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Dec 22, 2010

No justice No Peace

Flow back to God
Let go and become a drop
Of dissolving water...

Back into the ocean
with all the Ruthless Compassion

rolling back over and over again
Changing the earth and the seas

Who have a God-wish
Of enough ruthless compassion

to change the hearts and minds
Of all those who define peace
To also seek justice vigilantly
To restore peace....

Amen, Namaste,.......
We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Dec 4, 2010

Iacuzzi vs. City Of Portland Case Numer 101216978 Officers Lowry and Koefed

Sued: Settled with the Mission in Eugene for public accommodation in shelters. Break through and precedence for homeless people. Reach CDC successfully as they paid 30,000 March 09 and successfully changed housing rights for trans, gender plural people in  gendered housing with the Civil Rights BOLI settlement Iacuzzi vs. Bradley Angle House in September 10. Sued by Judge Linds Lohr for 65,000 settles for 5,500 not to hurt them too bad financially but they have stopped their advertisement of female gender only.

This person is a family member of a ReachCDC employee. NO she was never arrested.
He r name is Bren Athens and she was obsssesd with me becasue she had to
be the smartest person in the building who had the biggest drug problem.
She and others about 14, created the hateblog notagoodqueeroranythingelse

This is a a lesbian poet named Karen Carpenter who told BOLI that this incident on the stairwell is when I supposedly called Roy, a baby killer. Then Roy told Karen that do not worry that the light is not on while filming. You were wrong, as the security guards Roy and Malinkowski gave false police reports to deliberately have me arrested.

<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0">iframe>
Before this video they chased me down the street and it was even logged into Metro Watch minutes. Later Roy calls the police on me for harassing this women named permanent tweeker akas permatweek.

I was given a citation from Officer Lowry who was the person that Metro Watch wrote down in their logs to ask for when the call the police on me. I was given a citation and had to leave for almost a week due to intense exhaustion and fear