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Feb 27, 2013

Loprinzi- Arusi: Put Your Head in A Noose

Arusi Loprinzini, Attorney, District Attorneys

I laughed with a friend today as we talked about putting ones head in a noose. The District Attorneys office in Multnomah County has certainly done that. We both laughed as I told her of the video the DA edited to the jury. As he told the jury that we were talking about drugs and cut out the video of what was really being said. What I was saying to Maria Leal, a drug addict and hater, that this is your source of drugs, as I pointed to Meyers as she approached me over and over again when the stairs to her exit was a breathe away. She would walk towards me intentionally even though I had a stalking order on her. The only thing I could do was to video tape that she was not afraid of me, and she sent her dogs after my wittiness in room 207. Who left me a note on video not to come to her room, to call her instead due to fear of the mob. The hate mob led by Jackle Barton and Martha Feggan was in full force. They knocked on my wittiness door late at night, she said she felt like she was dragged out her room. They brought her into a room across the hallway from my room in 204. They told her she did not have to lie as my witness but she could say it like this or that. She told them she would not lie as they continued to harass her by banging on her door as they walked by and cut off her resources for the help she needed.
When I was arrested, Terry Sharpe was on trial for stalking me, she is a real stalker........... The hate mob harassed my witness by phone calls and other tenants demanding that she keep quiet. My witness went into the hospital for mental health.

The DA's office new that I had accused Meyers for drug dealing which is what Reach CDC and the DA office is been trying to hide. The great crime, of hiding and protecting drug dealers who are leaders in a hate mob.

SHAME ON THE DA'S office. I will get a new trial. Your a hater? , ETHICS District Attorney Loprinzi- Arusi put your head in a NOOSE? Come and get me or protect me and do your job. Remember, Straight but NOT NARROW. I coming for you Loprinzi- Arusi, I coming with a gang of mine called JUSTICE! The GANG, Martin Luther KING, Malcom X, Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, Harvey MILK,. Steven BICO, Cesar Chavez, Harriet Tubman, Chief Sitting BULL, etc.. They are my GANG!

Am I being disrespecting,inflammatory? Or am I making correct assessment on the responsibility of the DA's office which is not to hold evidence. The police and the Loprinzi- Arusi are to be neutral. If their is a piece missing, like my side of the police report, then, correct it, do not hide it, do not create more fear, give drug dealers and haters power? Are you kidding me! Documented death threats on my life in the BOLI file that you completely ignored. What about the people who still live in a hate mob building, who are not haters, who want nothing to do this but to live in peace without a mob threatening and running a building. They behave like they own the building verses the fact that it is a place to transition. Most of my haters lived in the building four years or more and ran the building like a jail. Kim Matic from Transitions Project who was fired, called the mob on their behavior. The hate mob attacked her included in her attack, was her "Queer Friendly" position on sexual minorities.

DA Loprinzi- Arusi put a drug dealer on a pedestal as you came into her apartment building knowing the STATE of OREGON proved her to be DISCRIMINATORY and their had been Gender Discrimination over a 8 month period that is still ongoing. You ignored a state investigation Loprinzi- Arusi

I wonder how much insurance you have Loprinzi- Arusi or is a true desire for you to do dishes for a living! I making myself clear!

I love my readership which has now expended to every judicial and social service agency in this city of Portland that is liberal and conservative.

The hate mob writes me quite often but I do not post their hate. They have their own hate blog dedicated to 100 percent of their writing about me. I have over 320 posts and maybe 10 percent is addressing my freedom and the hate I have endured and still enduring.

I am not afraid of dying, what I am afraid of is LIVIN with your hate in my life. I REBUKE YOU! I though I was well behaved during the trial as you were covering up for the drug addict. I smiled for my MOB SHOT! Thanks for hanging yourself. I am sure you will not be at the new trial.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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