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Jul 21, 2013

Queer: Seperate is not Equal

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Queer: Strange and Unusual, Good and Bad

Mar 2, 2011

Is The Hit Over? part 1

On December 9, 2010, I was in a hearing at Mult. Court House as I was representing myself to get off probation for stalking. I told the judge that I was convicted by a drug dealor, Glenda Meyers, who I reported well before her temporary stalking order which was falsified with Former Reach CDC manager Jamie Barton. In this video, we see Glenda with her Grandson Eddy coming up the stairs, faking locking her dog and coming after me aggressively. This video was shot after the investigation began with the civil rights in July o7 in which the hate mob filed three stalking orders and one made it through. I have a stalking order on Glenda Meyers whose stategy is to attack and then cry wolf. We see here at her room which is one foot from the other stair well but she still approaches aggressively.

State of Oregon Exhibit MV 3042 Dated on 11/11/2007 at approximatey 9:19pm
States Evidence 3043 11/11/2007 9:20pm, just one minute later Meyers makes a false accustation that I am blocking her door and will not let her out of the building. Meyers states on Record that I went through these Lobby doors to the office and met her at the bottom of the stairs on the first floor and then snuck by her, went trhough the lobby doors by the office and then  to the top of the stairs in approximately 1 minute. The District Attoreny inteviews Reach CDC staff including Patty Spain who does not confirm Meyers story, instead he uses a 12 year old boy, Meyers grandson, to aid in her crime. It is not physically possable to do what Meyers states in one minute and the security guard and staff in the lobby do not aid in her story. The maintenace man would have seen something and again 4 Reach CDC staff stated who were present at the supposed incident, stated in a legal state document on November 13, 2007 just one day after my arrest. The DA's office admits in a hearing that they have read the BOLI file but ignore evidence and aid Meyers in her hate crime.. 

This is also states evidence in which the begining of the video is cut off intentionally to fool the jury. Meyers screams for at least 5 minutes before she passes the door. The DA cut this out because the audio on the film was the same as her 911 call that she never made. She states to the jury that she used the community phone to make the call and at the same time the DA states to the jury that she went outside and used a pay phone to make the 911 call.  He knows she is lying. On November 13, Bittener and Hans writes a document to BOLI, the civil rights division, that nothing happened in the lobby and the crime that I supposedly committed was on the second floor which is the video on top.

So how was the phone call made? I believe that Metro Watch guard set up this crime with Meyers and turned on his radio to 911 when Meyers was screaming that she could not pass. When the police arrive, the arrive on the first phone call to the police, not the 911 call. The metro watch guard states on the police report that he did not see anything. About ten minutes earlier this same guard calls the police at approximately 9am and writes in his report that thier was a "commotion". He comes upstairs to my room with the manager, Ashley, and they scream down the hallway that I am making a commotion and sees in the hallway while I am handing off my belongings of a willow tree branches to Margaret Isabelle. I tell them that I will be right down. I go to my room and come down stairs minutes later where Meyers comes up from the first floor.

When the police come the manager and Metro watch did not tell them that they just called me down stairs. So thier was two police calls that day but only one was on the record during the trial. So Metro Watch calls the police  twice and states in the police report that they did not see anything.

Here is the a small clip of Bren Athens voice as I am filming walking down the stairs. You can hear who say to metro Watch that she had no idea'that he could that". See Video that was deliberately clipped. Original film is still in police custody. You can hear Metro Watch police radio in the backround as police have not arrived yet. Meyers and police testified that she was on the phone when they arrived and the police stated that they had to seperate us. The police officers write in the police report that they found me outside the building but lie in court in which my own attorney Runsteins allows. See Video

The voices you here in the background at Bren Athens stating, I had no idea, saying yeah, what a relief. The radio you hear in the background is Metro Watch's radio, the police have not arrived yet and I am cetainly not even near Meyers. Meyers goes upstairs to tell her hate mob what happened as they come running down. Jackie Barton, leader of the hatemob, was the person who went to Metro Watch with False commotion at 9am is in the office with Reach CDC egging Meyers to cross the door knowing that I am on the stairwell. Bartonis in the office and can see where I am and know that the police are coming but i believe she tells her to keep approaching. Meyers admits to the jury that she had a meeting with leal and Barton the morning of my arrest.  Reach CDC erases the lobby video footage on the day of my arrest even after the Civil Rights Division warns them not to erase footage when an incidences occurs.
The following footage is the weekend before my arrest which was a Monday morning. The film times are off by 12 hours as I was arrested in the morning not evening. Watch the security guardwhen he is asked to escort me to my room, he states "NOT YOU". Of course Metro Watch is on the first floor kitchen eventhough they previously documentated people entering the building that want to physical hurt me. They turn off the cameras in lobby and up to Metro Watch to protect me who is now in the kitchen and not supervising the entrance door. See Video
Metro watch refuses to escort me and cover the front door allowing Meyers thugs to come in.

Saturday before arrest on Monday. This is state exhibit. At this point, I am video taping in the building stating on film who is putting the hit on my life. This is not entered into evidence. I desperately leave for four days and have to come back home. Metro Watch log sheets alert tenants when I return  in the building, watch me being chased, and take notes on from other tenants deliberately targeting me. They even  take  a friends  liscense plate down in the log when we are parked multiple blocks away from where they are stationed.

The following video on Sunday before my arrest documentates that he is going to get even. At this point metro Watch puts in thier log sheets not to escort me to my room becasue I have nailed a sign on my door of free heroin, meth, clonzapen, on my door. Glenda meyers rips sign off my door. See video of Metro Watch's guards threat. Meyers brings a former tenant in the building and deliberately sends her my way. I see this person coming into the buiding who previously stated that she was going to hurt me. Metro Watch is in the kitchen so she is allowed in the building by hate mob to help Meyers. This video was also in states' evidence where my own attorney states that their is not audio so the jury does not understand that Meyers is sending her thugs. See Video of my assualt.

The next day,on Sunday, I ask how come they would not escort me?  He states that he is going to get even and is the same guard on the morning of my arrest.

This is a Sunday morning. This same guy shows up Monday morning and makes two false phone calls. he just dismisses me as I have nobody to turn to as Meyers lives on the second floor one foot from away where I have no protection but for my camera which documentates the discrimination but does not protect me from assault.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!