Aug 2, 2013

BOLI Retaliation Claim

The Civil Rights Division of the state of Oregon is investigating a retalliation complaint. This was recommended in my sentencing by Judge Janis Wilson. The strategy of my defense on a violation of a temperary stalking order where I was falsely arrested and convicted of stalking. My former criminal attorney Robin Runstein, a former Prosecuter with the DA's office, stopped defending Iacuzzi due to a tort claim notice given to the city for Police and Judical misconduct.

Runsteins strategy in court was to state the facts of retalliation of the BOLI complaint to the jury. My wittness, the investigater from BOLI, showed up to testify as he knew about Barton's firing and discriminatory behavior towards me. My own attorney sent him home and never conducted an investigation which is standard in the legal industry. So it is now being investigated by BOLI and the Independent Police Review Board. Iacuzzi did have a meeting with the District Attorney 's office stating that this was retalliation. Jeff House, District Attorney, stated that it is hard to prove perjury but convicting Meyers on false swearing may be an option. Meyers who told a judge that she was being accused of being a drug dealer, taking lessons from the other hate mob, and a Civil Rights Complaint was filed was given a temporary stalking order. During the trial of my "violation" Runstein did not have Meyers paperwork on her stalking order so till this day, Meyers has never had to prove her stalking order and I have been criminalized by a hate mob. Their was no justice. Yes, I am guilty of filming them, but I also went to every agentcy in this town for protection including the police, no one did nothing.

The irony of the story is Bradley Angle House whose administrative offices were on the first floor of the building where the witch hunt was going on. Did they wittnesses events? Yes. Did they case manage many of these people? Yes. Did they ever tell them, that I had a right to self indentify my gender to the other residents? They certainly did not stop it and even encouraged Meyers, when they even saw her standing near me while I was calling the police on her. Their reaction, Meyers, will come up to see you. Not, what is going on, why won't the police come? Bradley who is a leader in sexual minorities and protections from domestic violence did not step in. Does Bradley ANgel house allow trans people to stay in their long term housing program? Yes. So why did they not stop it? Retalliation is the only guess since they were also found to be discrininatory by the state.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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Criminal Behavior makes Contracts Void

When you "resolve" the matter between Reach CDC and Lisa Iacuzzi also known as Not a Good Queer. The civil matter is resolved but the criminal matter is not. Obstructing justice, holding back materials, and concealing evidence is a crime. Reach CDC is off the hook from future lawsuits unless they broke the law. Then resolutions become open to new prosecution. As I am fully done with the discriminatory and criminal behavior of Reach CDC! I know Reach CDC is done also with me. I am requesting from Reach CDC several documents that they have and to turn them over to the police. I am asking them to conduct an investigation of the day of my arrest. Yes, the lie that has become true needs to be uncovered. Yes, I will be blogging about the evidence you have that protected a known homophobic hater, drug dealer, and lead gang member. I have enough vidoe on publice record to show what really happened. I know about the lies. Did you think that you could get away from the criminal matter. I think if Reach CDC if you smart enough you would not have participated in my criminalization and brought forward Meyers and Barton. But you decided to hide these people eventhough these people showed up buplically in court and said things of the record.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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The wind is a gossip, Not in a malicious way. She just likes to move around and stir things up. She runs through the fire barefoot and has no fear of heights. She carries beg blue bowls of rain with her. She plays the flute and loves all kinds of sounds. Her laughter likes the sky. The wind is a wonderful story-teller. I still remember how she intorduced me to the Qualities when I was a child.

J. Ruth Gendler
The Book Of Qualites

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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Meyers or an Obstruction of Justice Crime

You know, they say alot of gay folks like to play softball, but I like to play dodge ball!

Why go so public? I believe a huge injustice has occurred in my life and I have not rested to reach this quest of Justice. I have been convicted of stalking when their was no stalking but a hoax by a hate mob. I am demanding an investigation and Justice.

Meyers is a well known drug dealer and benzoid user within the social systems of Portland, Oregon. This women was cited for selling clonzapin in a community kitchen to two residents This incident occurred on 9/12/07 when Reach CDC's former manager, Jamie Barton, started writing letters for other tenants citing how afraid they were of me. She told other tenants and Metro Watch that she was afraid of me.

Okay, Freddie Krueger! No not the butter Freddy!

Well, Jamie Barton, was it your fear that you would get caught publicly discriminating against me while letting go obvious narcotic deals in the building. I believe their was at least one overdose while I lived in the building and I heard stories of more. But what does the District Attorneys office due, they come after the Queer while they are talking to Reach CDC during, lunch, after trial meetings with Reach CDC's lawyers. But Meyers is not charged with violating the stalking order, one mile away from her castle, and she gets arrested but the District Attorneys office does not prosecute. The District Attorney ignored all the evidence about Meyers involvement with drugs and Barton's perjured written statement.

So, here I am , I will go Federal, cause the state cares too much about the big property owner than my civil rights! Also, the judge did not throw it out even though the stalking order case itself, did not fit into the statue.

It will be Meyers or Barton or both(probably) verses obstruction of justice chargers. I believe that I may have three counts of Obstruction of Justice. No, I am not afraid of you, I am afraid to allow this kind of behavior of a hate mob that is supported by the district attorneys office to be both held accountable.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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Hate at Reach CDC

Their is a hate mob at the Rose apartments, who hired Metro Watch, to support tenants false accusations. Not a Good Queer was arrested in the lobby in this location after winning two civil rights complaints with the civil rights division of Oregon. Metro Watch just stood by as Meyers, leader of the hate mob, made a false accusations. Recently, the Internal Affairs department of Portland, Oregon has cited foul play as Metro Watch will be added to the lawsuit which has been filed in District court.

Paul Hamilton speaks out against this hate blog called This blog tries to fool the public by misspelling Not A Good Queers blog authors name Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi. These owners and authors of notagoodqueer-oranythingelse blog is going to be charged with a hate crime. This hate behavior will not be tolerated and all those responsible will be held accountable.
Paul states, you are suffering on behalf of those of us who have made a deal with the devil to live (for now) in this dysfunctional system. You have the strength right now to be on the front line of this struggle. I believe in you and I know that your work is supportive of our community.

I have been appalled in investigating the situation the level to which those who have expressed hatred to you have resorted in order to demean-- themselves. Their web site mirroring yours is an example the violence of a lynch mob. It is not just an unhealthy situation, but one in which I now understand you had a very real concern for your safety. Lord of the Flies comes to mind. I have never seen a web site created whose sole purpose is the expression of hatred for a person. The only precedent is Nazi Germany or the Columbine massacres. It is a case study in the psychology of evil.

The difference between your web site (operated by a single person) documenting, in occasional posts, claims against the apartment complex-- and a mob of people gathered in an orgy of hatred against a single individual -- is a difference between a freedom of speech and a lynch mob going to hang and torture a queer.

Again, despite the horror that you face with homelessness looming over you, I feel that you have escaped the truly alarming prospect of escalating cruelty at the hands of people who enjoy telling themselves how normal they are through their combined hatred of one person.

Their web site alone is a clear issue of hate speech directed at a single target. Its sole purpose is cruelty. If it was directed towards someone in power like the president of the United States, it would be warranted. But, to create such a web site targeting someone who is powerless is an example of the kind of casual bigotry that created the crematoriums in Nazi Germany. Their characterization of your hair as being "buzzed", is very much like the Germans dehumanizing the Jews in World War II so that they could gas them.

As awful as it is, I think you need to just get the hell physically away from that group of people. I am creating a PDF copy of their Blog so that I can archive it. Then, perhaps we can respond, point for point, to the character assassination that they have undertaken towards you.

I wish I could tell you to be strong. I still have family left to visit. . . so, despite my financial problems, I will have some kind of holidays. I can say-- hones tly-- that I will defend you the best way I can.

Take Care,


Another response from the gay community is blogger Leopardi who about the mob at the Rose whose blog is mimicking NAGQ blog with HATE!

LEOPARDI SAID:NAGQ's assertions of being lynched by a homophobic mob seem to demonstrate credence to NAGQ"S claim that the environment is hostile to queer people.

