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Jun 30, 2009

Crying Time:

Crying Time

Click, Click, Click, Click,The door snaps open
top tier bring down
your trays
the revolver spins .....

Click, Click, Click,
Push the door open
Cross the barrier
the trigger is pulled...

Click, Click,
the smoke is rising
in the air


the coffin door closes forever.......
Click, Click, Click,Tic, Tic, Tic

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Sep 8, 2008

Meyers lies to Judge Frank Beardin

Reach CDC supports drug dealer and helps get the Queer out of the building by committing perjury.

November 16th, 07 Iacuzzi vs. Meyers

Judge: Frank Beardin

Good morning folks , be seated, what we have scheduled is a stalking hearing and there are counter orders against each side. There is Meyers verses Iacuzzi, and Iacuzzi vs. Meyers. This has been heard by two different judges already and that judge in each case found that their was sufficient evidence to find that a stalking order should be entered and that was done. So we do not have to go through that evidence any more that has already been done.

So where we are at this point ,is umm, that order will and can be continued indefinitely unless the situation has changed for the better. If, It has nt changed for the better than the stalking order becomes indefinite. For that Which means it can stop at anytime. So were not going through all of the issues that went were gone through in front of the other two judges, probably across the street at the justice center, that’s already been done. The decision has already been made that there should be a stalking order on both parties and that’s what’s happened, at this point my only decision is to make it indefinite, and for that each side can present evidence that the order should be dropped, otherwise it would be made indefinite if nothing’s changed, so you see where we’re at. You folks aren’t represented by council, so I just want to make sure that you know where we’re at here. So if you think the stalking order should continue, if both sides think the stalking order should continue, then I’ll just sign the order to make it indefinite, we don’t have to have a hearing of any kind.
Meyers: I think it should be indefinite - you know, I’m scared to death of the woman, I’m - I’m - I’m seriously in fear for my life.
Judge: The judge has already decided that, so I don’t have to go through the whole thing again, a judge has already decided that you in fact have cause to have brought the stalking order and had it signed and if you’re still in the same situation, sometimes people say ‘oh, we’ve worked it out’ or ‘I’ve moved to Colorado and don’t need to, you know, I don’t care anymore,’ but if you folks live in the same area, and you still have the same concerns you had before, all I do is confirm what that judge said, I don’t rehear it, I’m not in appellate court. It’s just my job is to determine whether or not it should be continued because a temporary stalking order just dissolves by itself in a period of time - I think it’s like 30 days or something like that - it just goes away. The question is should it be continued so I don’t have to rehear it. If you want the stalking order continued against her on an indefinite basis, um, I can’ do that, um, and which are, which-
Meyers: I’m Meyers.
Judge: You’re Meyers. Miss Iacuzzi - is that how you say your name?
Iacuzzi: Iacuzzi.
Judge: Miss Iacuzzi, if you think that stalking order should be dropped, then you’ll need to present evidence as to why things have changed for the better, not whether that other judge made a wrong decision or not, but why it’s no longer needed, like you’ve moved away or something.
Iacuzzi: I, in the last, with the last judge that we had, I didn’t say a word. I didn’t speak to the judge at all. It was Miss Meyers and company that spoke, because I asked for an extension. I never once was able to speak about anything - not a word. And my complaint about her stalking order is that it’s void, because in order to have a stalking order, you have to have a couple ingredients. In her ingredients, she has a note written by the manager Jamie Barton at the end of one of the instances that states that there was a camera watching the door, if you could look at that sir and read that - if you could go to that page and read that, you will find-
Judge: what page is that?
Iacuzzi: it’s in the original stalking order, it’s one of the incidences that she claims of stalking, and it’s a note written by Jamie Barton. I talked to Judge Zusman, who originally gave her the stalking order, who told me that it’s a very borderline stalking order, he wasn’t going to give it to her, it’s very borderline. But the only reason he gave her this stalking order is because of the letter written by Jamie Barton.
Meyers: That’s not true. He gave the stalking order, he said it was kinda weak, but he could see how scared I was, and that’s why he granted it.
