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Aug 2, 2013

Warning to NAGQ: Do not go back!

NAGQ is currently couch surfing. NAGQ had to say to the Judge, that NAGQ would move to get out of jail. Also, NAGQ is innocent of charges of violation of a stalking order. But, cannot get too detailed about the upcoming events where justice may be served. The stalking order cost NAGQ 29 days in jail. The stalking order was assisted by Reach CDC former manager Jamie Barton. During this time Reach CDC was under investigation for a gender discrimination complaint. Jamie Barton offered the only shred of evidence to this stalking complaint which consisted of a letter she wrote stating that the video camera placed me outside her door. She stated that she asked me to leave her door and to wait in the lobby for her to finish her gossiping about me to another resident. The fact that the fire alarm went off and she was called in from home for this alarm, she was in fact ignoring a fire alarm. The truth is that she was obsessed about ganging evidence about me because NAGQ recently made a complaint about several residents that Jamie Barton had an unprofessional relationship. This led to a criminal investigation of Jamie Barton by Portlands' Housing Authority.

After BOLI, a civil rights organization that is ran by the state, investigates the camera. The cameras is in the lobby not pointed at Jamie Baton's door which her letter to the judge described. When he questions the letter, he is told that the camera timed me when I passed through it again. Well their are two exits leaving Jamie Barton's door and NAGQ quite frequently walks up the back stairs which would not have been video taped. But this explanation was not given to the judge and a whole lot of information was missing for the letters that was called evidence.
So Reach CDC you are not that slick. I am scared of your tactics that is being supported by your friends also known as tenants of the Rose.
Paul responded:

My friend Paul wrote:

Maybe I am enabling them by asking them to reflect on what they are doing . . . Giving them too much power. But, the fact is that I am genuinely concerned about your safety based on the kind of situation that is being stirred up. They are creating a situation in which any kind of violence towards you seems rational. This is quite frightening to me.

I want you to know I am not validating their claim by saying they can go through the proper channels if they have a grievance. I am just trying to suggest that they realize that there are choices other than projecting hatred as a group towards a single person. These processes are built in to insure that mobs don't get created like this - act irrationally - and hurt people. Actually, the fabrication by members of the building in order to get you placed in jail is an example of the action of this violence. It worries me . . .

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify. I don't want to support these people in any way, but I am more concerned with your safety than anything else.

Take Care,


Jul 21, 2013

Gender Discrimination in the city of Portland, Or

This photograph was taken at Bradley Angle House.
This is their utility room where I stayed separated from the other residents. When they showed me the room, I asked is this where the queers stay?

My name is Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi and I have two separate gender discrimination complaints against two nonprofits in the city of Portland, OR. The first is Bradley Angle House and the second is Reach CDC. They are both organizations which try to create safe housing for females. Yes, this gender discrimination is not about men discriminating against women. No this is a unique situation where these nonprofits who are women only that are discriminating against people who are female but have a male gender.

They have been officially charged for discrimination in housing through the Bureau of Labor and Industry(BOLI). These acts of discrimination have not yet been proven.
I believe these claims could have been avoided by having a clarification about people who are bigendered. Yes, I am saying another label in the gay community that is not being well used to describe individuals who are now called transgendered. Bigenderism is a subcategory of transgenderism.
I came upon this word by complete accident. I circled both male and female when filling out my complant. BOLI descrbied me as a bigendered person. It was the first time that I ever heard of this term.

I believe the term transgendered does not accurately explain people like myself who have a different gender that they were born into but do not seek hormones nor surgery. We, bigendered people, struggle for equality because we do not exactly fit into the binary system of male or female. Recognizing in me that I am bigendered only creates understanding to others who might not like our presence in certain public and private spaces dedicated for a certain sex... For example, if my appearance is both female and male but I am a biologically female, does this mean that I cannot live or dwell in women’s’ places? If I say that I am bigendered and not transgendered that it is comfortable for me and others to use male or female pronouns. I have a female voice and I have noticeable breasts, how can I expect someone to call me a he? If someone calls me a he, this does not upset me nor do I ask individuals to apologize. I am often called he by people who did not know me.
I have attended a Queergendered group at the Q center. The meeting had many people like me and an educational advocate stated that there are more of us that were not choosing surgery than those who were choosing surgery. The importance of the word gender queer is a term that best describes that we are more visually queer than other gays and lesbians. Basically people see us on the bus or on the street and think to themselves that there is a gay person. Because of our gender uniqueness, we are outed whether we like it or not.
When I first recognized my gender at the age of forty, I started using the male pronoun. I asked my friends to use the pronoun and things did get crazy. My sister went to her therapist who told her that she had lost her sister. I do not believe that this is a true statement. My gender expression was not meant to loose my family or have my friends struggle with pronouns. I do not have anything against people who wish to match their gender with their sex. I do believe my friends and family would have supported me if I had chosen surgery. What I am saying, is that using the term bigendered at least keeps us with half of our identity and creates an understanding for those who love and support us.
So if a person recognizes their gender, maybe calling themselves bigendered, might be the first step or the last step until they decide for themselves. I was lucky in the fact that I took my time and explored the topic of heterosexism before I made a choice that was going to be for life. Yes, unfortunately we have to have labels. I guess I could have not told anyone about my gender but I knew that their were writings on the Internet about my male gender. I thought it would be easier to tell them the truth. When I checked into Bradly Angle house, I gave them print outs of my work that stated both of my names.
My goal in filing these discrimination complaints is to make it easier for the next person like myself to receive help from social service agencies without harassment. I also think that gender policies affect heterosexuals as well. Bradley Angle House does not allow a mother to bring her children into shelter if their children are male and over the age of 13. Reach CDC recently enforced their gender policy on one of their employees who lives in an all women building. This employee had to move and quit her job because her son turned to the age of 13. Also, their are women who live in the building and cannot have their son sleep overnight in their housing. However, if they have a daughter under 18, they can do an overnight with their family. I believe these gender policies separate families.
The only social service agency that I know who does not discriminate in housing is Portland's' YWCA. They accept people like me and will not turn away mothers who have male teenage boys.
The goal for bringing awareness to this situation of discrimination is not to cut funding but to increase funding in these organizations. I have been harassed for the last four months, I tried to get into a domestic violence shelter, they were all full and the volunteers of America was out of money for hotel vouchers. How can we live in a society where their is so much wealth and suffering juxtaposed with each other?
Thanks for listening.
Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi MA @PSU Not a Good Queer

Aug 20, 2008

Nick Fish: Housing Portland City Council

Not a Good Queer spoke to Portland's City Council this morning and showed the video of Meyers smiling at me the day before she filed her stalking order. I spoke about Transpanic and how it is easy to use this as an excuse of fear of others to validate discrimination. I talked about the history of civil rights and how bathrooms and housing have been places of fear for minorities.

Of course Adams and Leonard looked they just got of bed, Salztman told me I only had thirty seconds, and then their was Nick Fish. He said, that he knows about the laws and he would do some work and get back to me. He has no idea how big this issue has become in the womens community while us trans are like, "please stop, this is not necessary", but they continue to divide the Queer community into men verses women and the trans are saying, we are all one! We trans can be both, as we are both, we know, we have bridged this gap! We are free from the boxes.......

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!