While it is clear, based on the incidents you report that you have a cause for frustration, your comments, sadly, validate the core assertions by Lee.

Let me remind you that no matter how challenging the individual conflicts you have with a particular person, there is no excuse for resorting to the kind of insensitive language you use in your posts about Lee. The entire tenor of your post revels in a heterosexual norm that confirms Lee's complaint that you create an oppressive climate. Your language may not only be offensive to Lee personally, but when you choose to broadcast these views publicly, you are engaging in hate speech against a large group of gays, lesbians, and trans-gendered people in the Portland area.

I am not asserting whether or not your claim is just. However, I am unimpressed by your claim thus far.
I don't doubt that institutes such as the justice system support you. They have always been on the side of the powerful.

I would submit that Lee has done you a tremendous service. She has given you a way to tell yourself that there's nothing wrong with you.

My question to you is this: when Lee is gone, who will you hate?


08 December, 2007 10:44


The Gang

Coming Out of Heterosexism

Published in the Iowa State daily: June 17, 2007

All gays have coming out stories. They frequently say that they came out of the closet. I came out of a social construction that stated the only "normal" sexuality and the only "normal" gender is male or female. Therefore, I did not come out of the closet, I came out of heterosexism.

Their are those who will deny heterosexism does not exist, but they cannot deny the coming out stores of gay, lesbians, trans, bigendered, etc..

I will not apologize for anything!


A direct message to the residents at the Rose.

This incident happened Friday before my arrest where Bren Athes threatens me. The Portland Police were called who did not do anything even though they saw the film. The same police officer came back and arrested me on Monday morning where I spent 29 days is the jail. Thanks Portland Police, I coming for you too.

This women, Bren Athens, lives on the third floor but claims ownership for the second floor hallway at the Rose. She is a bully beating up a human or just a bigendered human who carries a camera around for protections due to women making false accusations! Does this women named Bren Athens look drug affected to you?

I do not apologize for anything!


Not a Good Queer

Warning to NAGQ: Do not go back!

NAGQ is currently couch surfing. NAGQ had to say to the Judge, that NAGQ would move to get out of jail. Also, NAGQ is innocent of charges of violation of a stalking order. But, cannot get too detailed about the upcoming events where justice may be served. The stalking order cost NAGQ 29 days in jail. The stalking order was assisted by Reach CDC former manager Jamie Barton. During this time Reach CDC was under investigation for a gender discrimination complaint. Jamie Barton offered the only shred of evidence to this stalking complaint which consisted of a letter she wrote stating that the video camera placed me outside her door. She stated that she asked me to leave her door and to wait in the lobby for her to finish her gossiping about me to another resident. The fact that the fire alarm went off and she was called in from home for this alarm, she was in fact ignoring a fire alarm. The truth is that she was obsessed about ganging evidence about me because NAGQ recently made a complaint about several residents that Jamie Barton had an unprofessional relationship. This led to a criminal investigation of Jamie Barton by Portlands' Housing Authority.

After BOLI, a civil rights organization that is ran by the state, investigates the camera. The cameras is in the lobby not pointed at Jamie Baton's door which her letter to the judge described. When he questions the letter, he is told that the camera timed me when I passed through it again. Well their are two exits leaving Jamie Barton's door and NAGQ quite frequently walks up the back stairs which would not have been video taped. But this explanation was not given to the judge and a whole lot of information was missing for the letters that was called evidence.
So Reach CDC you are not that slick. I am scared of your tactics that is being supported by your friends also known as tenants of the Rose.
Paul responded:

My friend Paul wrote:

Maybe I am enabling them by asking them to reflect on what they are doing . . . Giving them too much power. But, the fact is that I am genuinely concerned about your safety based on the kind of situation that is being stirred up. They are creating a situation in which any kind of violence towards you seems rational. This is quite frightening to me.

I want you to know I am not validating their claim by saying they can go through the proper channels if they have a grievance. I am just trying to suggest that they realize that there are choices other than projecting hatred as a group towards a single person. These processes are built in to insure that mobs don't get created like this - act irrationally - and hurt people. Actually, the fabrication by members of the building in order to get you placed in jail is an example of the action of this violence. It worries me . . .

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify. I don't want to support these people in any way, but I am more concerned with your safety than anything else.

Take Care,


Gender Discrimination Charges Go South for Reach CDC

Picture above states, stop Jamie Barton from harassment and gender discrimination at the Rose.

Reach Community Development is likely to be caught in what people may call an untruth. They told Chief Investigator of the Bureau of Labor and Industry(BOLI), Kerry Johnson a detail that can be found in the paper trail. The players are Reach’s Rachel Huber and Jamie Barton. Reach has claimed the reason why my waiting list number changed was due to eight people being rejected through the housing appeals process within a two week period. This paper trail can be traced by Portland's Housing Authority(HAP) who would have appeals records. These eight appeals pending cases all happened within a two week period. Phone records would show, the YWCA making several calls to Jamie Barton and Rachel Huber on my behalf. At one point, Jamie Barton's said that she no longer worked for Reach CDC. The trace and investigation is on by HAPS director Jill Peterson. A question comes to mind regarding the penalties for lying to a BOLI investigator.

Some background information: Charges were flied against Reach CDC in July 2007 for gender discrimination. Reach is a nonprofit with over 988 units. They oversea a building called the Rose apartments who is managed by Rachel Huber and Jamie Barton. The people who live at the Rose are referred by Bradley Angle House and Genes’ Place. Gene’s Place is a homeless shelter for people who suffered domestic violence and people who are homeless. Bradley Angle’s services reach out to strictly to people who have experienced domestic violence. So in the building, there is a combination of people suffering from domestic violence and homeless with both groups fighting poverty. The building is supposed to be drug and alcohol free but most residents use hard drugs. A fellow resident almost died in my room from a Clonzapen overdose She asked to stay in my room alone so she could hide from another women in the building who was making overt gestures to be her new girlfriend. So being a good queer, NAGQ let her stay in my room alone while I was in the building cooking dinner. When NAGQ came back into my room, she was foaming from the mouth and unconscious. NAGQ made the mistake of getting the paramedic in the building who also was her stalker. Her life was saved but the drama over the incident was not appreciated by Not a Good Queer. The stalker would not leave my room and demaded to go into the ambulance of this barely conscious women. NAGQ said no to her ambulance drive request and told her to take the bus like NAGQ was going to do to the hospital. The stalker called me a prick boi twice during this interaction then went to management the next morning who signed a get well card. This stalker told Jamie Barton about her overdose and it's details. She was irrate at me for not allowing her to go into the ambulance so she needed vegence which she recieved with the help of Jamie Barton. Eventhough the prick boi comment was reported, the stalker was never written up for verbal harassment.

Of course, the overdose was accidental like her first overdose. Of course this tenant has never been written up for a single episode even though the paramedics and fire department had to reinstate her life with a dose of NARCAN. But, this was not an overdose? She claims it was a seizure but NAGQ went to the hospital and was told by the tenants nurse that she had every barbiturate known to man in her system. NAGQ reported her drug use to try to help save this womens life who is still currently using narcotics illegally. No, NAGQ cannot make someone stop hurting themselves, but NAGQ does not have to watch or get blamed for the unwanted "show".
When NAGQ came back from the overdose hospital run trying to save and protect this “innocent” women’s life, only to find rumors around the building that NAGQ would be cited for drinking alcohol in the kitchen on a previous Monday.. The alcohol was the overdosing tenant’s vodka that was used to make ice teas. We were both in the kitchen making dinner with the overdosing tenant walking around the building noticeably in a drunkard state. The bottle of vodka was finished on that Monday. Their was no noise in the kitchen but only NAGQ was written up for alcohol in the building. The bottle of alcohol was finished on Monday night but the haters in the building had to blame it on the boi for this women's overdose. The most easy and convenient escape goat,who did not pack with any tenant gang, and who wrote a document to protest the write-up called Fraud at the Rose.