Iacuzzi: but the reason why - if I could not be interrupted I’d appreciate it - judge, is if you could read the letter that Jamie Barton writes, who is also no longer working for CDC, and who is under criminal investigation, she writes in the note that there was a camera outside her door that was watching me supposedly stalking for 15 minutes. The fact of the matter is that there is no camera outside her door. The camera is in the lobby. So when she gives this letter to the judge to help Glenda get her contact order, she is in fact implying with the camera that I was outside her door. And I’m saying that that letter in itself is perjury, inaccurate, and untrue, and it was one of the only reasons that she got this contact order.
Judge: well I don’t know that, I mean people often get no contact orders without having anybody write letters or something like that. I’m reading the letter, and uh, all she says is that is that Miss Meyers was standing inside her office and when she went to address her, she’d gone upstairs and basically now the tenant in 205 is now terrified to be in the building and walk to her apartment alone. Would she change that testimony?
Iacuzzi: No, but she’s making, in that statement where she’s typing a letter - the type-written statement in the back - she states that there’s a camera that she uses as evidence that I was stalking, and I’m saying that the camera is not pointed at her door. There’s only a camera in the lobby.
Judge: Well, it doesn’t say that. It doesn’t say that she used a camera as evidence of stalking. There’s nothing like that in this type-written statement.
Iacuzzi: can I see it please?
Meyers: there’s one right here.
Judge: you’ve got a copy right there?
Meyers: yeah.
Judge: you can show her - the clerk will take it over.
Iacuzzi: “In looking at the camera, she was standing outside the door for approximately 15 minutes.” She’s saying she used a video camera.
Judge: but that doesn’t say anything like that, it doesn’t say what kind of camera it is, and it doesn’t say anything about stalking.
Iacuzzi: It implies that the camera caught me stalking.
Judge: I don’t think a judge read that in it. I don’t read that into it. What I read into it the significance of that letter is the last line. It says she confirms that Miss Meyers is afraid of you.
Iacuzzi: So Miss Meyers is afraid of Freddy Kruger, should we put out a stalking order on Freddy Kruger?
Judge: He’s not in court today, so we don’t deal with him.
Iacuzzi: right, right, right. I’m just saying that her fear of me is based on transphobia, homophobia, and it’s gotten out of control. I filed a complaint with the State Bureau of Labor Industry where they found in my favor for gender discrimination. Five people have been fired during this process of my gender discrimination, of people discriminating against me. Instead of management leaving and saying ‘look, we made a mistake with Lee, and we’ve discriminated against Lee,’ instead they left and said ‘I was afraid of Lee,’ which just continued the more fear-based mentality against people who are transgendered. I live in an all women building, I’m bigendered, and so because I’m bigendered, Miss Meyers is going to put a stalking order on me. Now I think that if she is going to put a stalking order on me, that she has to have a legitimate stalking. Now I don’t see any examples here that have legitimate stalking pieces. I’m sitting here in cuffs, I’m being arrested for stalking, because the judge in her stalking order said no intentional contact. Well I live in 204, she lives in 203, I walk around the building, she sees me, I see her, she calls the police. She calls the police 7 times on me. I’ve dodged the police 7 times from being arrested.
Judge: this is not why we’re here.
Iacuzzi: this is, I call the police once and they say ‘well we can’t honor your contact order Miss Iacuzzi because-
Judge: I don’t think she understands what the proceeding’s about. She wants to relitigate this. I’ve told her that, and I know you’re not officially on this case, but I’ve told her that this is nothing more than determining that the stalking order that another judge granted is to be continued, that simple. We don’t redo the stalking issues, we don’t go back over it, we don’t go back over the evidence, that’s already been determined by a judge, but the temporariness of course stops at 30 days. The question is should it be continued. So, the proof is have things changed, not whether or not everybody was lying at the last proceeding, but have things changed where the order could be allowed to extinguish by statute. And I’m seeing that nothing has changed and you want to talk about what happened before.
Iacuzzi: I’m trying to not allow this stalking order to have not existed period, because I’m losing out of it.
Judge: I appreciate that, but I can’t-
Iacuzzi: I’m losing out of it.
Judge: I understand that, but that’s not what we’re here for today. I can’t do that.
