What I was saying to Maria Leal, a drug addict and hater, that this is your source of drugs, as I pointed to Meyers as she approached me over and over again when the stairs to her exit was a breathe away. She would walk towards me intentionally even though I had a stalking order on her. The only thing I could do was to video tape that she was not afraid of me, and she sent her dogs after my wittiness in room 207. Who left me a note on video not to come to her room, to call her instead due to fear of the mob. The hate mob led by Jackle Barton and Martha Feggan was in full force. They knocked on my wittiness door late at night, she said she felt like she was dragged out her room. They brought her into a room across the hallway from my room in 204. They told her she did not have to lie as my witness but she could say it like this or that. She told them she would not lie as they continued to harass her by banging on her door as they walked by and cut off her resources for the help she needed.
When I was arrested, Terry Sharpe was on trial for stalking me, she is a real stalker........... The hate mob harassed my witness by phone calls and other tenants demanding that she keep quiet. My witness went into the hospital for mental health.

The DA's office new that I had accused Meyers for drug dealing which is what Reach CDC and the DA office is been trying to hide. The great crime, of hiding and protecting drug dealers who are leaders in a hate mob.

SHAME ON THE DA'S office. I will get a new trial. Your a hater? , ETHICS District Attorney Loprinzi- Arusi put your head in a NOOSE? Come and get me or protect me and do your job. Remember, Straight but NOT NARROW. I coming for you Loprinzi- Arusi, I coming with a gang of mine called JUSTICE! The GANG, Martin Luther KING, Malcom X, Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, Harvey MILK,. Steven BICO, Cesar Chavez, Harriet Tubman, Chief Sitting BULL, etc.. They are my GANG!

Am I being disrespecting,inflammatory? Or am I making correct assessment on the responsibility of the DA's office which is not to hold evidence. The police and the Loprinzi- Arusi are to be neutral. If their is a piece missing, like my side of the police report, then, correct it, do not hide it, do not create more fear, give drug dealers and haters power? Are you kidding me! Documented death threats on my life in the BOLI file that you completely ignored. What about the people who still live in a hate mob building, who are not haters, who want nothing to do this but to live in peace without a mob threatening and running a building. They behave like they own the building verses the fact that it is a place to transition. Most of my haters lived in the building four years or more and ran the building like a jail. Kim Matic from Transitions Project who was fired, called the mob on their behavior. The hate mob attacked her included in her attack, was her "Queer Friendly" position on sexual minorities.

DA Loprinzi- Arusi put a drug dealer on a pedestal as you came into her apartment building knowing the STATE of OREGON proved her to be DISCRIMINATORY and their had been Gender Discrimination over a 8 month period that is still ongoing. You ignored a state investigation Loprinzi- Arusi

I wonder how much insurance you have Loprinzi- Arusi or is a true desire for you to do dishes for a living! I making myself clear!

I love my readership which has now expended to every judicial and social service agency in this city of Portland that is liberal and conservative.

The hate mob writes me quite often but I do not post their hate. They have their own hate blog dedicated to 100 percent of their writing about me. I have over 320 posts and maybe 10 percent is addressing my freedom and the hate I have endured and still enduring.

I am not afraid of dying, what I am afraid of is LIVIN with your hate in my life. I REBUKE YOU! I though I was well behaved during the trial as you were covering up for the drug addict. I smiled for my MOB SHOT! Thanks for hanging yourself. I am sure you will not be at the new trial.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Feb 7, 2013


The term transphobia best describes the performance of Mult. County District Attorney's office: State verses Iacuzzi. The Da's office did not think BOLI, the states own civil rights department was not an independent investigation and gave it "no weight". Judge Janis Wilson disputed that claim and stated that the jury might have made a different decision if they had read the document. My lawyer, Robin Runstein decided to defend me somewhat in the sentencing hearing by discussing the perjured stalking order. My lawyer tried but she may want to have asked these questions or presented the information during the trial. I believe this document demonstrated negligence on my own attorney. The DA's office turned back it's own states finding, I do not bleive this kind of behavior has been recored by DA offices since the KKK. I guess the DA was desperate to cover the jail abuse and the hate and the cover up of police officers Andrew Koefed and Timothy Lowrery.

When you read the transcript, you have to say to yourself....Bizarre. Judge Janis Wilson stated that in her 17 years of being on the bench has never seen such a sentencing request and asks former Mult. County District Attorney Arusio Loprinzini if he has passed his sentencing request to his office. Basically, Loprinzini, are you acting on your sexual frustrations? Granted you do not like what I say or write on my blog but asking the judge to punish me for my first amendments rights is fascist. I was pleased that the Judge Janus Wilson spanked you over and over again on record.

I am going to ask the Department of Justice to look at this case. I believe my 6th Ammendment rights were violated on many levels. One of the transphobic moments was during the jury selection. Arusio Loprinzini asking potential jurors if they ever changed their name. This tactic would and did "take out" trans person out of the jury selection. I ask myself the question, are all defendants during jury selection are asked this question or only the question asked when the defendant is trans, (bigendered, gender variant, intersexed, etc.) to keep them from their peers!

We still rise, I will not apologize for anything!

May 24, 2011

Crying Time

Click, Click, Click

Door snaps open
top tier bring down your trays
the revolver spins

Click, Click

Push the door open
cross the barrier
the trigger is pulled

the coffin door closes forever

Click, click, click, tic, tic, tic

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!