Yes, there is a gang in the building here at the Rose. The gang is predominately African American women who are also bible thumpers and who believe that they are the one’s entitled to make judgments about other peoples lives. One would think that these women would be perfect in their standing in the building and how they carry themselves. They are the first ones that call foul and yet they have been attacking others in the building and calling them racist for simply being white and having a black boyfriend. Their ridiculous behavior is non-stop. NAGQ has been called all kinds of slang that include dildo, prick, butch, and boi are thrown around when the gets angry at NAGQ. Or if NAGQ simply takes any space in the building like using the computer room or singing down the hallway. A few of the other tenants get called racist who just stand up for themselves but most of the building live in fear of these people who believe that they are allowed to “run the show”. This complied with a Jamie Barton confidant who has her direct phone line to Jamies' home and calls Jamie when she deems inappropriate behavior is going on. This women has schizophrenia and NAGQ sees her early in the morning’s maybe to refill her methadone dose? Who knows what happened to her teeth. This gang is ruthless and gets benefits of free cable television that the management at the Rose allows. So for many of these residents, do not have to leave the building because their whole life is a learned helpless class taught by Lee Greer from Portland Impact. Who provides them with basic needs, birthday parties and gifts, large garden, first takes on donated food, etc. Within all this abundant food that Lee is bringing in, creates fraud with some of the gang members food stamp benefits.

Lee Greer helps get them free food so that they can sell their welfare cards for cash is the main vehicle into getting ones’ drug money. This is how they get their drug money. Some of the gang members get their drugs brought into the drug-free building versus buying it on the outside of the building and keeping the hard drug element from people who are trying to maintain ones’ sobriety. Yes, there are a minority of residents who are trying to heal and fight for their lives back. They are working 12 step programs and are actively looking for work. These people are trying to better themselves and have goals that do not include public housing in their future.

It’s a combination of people that are not healing in a building that is advertised as a domestic violence shelter according to Reach’s own description of the Rose. Portland impact Leer Greer handles client services but her job description, according to Lee Greer does not dealing with behavior. How Special! (Chuckle) Lee Greer was caught having a “special food and beverage drinks" only to a particular group of residents. All of these women happen to “hate” NAGQ but this program was not advertised like all the programs are advertised in the building. How special that Lee Greer does not deal with behavior but will coach people on how to document behavior. NAGQ is sure that she will justify this position. How about, stay out of the investigation. How about ending your secret meetings behind close doors with residents who are involved in the discrimination case. How about letting me in the clothes closet to get some clothes like the other residents!

A beautiful feminist moment
The reason the building is not a healing environment is that the management uses people in the building to do help them due their positions. This includes bringing up groceries and errands around the building. This includes dividing people so management can weed out people that they do not like. They hate NAGQ because before my arrival NAGQ asked for their mission statement and complained about Jamie Barton’s inappropriate behavior of constantly telling NAGQ : my wait list number was lucky 13. During my arrival, NAGQ received the mission statement, which did not include gender. Jamie Barton’s response to the gender policy when questioned, was, “men are not accepted in the building”. It was a beautiful feminist moment... Which resulted in a wooden bed susceptible to bed bugs and a carpet full of 20 or more cigarette burns? After my two hour introduction to the Building, where they told me that their gender policy meant that their was no men in the building. Then NAGQ gets written up in my first 36 hours in the building when my friend dropped off an air mattress and left at 10:30. Folks, it was an air mattress in a box. No harm was done and no noise was made. Countless times others in the building have been inappropriate with similar offenses and NAGQ has received an eviction almost every month. One eviction included nonpayment of rent in which NAGQ paid the rent three days before they even filed the eviction. Of course they had to dismiss it but if I did not show up then NAGQ would have been evicted. It goes on and on with all kinds of follies that Jamie Barton keeps performing over and over again. NAGQ has had written on my door that NAGQ is not literate. NAGQ has also a gift of an envelope that contained over 50 dead bed bugs. This was just the topping of an already strong urine smell at NAGQ's front door.

Jamie Barton reminds me of the keystone cops: people who end up creating
a mess that should never have happened. Her position requires boundaries and professionalism where Jamie Barton has already been cited for an inappropriate relationship with a lesbian in the building.

Kerry Johnson (BOLI)is being told half-truths regarding many of the claims of NAGQ from Reach. On November 27, NAGQ, taking two witnesses. went to see Jamie Barton about my waiting list number. Jamie slammed the door in my shoe as NAGQ tried to keep it open to finish the conversation. She said that NAGQ was number 13; yeah we all know what number 13 means. NAGQ went to the YMCA to get documentation. The evening shift person who also works with Bradley Angle House relief called Rachel Huber and she said that NAGQ was number 5 on the list. This number is significantly higher that the number 13 that NAGQ was quoted on the same day.

Here comes the lie, Rachel Huber tells Kerry Johnson that eight people were on an appeals list and in a two week period of time, all people were reviewed and seen as unqualified by the Housing Authority. Are you kidding me!

NAGQ bought the Brooklyn Bridge too.

The Housing Authority does this screening which is done by the state and requires a criminal background check. The housing authority would not have eight names that they checked out and failed during this short time period. NAGQ believes that Reach has been caught in another lie.

investigator? Do you want to know something better? NAGQ went over the head of Sherry Sacheo, the Rose’s too friendly contact resident services for HA, forP. and went to Jill Riddle. She is on the job to investigate this bridge for sale.the top shelf of HAP and found two ethical people who are not afraid to find the truth. What is the penalty for lying to a BOLINAGQ hopes the punishment is a felony………

I will not apologize for anything!

Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi
Not A Good Queer

The Friday before My Arrest, Women twisting Domestic Violence

Discrimination Damages from Reach CDC

Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi
631 South East Taylor
Portland, Oregon 97214


•Developed heart condition, currently on a beta blocker for tachycardia and high blood pressure!

•Checked into hospital in November for suicide when Jamie Barton told Lee, why did you bother to sign up for housing at the Rose, when you are a man?

Defamation of character

• NAGQ has worked in the nonprofit industry for many years and will be black balled by:

Reach CDC, Portland Impact, Bradley Angle House, Transition Projects

•All these agencies were told by management that they were frightened by me even though NAGQ has never physically threatened anyone at the Rose. The management falsely accused NAGQ of threatening behavior and when NAGQ asked for video tapes that the used to make write-ups, they said that they lost the tapes.

•Harassment of 17 year old mentor ship student. Lee brings clients to the Rose
to show public housing, Jamie Barton, Reach building manager, humiliates NAGQ in front of client.

•Jamie Barton is under criminal investigation from Portland's Housing Authority. She did not follow administrative rules for my housing and deliberately tried to keep me out of the building.

•Lee Greer, Portland Impact, had a secret meeting with residents where she taught them how to do write-ups after she wrote me a document that she does not deal with behavior. She turns her back when gang members chase me out of a building and call a "little bitch" in front of Lee Greer. She refuses LEE client services for 4 months, quits, and then tells the gang in the building that she is afraid of me. This creates more hostility from gang members.

Legal Abuse

•Jamie Barton provides a document for tenant to get a contact order on me. The document that Jamie Barton writes is a lie which is easily proven by the location of the buildings' video cameras. This lie allows tenant Glenda Meyers to continue to harass Lee by calling the police 7 times in a one week period to get him/her arrested for violation of contact order. Glenda Meyers tells the police, that Lee has a stench that makes her sick. Glenda Meyers is a felon for narcotics distribution who is now the new drug dealer at the Rose who was recently rewarded with a building transfer that has larger accomondations.

•Metro watch security lies to the police which results in a charge of harassment from another tenant. Video will show his lies and his homophobic behavior.

•Lee came into the building as domestic violence survivor but received harassment within the first hours entering the building and continues on a daily basis.

• Reach created a hostile homophobic environment and blamed Lee for a residents overdose. Allows resident to continue drug abuse even when she has been reported over and over again for use of legal narcotics.

• Jamie Barton would not write up individuals who attacked Lee nor would follow up on any reports of my complaints.

• Security was hired at the Rose after 5 months of tenant’s harassment of Lee and when tenants and management failed to evict Lee, they said they were scared.

• Reach ignored all written complaints of fear of safety of Lee Iacuzzi who has written documentation from other residents who have witnessed their threats on Lee’s life.