Iacuzzi: this is my attorney, David Lawrence.
Judge: you can have a moment to talk with Mr. Lawrence if you want to, but - yes Miss Meyers?
Meyers: I’m moving to another level. I’m moving off the floor. We’ll no longer be next door neighbors. I’m moving down to where she has, to an area-
Judge: when’s that?
Meyers: This week… to an area where she has no business being, okay, so that’ll help with the eye contact, that kind of stuff. The last judge said that one of you use the back stairs, one of you use the front stairs. I try to use the back stairs, she’s there. I try to use the front stairs, she’s there. But now I’m on a bottom floor and I won’t need to use those stairs. I’ll be safer, I’ll feel safer on the bottom floor than upstairs, next door to her, and that should happen by the weekend.
Judge: the thing of it is, I would just be continuing the stalking order, it says for an indefinite period of time, but indefinite doesn’t mean forever. It means that if she moves to another building, you move to another building, or somehow you folks are…
Meyers: yeah, I’d be more than happy to drop it.
Judge: it can be dropped without a problem. But for now, it sounds like the situation that got you in the problem in the first place has not changed.
Meyers: not at all.
Judge: Okay, well, again, I didn’t hear that first set of issues. I know what you have to find in order to get a stalking order, they’re fairly precise. There has to be a number of contacts, they have to be sufficiently objectively viewed as being contacts that are impermissible, unwanted, and on the other side of it you have to be significantly alarmed where a reasonable person under the circumstances should be. That’s all been tested, so that’s not what I’m interested in now. If the situation hasn’t changed, then I would just simply make the order permanent. I don’t need to hear what the judge heard and redo the whole thing because that’s not the point of this. But on the other hand, Miss Iacuzzi has a stalking order against you.
Meyers: and hers…
Judge: well, I don’t know, it doesn’t matter. If you want the stalking order to continue, I suppose you could have it. I mean, that’s what you want. I mean, unless you want to drop it. I’ll let you and Mr. Lawrence talk about it.
Iacuzzi: I’d like to talk to my attorney, please.
Judge: okay, we’ll take - you need to stay in custody, in the courtroom, and all of you folks need to go out because she’s entitled to confidential communication with her attorney. We’ll take about 5 minutes. Do not come back into the courtroom until the clerk comes out and says it’s okay.
Judge: alright, we’re back on the record. This is Meyers vs. Iacuzzi and Iacuzzi vs. Meyers, and this is a hearing that was started about an hour or so ago on the issue of whether or not the stalking order, the temporary stalking order that two different judges on different occasions apparently found that there was probable cause to believe the stalking order should apply, each against the other, and so there are two temporary stalking orders. Both of these cases are before the court today to determine whether or not the restraining issues against each party should continue. We have had some negotiations in chambers and each party has had a chance to talk umm with either with Mr. Lawrence, myself, or both, and what I understand the stipulation to be Mr. Lawrence, you can correct it, if I misstate it, each party will stipulate to the status quo, that is we will continue the temporary protective order based on the petition, it will be done by stipulation so the court does not have to give any findings. It becomes an indefinite protective order each from the other with a termination date or a termination time when one or the other party moves out of the current complex that they both live in and moves a mile away or more away from each other. We have talked about that and I understand that Ms. Meyers you’re okay with that with for the moment.
Ms. Meyers: for the moment
Judge: And Ms Iacuzzi you talked to Mr. Lawrence, are you okay with that.
Iacuzzi: yes
Judge: Mr. Lawrence, are you okay with that
Lawrence: I have a question regarding the logistics of how that will be vacated or terminated.
Judge: It will be terminated upon somebody contacting the court with some sort of notice and confirmation that one side or the other has moved away.
Lawrence: okay.
Iacuzzi: okay.
Judge: Alright, let me sign that order.
Question: Where is the evidence that Meyers gives to the Judges that were also given to the police on the day of my arrest? Why are they not in the police report, where are these documents? I never was given a trial for Meyers to prove her stalking order, this is because Meyers is supported by Reach CDC who knows she is lying but used her to cut my lawsuit in half by making me a criminal. I am coming for you!
We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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