Emotional Abuse

• When my companion animal was put down for bone cancer, Reach CDC gave
Lee a cause of eviction notice two weeks later for bogus charges. The grieving process was side tracked by cruelty of Jamie Barton.

I do not apologize for anything!

Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi
Not a good Queer
MA @ PSU data>


Jul 21, 2013

Coming out of Heterosexism

Their are many people who will say that heterosexism does not exist. These same people cannot deny that all gays have a coming out story. Most gays remember their first gay experience even if their age is 99 and their first experience was at age eight. Due to non heterosexual “coming out” stories, many non heterosexuals will say that they “came out of the closet”. This is a commonly known saying that has been extensively written in books describing ones' new gay life. Therefore, the saying that non heterosexuals “came out” of the closet does not accurately explain this phenomenon. I came out of a social construction that said that the only normal sexuality was heterosexuality and the only normal gender was male or female.

I am “came out” of Heterosexism.
I did not “come out” of the closet”,

The closet or hiding space was a reaction to heterosexism. The reaction to heterosexism is homophobia. Homophobia is the response to the fear of being gay and others knowing that I am gay.
Gays are a smart and intelligent community who can embrace this truth. This statement needs to be learned and taught to gays so they can really understand what happened to them and to their families. The closet brings very little understanding compared to heterosexism. The closet is symbolic of the feelings of isolation and a place where nobody should be. But the closet is really talking about our internalized homophobia and fear of being a minority. Our response to realizing that one is gay is homophobia and the closet is safe place to stay until gays are ready to break through heterosexism. Therefore, heterosexism occurred first and is the root of the problem. Homophobia is the reason to someone coming out of heterosexism. The term homophobia refers to a fear. Being in a dark closet alone in fear is homophobia. The closet is homophobia but the creation of the closet is heterosexism. The well known symbol known is the closet where it is a confined space where people hide. The closet is very consistent with the definition of homophobia which is why so many people use the term homophobia. What one needs to understand is that closet is socially constructed and does not even exist. For some of use, it is the first time that we recognized the challenges of being a minority while others who are nonwhite, is another layer of prejudice that one has to face.

Embrace The Term?
Why not understand the term heterosexism? Yes, political gay groups and advocates for equal rights have been successful in battling heterosexism in the legislature without calling it what it is . Yes, we have victories that state in the laws books that we simply exist. This is a victory for heterosexism. Yet, Massachusetts is the only state that has full marriage equality For us gays gays who have gray hair find this current situation, maddening. We were once gay in our twenties smiling at our elders making it cool for us to be in a gay bar without the police. You know, those days. Did we ever think that it would still be this crazy? The assassination of Harvey Milk, Mayor Masconi, the AIDS epidemic, Torch Song Triology, Boys Don't Cry, Matthew Sheppard, etc. When is this going to be over? It is going to be over when society can understand that one group of people should not have other privileges over other people. That is type of inequality will be recognized as heterosexist behavior. People will start labeling things as heterosexist. The word would be learned as society learned about racism. This shit change in perception took a long period of time when the majority learned that their perceptions were wrong. Races knew they deserved equality and the fight still goes on today. Society needs to change its perceptions about racism the same way it changed for racism. Society needs an mind paradigm shift for gays to be seen as equals. Yes, television and movies are doing a much better job showing us as “normal” who is usually the friend of the bride or a sexual real life situation where there is a thin line between gay and straight behavior.
The problem that heterosexism is so ingrained and normalized that it is difficult for this change to happen. When I meet strangers on the bus, they figure out quickly that I am different and start telling me about their gay uncle. Before they start, I tell them about my straight uncle and how he is accepted by the family. I also state that his heterosexuality does not “bother me”. This ends this subtle and well intentional interaction which the straight person just wants to say that they have my back, I say to them that I have their back too.. I know that many heterosexuals have my back. Do you go up to black people and tell them, hey man, I am really against racism? I really love Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. If you did this Blacks folks might hit you up the side of the head. But, this kind of interactions actually happened in the black movement during the 1960's. During this time, blacks needed to know when they met a white person where they stood in the race issue. Whites realized what was going on and tried to show their support. This is the way society was socially constructed at the time. It is no different for gay people who are in the same para dime shift of the times. In progressive cities, most straights are so afraid of offending gays and do not know how to show their support.
I often make gay jokes and straights are not laughing. I like to talk about my Venn diagrams using fruit as an example. Apples and oranges are separate entities but they are both fruit. This is the easiest example to use when describing a Venn diagram.. As gays, we have to laugh at the language that was used against us and turn it into humor. Many straights feel guilty and want to help and understand the gay movement. The straights know that they playing field is unbalanced and it is their polite way of telling you that they are on your side. Can you imagine walking through daily life and getting acknowledged that people recognize that you are heterosexual. Think about how long your day would be if everyone you met, noticed and told you that you were heterosexual. The writer states that this is my square and I do appreciate your support but I do want my freedom to walk in public the same way straights walk in public.I do not take much space but god knows I listen and try to flip the situation around to an understanding. I too, have a straight uncle who is very much ed liked by the family and does not hurt any children. This statement stops the conversation of sympathy and makes the person asking the question, to think about how they view their perceptions..

Pink and Blue and Lavender

So if you take away the closet, and society learns that when a baby is born, they are not born into heterosexism. That this child could be gay,straight,or intersexed, male or female. Nobody knows, so we should not try to enforce heterosexism on our society because we know it creates a situation where people have to fight themselves and others to break through this social construction. Lets not create the closet. Lets just change how we think and not put people through homophobia. Things are better and people are coming out at younger and younger ages. Yes, heterosexuality is the predominate race but heterosexuality is not guaranteed. The fact is which I want posted in delivery rooms in hospitals, that one in every 250 births are intersexed.I want to see the color of violet. These babies are born with both male and female anatomy. Most hospitals call this a social crisis. They bring specialist into the picture telling parents that they can put their child in a binary box of pink or blue. I am saying that there is pink and blue but why not add violet? What they do not tell these parents, that as their genitalia grows, they will need surgeries to keep up with their growth. I watched a film about an intersexed man who had 19 surgeries due to the fact when he was born that his pee hole was at the base of his penis. He now has sexual dyfuncion and urinary incontinence for the rest of his life. Why?. They also state that many intersexed children are predominately nonheterosexual. Don't expect your child to be straight. Just love your child. What choice do you have? Are you going to put you r own family member through operative therapy,surgery, shock treatment, etc....? When is society going to learn that gays are on every continent in every color and class of people? Many gays will say that we are a race because we do something very particular. For the most part, we do not procreate. We do something particular that humans do. I would say that we are a subculture of race. Race is defined as something that one cannot change, something that someone is born into. Many gays will say that they were born gay and that it is not a choice or a sin. Is heterosexuality a choice? I do not believe that I am a mistake nor that I have chosen this lifestyle. I believe that gays will some day be considered a subculture of race. Gays often hear from straights that they must have faced some incest or childhood abuse. If this was true, then the population of lesbians would be 65-75 percent. This percentage of Lesbians in America is estimated at 6-10 percent. There is no correlation of childhood abuse and sexuality or alcoholism at the time of conception. I was asked by a psychiatrist, if I knew if my parents were drinking at the time of my conception. There are a lot of people bringing children in the world after a night out in the town. These theories do not have any weight. Yes, there are people looking for the gay gene. Many gay people like myself know what will happen if our technology finds this piece before our humanity grows. Us gays know that they will try to create an antibody and get rid of us. I believe gays are an important balance in nature and the issue of overpopulation and the green house effect has never been such a real issue. Imagine if the entire world population was heterosexual and everyone procreated. If one thinks that there is an overpopulation problem in the world now, imagine what the world would be if everyone procreated. I believe we play a significant role in society. Studies in the United States have found that many gay siblings in the family take on the responsibility of elder parents compared to their straight siblings. These facts are often overlooked and ignored to encourage the social construction of heterosexism.
History and politics of the word heterosexism

In the month of June in 2006, the Iraq war was obviously going sour. The President could only do one thing “correctly”, which was to speak out against Gays! He actually tried to change the United States Constitution. He spoke publicly about changing the constitution to separate the gay population from the Constitution.. This mandate obviously did not pass. Even conservatives who were against gay marriage did not think it was acceptable to change the Constitution. There is something powerful in the statement, We the People. Yes, many people did not want gays to have equality but did not want to change the Constitution. Even the Christian Right saw this change was as sacrilegious. Imagine, we the "Straight" people of the United Statesof America in the pursuit of joy and happiness. This sounds rediculous. This attempt to change the Constitution created a backlash. Organizations and powerful churches started to make statements about the term heterosexism. Bush was not sucessful and he will go down as one of the worst Prseidents in American history.

Not a Good Queer
Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi

Queer: Seperate is not Equal

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Queer: Strange and Unusual, Good and Bad

Gender Discrimination in the city of Portland, Or

This photograph was taken at Bradley Angle House.
This is their utility room where I stayed separated from the other residents. When they showed me the room, I asked is this where the queers stay?

My name is Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi and I have two separate gender discrimination complaints against two nonprofits in the city of Portland, OR. The first is Bradley Angle House and the second is Reach CDC. They are both organizations which try to create safe housing for females. Yes, this gender discrimination is not about men discriminating against women. No this is a unique situation where these nonprofits who are women only that are discriminating against people who are female but have a male gender.

They have been officially charged for discrimination in housing through the Bureau of Labor and Industry(BOLI). These acts of discrimination have not yet been proven.
I believe these claims could have been avoided by having a clarification about people who are bigendered. Yes, I am saying another label in the gay community that is not being well used to describe individuals who are now called transgendered. Bigenderism is a subcategory of transgenderism.
I came upon this word by complete accident. I circled both male and female when filling out my complant. BOLI descrbied me as a bigendered person. It was the first time that I ever heard of this term.

I believe the term transgendered does not accurately explain people like myself who have a different gender that they were born into but do not seek hormones nor surgery. We, bigendered people, struggle for equality because we do not exactly fit into the binary system of male or female. Recognizing in me that I am bigendered only creates understanding to others who might not like our presence in certain public and private spaces dedicated for a certain sex... For example, if my appearance is both female and male but I am a biologically female, does this mean that I cannot live or dwell in women’s’ places? If I say that I am bigendered and not transgendered that it is comfortable for me and others to use male or female pronouns. I have a female voice and I have noticeable breasts, how can I expect someone to call me a he? If someone calls me a he, this does not upset me nor do I ask individuals to apologize. I am often called he by people who did not know me.
I have attended a Queergendered group at the Q center. The meeting had many people like me and an educational advocate stated that there are more of us that were not choosing surgery than those who were choosing surgery. The importance of the word gender queer is a term that best describes that we are more visually queer than other gays and lesbians. Basically people see us on the bus or on the street and think to themselves that there is a gay person. Because of our gender uniqueness, we are outed whether we like it or not.
When I first recognized my gender at the age of forty, I started using the male pronoun. I asked my friends to use the pronoun and things did get crazy. My sister went to her therapist who told her that she had lost her sister. I do not believe that this is a true statement. My gender expression was not meant to loose my family or have my friends struggle with pronouns. I do not have anything against people who wish to match their gender with their sex. I do believe my friends and family would have supported me if I had chosen surgery. What I am saying, is that using the term bigendered at least keeps us with half of our identity and creates an understanding for those who love and support us.
So if a person recognizes their gender, maybe calling themselves bigendered, might be the first step or the last step until they decide for themselves. I was lucky in the fact that I took my time and explored the topic of heterosexism before I made a choice that was going to be for life. Yes, unfortunately we have to have labels. I guess I could have not told anyone about my gender but I knew that their were writings on the Internet about my male gender. I thought it would be easier to tell them the truth. When I checked into Bradly Angle house, I gave them print outs of my work that stated both of my names.
My goal in filing these discrimination complaints is to make it easier for the next person like myself to receive help from social service agencies without harassment. I also think that gender policies affect heterosexuals as well. Bradley Angle House does not allow a mother to bring her children into shelter if their children are male and over the age of 13. Reach CDC recently enforced their gender policy on one of their employees who lives in an all women building. This employee had to move and quit her job because her son turned to the age of 13. Also, their are women who live in the building and cannot have their son sleep overnight in their housing. However, if they have a daughter under 18, they can do an overnight with their family. I believe these gender policies separate families.
The only social service agency that I know who does not discriminate in housing is Portland's' YWCA. They accept people like me and will not turn away mothers who have male teenage boys.
The goal for bringing awareness to this situation of discrimination is not to cut funding but to increase funding in these organizations. I have been harassed for the last four months, I tried to get into a domestic violence shelter, they were all full and the volunteers of America was out of money for hotel vouchers. How can we live in a society where their is so much wealth and suffering juxtaposed with each other?
Thanks for listening.
Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi MA @PSU Not a Good Queer

Wer Ready For Anything Mark Farinella and Mr. Smith

what does Mark Farinella have in common wiht each other. They both love atlhleticism and value players wo play with thir heart and soul.. I met Mark Fairnella and Richard Smith at the age of 16. I was the first female to ever start on Northattleboro's girls basketball team. I beleive people called me cousy because i watched and played like Jo Jo White and Bob Cousy.

I remeber getting press coverage in the local sports page. This saved me alot of pain that I could have expereinced. I was respected as an athlete so through the voice of Mr. Richard Smith, I was protected through highsc`hool. When I left to go on a basketball scholarship to Salem ste College, I knew that my basketball days were well over. I knew that I could never replace the love that I recieved from Mr. Smith. As a team, we all went to college except for one player who Mr. Smith rode to make her stronger and to believe in themsleves.

The pain I suffered with press media was that I knew that I had some relatives on my fathers side who my family had seperated. I was now 18 and I am getting phone calls from the sother side of the family. I was too young and not able to cope with thier contact becasue I had not seem them since I was 7 years old. Mr.Smith told me that it was normal to want to get to know thier fathers. I made Mr. Smith my father and I did need to know my dad's family that causes so much fear with my other siblings and family members. So, I did not appreciate mark farinellas writing at the age of 18. Now at 44, I think that he is a brilliant writer but also has created his own personality of bieng fearless. I do not know his policts but I would bet that Mark Farinella is a an advocate of human rights.

I called Mr. Smith after many years of not speaking. He found God and had a very personal releigious relationship that I did not share. We dialogued and fought as passionately as I played basketball. I did go back to North Attleboro for a very short time in the Summer of 2005, and became very depressed and had to leave right away. Mr. Smith knew that I was in town. We talked about me being a subbstitute teacher at North Alttle highschol since

Best Night Ever in Portland, Oregon

Last night, May 12, 08, at the protest in Portland, was the greatest night I have ever experienced. Their was live music, story telling, and people freely sharing kindness. It was a blast to see so many people who care. These people live in homes and without homes wanting to celebrate the dignity of all human beings.

This protest could decide the Mayors race. The police are going to sweep us tonight, but we will be back with more signs and people.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Justice will Prevail

I am going to be sentenced for a crime that I did not commit on Friday at 2pm. I am disgusted with the amount of lying and politics that have affected this case. I also have questions that are not being answered. The amazing thing is, the people who are lying against me are a bunch of junkies and feminist who love to hate. This hate started for me many years ago in my life but has blossomed here in the liberal city of Portland. The discrimination became a hate crime on 9/12/07 when Reach CDC hate mob started filling stalking orders. One after another they came and were denied over and over again until some judge heard that I was transgendered and wanted to help this poor women. Their was a total of 5 attempts and on the last attempt the seed was planted to have me arrested in my own building that I live. The police and the disctirct attorneys office participated in the hate and deliberately ignored evidence of hate and retaliation. The truth will come out and I do not care anymore about the death threats, come and get me.

The gay press and Portland and KBOO radio do not want to air what is happening to me because their of their friends in the womens community where their are many lesbians who are the main haters. This whole thing is wrong and those who sat back and did nothing who are responsible and allies to the gay community are silent.

I will be handcuffed and will not be able to write freely due to the legalities. But Know Worries, they will have to kill me because I will not stop until the truth comes out.

NAGQ is bigger than LISA/LEE IACUZZI

NAGQ known as Not a Good Queer is bigger than Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi. I know I have been marginalized, castrated, by many people who did not think I was capable of putting such an amazing piece of media together.

The most important person responsible for my success is my sister Chris. My sister Chris is a chief paralegal at one of the largest law firms in personal injury in the state of New Jersey. She is amazing and wins all kinds of awards for her Congeniality. She wears a constant smile and has a big heart. She is an amazing person who is my biggest cheerleader in my life. Most great leaders,artists, and creators have people in their lives which helped then get through a "difficult time" until they were discovered or that they made their imprint on society. I hear these people talk about how their significant other or family members helped them get through a "difficult time" they traveled through to reach their success.

My sister Chris and like many people have called me an activist. They are correct in the description of who I am. An activists is an educator who is trying to send a message that is not well understood but through activism, will cause changes towards justice. Many of these people or groups are Love make a Family and Basic Rights Oregon and the many peace organizations who are working. Most activists are work for free, some are funded, and some are lucky enough to be trust-fund.

So declare NAGQ is bigger than LISA/LEE. I will stop signing my name to stories so future postings will only be authored as NAGQ'S.

Anyway, NAGQ is bigger than me and many "HUMANS" who are in my position who have been marginalized, understand and are quickly inspired to the "right thing". You could say that these people deserve to be marginalized but I think that many good gays have a backbone and believe in integrity.I was lucky to take several business law classes under my bachelors degree. I learned about the agent and agency relationship where employers are liable to what employees does and does not do.

Stupid is, as Stupid does.

Forest Gump


They play-poker on
both sides
until one day
those sides
to open the door
to another place
where justice
may take

This work is dedicated to all the HUMANS who believe in KARMA.


I am Guilty of:

I am guitly of:

Being maculine and scaring women according to the DA office in Portland, Oregon. I lost this political battle between the feminst and the gender folks. The feminist say, your transgendered and your a man. This is what Bradley Angle House directer, Kara MacFarland, had to say that their public policies on gender are in fact discriminatory. The battle the feminst won is still in the Court houses that believe that I am a dangerous person.

Yes, i am fairly intelligent, but now your trying to criminalize me for my gender which was not understood and taken away from the jury. To say my trial was a modern day whitch hunt carried out by Arusi Loprinzini is an understatement. The only thing that Glenda Meyers has abo that is flawless cry and hyperventialtion act which seems to work for police, judges, and juries. Will just be served or will the witch hunt just gat uglier and uglier.

Wittness are staying quiet for I acuzzi due to threats to wittnesses. Arusi loprinzi even came to the Rose residence place and met with Meyers in her home. Meyers is a well known homphobe which was documented by the state of Oregon's BOLI.

Who is going to win this political battle that now i am losing and will continue to be punished for stating up against them that revolve around the building as the DA is seen with Reach CDC lawyers on a daily basis. I have a lawsuit against Reach CDC and the DA Arusi Loprinzini does not have a problem with helping out the local businesses. I wonder if Lopronzini will meet with me and talk about a hate crime of a mob at the Rose.

This hate mob is fooling you when they say they are threatened. Their lying, they were never afraid, it was a pay back from winning the BOLI case.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Police State: Come and get me!

I seek Joy and Want to do my best
I am a leader?
I am a joke?
who spoke about the injustices
But got choked by Mult. County and the Portland Police
The pain is so great
that it hurts to stay still
Pacing, pacing,
the pain away
It's in my skin
on my shoulders, back, arms, and legs

Leave me so I can rest

The people who are responsible for hate crimes in the city of Portland are nothing but an insulary group that protects their own.

Sell out to a hate crime committed by tenants of a multimillion dollar nonprofit called Reach CDC who is funded by the city of Portland, state, and Federal agentcies.

Those complicit to the hate are as follows:

Kevin Easton, Equity Foundation
William Warren, city of Portland
Randy Blazak, Portland State University Hate Crimes Committee
Detective Michele Michaels, City Of Portland
Portland Police officers Andrew Koefed and Tim Lowry
Basic Rights Oregon
Judge Zushman, Mult. County
Just Out
KBOO radio

Did you notice not one of these people are trans? Yeah, lesbians and gay men help or come to the aid of transgendered people? It is a fact that the gays and lesbians are just as discriminatory towards trans as the Christain Right. Stop funding the Equity Foundation and Basic Rights Oregon.

Its okay, I am going over your heads.......

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Housing Rights: Sojourner Truth

Michigan State Troops guard African-American families moving into the Sojourner Truth housing project, April 29, 1942. In 1942, the Sojourner Truth Projects were built to provide housing for Black workers. However, the federal government placed the projects in a predominately white neighborhood. In February of 1942, a protest by 1,200 white workers as black families tried to move into their homes. The protest quickly became violent and resulted in arrests. It was not until the following April that the families moved in, this time under the guard of over 1000 armed troops. The outbreak served as an omen of the troubles to come in the next spring.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Reach CDC: Obstruction of Justice

According to Wilkiepedia

The crime of obstruction of justice includes crimes committed by judges, prosecutors, attorneys general, and elected officials in general. It is misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance in the conduct of the office. Most commonly it is prosecuted as a crime for perjury by a non governmental official primarily because of prosecutorial discretion. Prosecutors and attorneys general however commit obstruction of justice when they fail to prosecute judges and other government officials for malfeasance, misfeasance, or nonfeasance in office.

Modern obstruction of justice, in United States jurisdictions, refers to the crime of offering interference of any sort to the work of police, investigators, regulatory agencies, prosecutors, or other (usually government) officials. Often, no actual investigation or substantiated suspicion of a specific incident need exist to support a charge of obstruction of justice. Common law jurisdictions other than the United States tend to use the wider offense of Perverting the course of justice.

Reach CDC has a policy to save video tapes on their lobby in a building called the Rose. The policy states that the tapes are saved if an incident occurs, Reach CDC has taped over the lobby video on my day of my false arrest! This is an obstruction of Justice!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Retaliation by Reach CDC

Reach CDC was given a subpoena in late October,2007, they state that they never received any drug complaints about Meyers: This is a copy of an email written on September 24, 07
This is a written complaint to resident manager Jamie Barton and Rachel Huber, her supervisor, dealing incidents since I have lived at the Rose. I request and Investigation and a prompt response. Each incident is numbered and requires a response, which never happened by Reach CDC management. This incident report was also given to BOLI, Kerry Johnson, Portland Impact, Outside Inn, Housing Authority of Portland

A warning to residents posted on September 19/07 about cause of termination for verbal harassment, etc…..
September Sunday 23

1. At approximately 3pm. I am walking back to my room. I have a cig in my mouth. Glenda, my neighbor, turns around and tells me to “keep it up” that “she is going to call the police on me and the police are after me”. This must be the mental health police.

Sunday at 4pm

I am walking back to my room; Glenda turns around and tells me to keep it up because the police are going to arrest you

Saturday 22 3pm

I am awoken to a fire alarm noise. Management put an alarm on the back door so overnight guests could not be caught on camera. The camera are suppose to protect us but are used for discipline.

2.Jamie Barton gets called in to shut the alarm off. By the time she gets here the alarm is off. She does not investigate on who set the alarm off. I see Glenda, her daughter and two children down in James office. I listen outside their door. Glenda states that I am unstable to her because I wear my coat outside in and that I am our at night walking around. She also states that I am making banging noises in my room. Jamie does not tell her that she is not a psychologist, or a psychiatrist to make any comments on others mental health condition. She tells her to write down my behavior and to call the police. Glenda complains that she needs help documenting my behavior, Jamie sates that she will help her write the incident report.

Jamie opens the door and sees me listening. I told her that I was waiting to talk to her and she told me to GO and wait in the lobby.

3.After 10 minutes, I go back to my room. Glen’s daughter is yelling to Glenda, my neighbor, that she is going to make a complaint to REACH CDC about how her daughter is mistreated by NAGQ. She yells this to me like a threat.

4.Sunday 23

At approximately 3pm. I am walking back to my room. I have a cig in my mouth. Glenda turns around and tells me to “keep it up” that she is going to call the police on me. The police are after me. This must be the mental health police.

Thursday the 20th
I tried to get into my kitchen. I was given a key after two days of asking for one. Jamie Barton told residents on other kitchen floors to lock the kitchen so I would not be able to get. Glenda, my neighbor knew that I did not have a kitchen key and was constantly locking the door. She wanted me to come to her and have her let me in the kitchen. This is a recipe for disaster.

5. I was in the kitchen. I had used my square key to get in. This was the wrong key and a piece got chipped in the door. I put butter in the key hole and I figured I would eat then try to fix it. I was in the kitchen. Glenda tried to key in. The door was unlocked. She came in screaming aggressively. She charged me while raising her hands. I backed away and walked around her. She did not allow me to explain. She called me a fucking bitch. I went to my neighbor who reported to Kerry Johnson. She came out of her room and watched Glenda pass by and yell and scream again that I was a fucking batch and crazy. She slammed her door violently. I went into my neighbor’s room visibly shaken. I went back out and fixed the door. It took 15 minutes and nobody was obstructed from eating in the kitchen.

The problem: Jamie never told Glenda that she had no right to judge me and behave erratically towards me. She never said anything to deescalate the situation but validated a known heroine and clonzapan addict to continue her behavior on me and told her to take notes and to complain to Reach CDC.

6. I know and saw Glenda selling 30 of her clonzapen pills to Maria Leal in my kitchen. Bren was also present during this financial narcotic exchange. The clonzapen selling was also witnessed by little Linda. Little Linda also states that Meyers gets in these emotional places when she is not using her clonzapen. She sells her clonzapen to buy heroine. Her drug use and heroin use is well known and documented before she was let into the Rose. So here is a person who is selling narcotics in the building that is supposed to be taken her own narcotic who is confronting me on my behavior? The manager does not question her mental health but sides with her clinical observations. She does not write a report on this women who is bawling hysterically over my presence. She does not document this women's behavior but tries to gain information about getting me evicted via disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of others. Glenda continues to complaining about my hammering. I did use a hammer at 4pm to fix something. It lasted several minutes but it was during a time where others should have been up. Glenda tells Jamie that I am pounding at night and keeping her up. I have been living next to Glenda for almost six months. I have taken care of this women when she was sick and have gone to the store for her. Why is it over the last 2 months, her behavior has changed. I believe this is due to the fact that Kim, another drug dealor has moved out of the building and Meyers is now the new drug dealer. Now Maria Leal gets her clonzapen from Glenda who is not taking her prescribed medication. Glenda makes loud noises every 5am to get her methadone. I have never complained about her noise.

My “erratic” behavior, I am up at night, because this is the only time I can do laundry and cook without being harassed. I am also a writer who spends a lot of time walking outside and gaining thoughts. If I am out on the public sidewalk, laughing, how is it anybodies business? Jamie Barton does not echo this. She allows residents to take shots at me when I am not even in the building. The public sidewalk is the public sidewalk.

Friday 21st

At approximately 4pm,
Thursday 20th

7. I left the building and found a note on my door. It said that supina was spelled like subpoena on my door. I had my nieghbhor witness the sign.,

Thursday 20,

8.I left the building and came back and someone wrote on my do not disturb sign that I was illiterate. Anne in 211, told me that I was illerate when I wrote the article fraud at the Rose. She said that her gang members that my writing is an embarssment and that I am illiterate. See Note.

On Wednesday the 19th

9.I came back and found that Maria leal wrote on my do not disturb sign, that I was a bitch. She also attacked me on this day and a neighbor across the hall came out and told her to leave me alone. This is a different neighbor. As Maria walked away she told me that I should put my dildo on. I told her that she was really missing out if she did not own one. Maria Leal is a butch lesbian who has always considered me as her brother. We were never sexual but Bren told me the entire time in the building that I sexually wanted Maria and Bren was obsessed about this fact. She clearly sexually harassed me for months. A good witness would be Denise in room 104...See Note

10.On Tuesday the 18th, I was in Denises room. It was about 1pm. She asked me if I abused Bren's dog. I laughed. I told her that I was having dinner with Maria on Monday at approximately 5pm. Maria has other people cook for her due to her overwhelming drug abuse with clonzapen. She had a black eye and her tongue had a bright red mark all the way across her mouth. She said that she had a seizure. This is what she says when she accidentally overdoses on the drug. She is given a perception by her doctor of advan but she is only given ten pills a months. She makes up for the rest of he days by purchasing drugs in the building. Maria Leal has had the ambulance to the Rose twice for drug overdose but has never been written up. She uses the seizures as a cover even though her drug use has been reported by me.

11.On Monday 17th at 5pm,
Maria promised me if I cooked that she would not allow anyone in the kitchen. I did not want to deal with Bren. I told her that I would cook for her but she cold not allows Bren in our kitchen. Bren had her own kitchen who way welcoming herself to my dinners that I cook with Maria. I told Maria that I was maxed out and that I just wanted to eat in peace. She promised me that this would happen and she said she would not let Bren inside the kitchen. I moved the table so it was not visible to the kitchen door. As the dinner was ending and we were cleaning up, Bren came by. I waved her off with my hand gesturing to her not to enter. This of course, my boundaries never get honored by Bren even though I am on a contract not to harass her. She opens the door. I shut it with my foot and gesture to her again with my hands and my head shaking to her not to come in. Maria Leal opens the door. Bren lets her dog down and comes into my kitchen. I pick the dog up and hand it to Bren which she puts back in her arms. I told her that I did not want her to enter. She yells at me that this is a community space and that she is allowed to come in. I just walk out.

Maria Leal comes charging at my door calling me a liar because Maria Leal is stating that she did not see anything in the kitchen to defend the dog abuse charge. This is my last interaction with Maria Leal. She looks horrible and her behavior is erratic due to the amount of drugs she is ingesting. She told me that everyone hates me and that she was the only one that defended me, the boi in the building that nobody wants to have in a women’s building.

12.Monday 17th at 5am.

I can’t get into my kitchen. It is too early to wake up Glenda and I do not want to deal with asking permission to eat. The kitchen has not been locked the entire time I have lived in the building but Glenda started this behavior in the last month.

I have a friend outside the building. He is homeless. So what. He works two jobs and he had a new job and I wanted him to eat. I went down to the first floor and very quietly tried to cook. Within twenty minutes, I see Cheryl giving me this look through the window. The look was like, you piece of shit, your nothing. She opened the door and said that I should not be in her kitchen. I told her that I was locked out of my kitchen and that I would be out in a minute. She told me to get out and I told her that she was welcomed to go get somebody to chase me out. She said that she was going to get Martha. I cooked for another 5 minutes and ate breakfast outside on the Rose steps. My friend can not come back into the building until 9pm.

13.Monday 17 at 1130

I knock on Glenda door and ask for a cigarette. She said sure and to come in. She told Jamie that I just walked into her apartment. Anyone that knows Glenda, that if she does not want you into her room, you could not take a step. I had not talked to her in awhile but I had been feeding her plates of food when I cooked and gave her cigarettes. When I got into her room, she immediately stared yelling at me. She said that I was scaring her children because I am earring my two sided jacket inside out. She states, that I am pacing in form of the building and saying racial slurs. She yelled at me, like this gossiping that happened at 5am is now spread to all my neighbors by 1130. I told her that she was not a psychiatrist and who is she to take my inventory.

I wrote her note and stated that I would not be coming to her door anymore as I would expect her not to come to my door. I also stated that I had taken care of her when she was sick and went to the store for her. I told her that this would not be the future and that we could live in peace. I told her that I wanted to be left alone.

14.Sunday the 16th At 3pm,

Little Linda has a daughter and a son in law. They were hanging out in my room. The male told me when he came by; Martha told him that I was a bad person and a butch. He said he has heard derogatory comments constantly from the gang when he visits the building.

15.Saturday the 15th,At 11pm

I walk down the stairs and Terry, Martha’s gang member chanted to me crash and burn crash and burn. I had slept outside the building for the last three nights. I was told the boil investigator was coming on Friday and I did not want to be accused of witness tampering or having my evidence be jeopardized. Bren told me that she would of stayed in the building but I think that this sis the difference between me and my opponents. The second time I passed Terry and she said crash and burn, crash and burn, I asked her if she was going to say this every time that I passed by. I told her the cameras were watching and she might not want to be doing this behavior.

16.Friday 14th the day of the Investigation, BOLI at the Rose apartments

12th September through October 18th

Stalking orders filed by three women with five attempts, Meyers was successful on the fifth, these stalking orders were all accompanied with a letter from Reach CDC manager Jamie Barton.

The Behavior of Kim Matic and Lee Greer,Portland Impact: Lee Greer and Kim Matic, Transitions Project incorporated,Please talk to Kim’s and Lee's supervisor before interviewing them. I do not believe these people know how outrageous their behavior is and the obstruction of their behavior has been in this investigation.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Hold On!


Any way you want it
That's the way you need it
Any way you want it

She loves to laugh
She loves to sing
She does everything
She loves to move
She loves to grove
She loves the lovin things

Ooh, all night, all night
Oh, every night
So hold tight, hold tight
Ooh, baby, hold tight

Oh, she said,
Any way you want it
Thats the way you need it
Any way you want it
She said, any way you want it
Thats the way you need it
Any way you want it

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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The Stars

Jul 12, 2013

Playing Baseball

Playing Baseball

My life is like a baseball game.

God is on the mound,

First base is my sister,

Second base is evaluator,

Playing short stop is Psychiatrist,

On third base is General Practitioner

At home plate is Rowdy Dog.

Playing right field is Catholic Charities

Center position is a Shaman and in left field is Rose Haven.

My team is visiting their opponents today

Todays’uniforms are the color purple

in which the fans today out number their rivals.

One can only see a sea a wave of orchids

rolling itself back and forth over the stadium

until the first pitch is throne.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Jun 23, 2013

Iacuzzi vs. State of Oregon

  This document serves as a tool to serve you notice of a tort   
  claim action that will be called Iacuzzi vs State of Oregon.

In February 2013, I ordered States Exhibits evidence in the matter of State vs. Iacuzzi and realized video evidence was tampered with. In March 2013, the District Attorneys office Multanomah County released an affadavit to the police department to release one camera in police evidence. This act of releasing evidence happened through persistance in asking Judge Jerry Hodson who took over case from Honorable Judge Janis Wilson. I asked the judge to release two cameras from police property that was taken/stolen on November 12, 2007 when I was arrested. I went to Portland Police property room three times over the years, and they told me the cameras were gone.The arresting officers were cited by the IPR, independent police review, for harrassment and did not persue therm to release camera. Honorable Judge Jerry Hodson asked the Da's office to release both cameras and they only released one camera. The second cameras' evidence was never entered into evidence and is still in Portland Police Property room.

The evidence in the first camera is tampered with in order to obtain a false conviction. The hate crime was filmed by myself and the film contains evidence of the police entering the scene of the crime. Both the prosecution and the defense entered the same video evidence. The police report was never entered into evidence but it was offered during the trial. at tough he knew t had a temporary stalking order on the victim who had the same conditions of the order set by Judge Zusman. Judge Zusman gave the temporary stalking order eventhough he knew that the civil rights department was involved and the victim stated transphobia in her testimony. Honorable Judge Philbrook dismissed both orders according to the OJIN but my mail was stolen and did not realize that this had happened. Therefore I asked for a hearing to dismiss the order and went before Honorable Judge Steven Todd. As soon as I saw the court room looking like a lyinching mob I asked for an immediate continuance. Honorable Judge Stvevn checked the box on restraining order as a continuance and final stalking order. The judge did tell supposed victim to take opposite stairwells to exit the building since thier were no back exits. I was arrested in my own lobby after telling supposed victim to walk the opposite stairwell. These directions are on States Exhibit 1 in the log sheets of Honorable Judge Steven Todd.

Judge Janis Wilson's court room has no audio recording due to the fact the judge has a hearing disability. So in the transcripts their is only documentation that a video was played without any documentation of which videos were being played. The transcripts just say video played. Both attorneys knew this issue before the trial that their was no recording of the audio of the videos which left the door open for tampering of video evidence.

The evidence was stored in an audio file in States Exhibit 1. The defense entered evidence first in trial. The prosecution states to the judge that he left his video evidence upstairs and that he would use the defenses evidence. The defense states in the transcripts that the evidence entered is acceptable only if the prosecution enters the entire video. The next day during the trial ,the prosecution tells the judge that he needs the defenses' dvd to continue and this is how they have the same videos in evidence. Two tampered videos were played over and over again to prove false stalking charge to the jury. In film MV 3042, the most important video, the audio was not played during the trial. In film MV 3042, the audio was tampered with and the footage was cut off from the jury. An eyewittness in MV3042 is seen at the end of the video where she pops her head outside her door, which was never shown to the jury. In film MV 3043 the supposed victim, disappears from the film for a whole second in the footage. The film has been tampered with and the beginning of the film is missing. The film was cut and the audio was moved from this cut to the beggining of the MV3043. Therefore in the film you see the camera moving up and down the stairs but you do not hear any movement of the audio. At the end of this film you see three wittness talking but their is no audio but you can see thier mouths moving.

Honorable Judge Janis Wilson told the prosecution and the defense that she had a problem with the audio not being played and that their seemed to be footage missing from the evidence. She then she asked both attorneys twice if they were sure that all the footage and evidence were entered into evidence. Both attorneys stated that all the evidence was in.

The audio was never played to the jury in film MV 3042 a key piece of evidence kept from the jury but entered falsely in States Exhibit 1. The jury did not hear a wittness in both videos state the victim was a drug dealor. The judge was upset with the evidence offered and not entered into the trial. The judge did not demand the entering of the document that was offered call Affatdavid for dismissal of stalking order. If this was entered, the judge would have dismissed the trial. The judge did not dismiss the trial when the audio was not shown to the jury nor dimiss when the evidence was not offered. To even the discrepancies in evevidence and the fact that she knew that both attorneys knew that the supposed victim was lying, she told the prosecution and the defense that all 20 snippets of 3 minute films and pictures were to be entered into evidence. Both attorneys wanted to entered just three videos and both wanted to hide the vidoes of the police entering the building that showed the police were lying in the report and during thier testimonies. The video of the police entering the building was renamed in states exhibits in put in the file system to hide the fact that this video should have been numbered MV 3044. This manipulation of video allowed the prosecution and the defense to say that Mv 3042 and 3043 were only the videos that were put of the films that involved the crime. Evidence has been altered and deleted from States Exhibits 1. Thier was no evidence of supposed victim being in any immediate danger or threat to her physcial harm which is needed in the statue for conviction of a crime. Iacuzzi had a stalking order on the supposed victim and in the film MV 3016 which showed the supposed victim coming upstairs in my dedicated exit where she tells another women to come with her and I am gay bashed.

Exculpatory evidence of the first police phone call was kept from evidence as well as eye wittness statements kept from evidence. The judges disability interefered with gathering of evidence to prove tampering by the State and both attorneys used this diability to gain a false conviction. The state aslo never legally arraigned Iacuzzi who was taken out of the court room when arraignment happened. Iacuzzi was held in jail for 29 days with no idea of what was happening when incarcerated.

The states prosecution broke the law by tampering with evidence, never arraigned, and aided and abbetted a hate crime of the portland police which resulted in the violation of due process rights and allowed crimes to happen against Iacuzzi which now this document serves as a tool for justice through a tort action.

Damages to personal life includes but not limited to violations of civil rights, due process, false imprisonment, hate crime, and post traumatic stress disorder. Also I experience physical injuries and emotional injuries that I still live with today. My service animal was also incarcerated during my false arrests.

Lisa Iacuzzi
aka Lisa Lee Jacob Iacuzzi
notagoodqueer on Google
Ma @ PSU

Film of MV 3016 You see Meyers, supposed victim, entering a stairwell and bringing someone to attack me when she knew that she was not to enter the back stairwell that lead to her apartment. You she her using this stairwell on the weekends and at night as she pretends to follow her stalking order.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!