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Feb 27, 2013

Anonymous Equals Chicken Shit

Not a Good Queer really enjoys feedback from my poems. My favorite poem that I have written is called "I Do Not Know Why". Recently, I have moved back into society and live in very big house. The problem is that the Methadone Clinic on Belmont allows METADONIANS to harass people after they get their "medication". These people are like the movie the Zombies, they are drug affected, half a sleep, slurring their words, and stalking me because I am shutting them down.

Their are children who take the bus to school and share the bus stop as drug dealers who do not even go to the clinic get off bus 15 in front of my house and deal narcotics until 12pm when the clinic closes.

As you can read below, they are not happy with me not allowing them to openly distribute drugs. I have received 6 of these comments, had a gun shell casing in front of my house, and a threat to poison my dog. Guess What! I am not afraid of any death threat and I have been given a promise from a friend that he will sue the clinic if anything happens to me and give the money back to people who are trying to help themselves. I also want to say that the 500 people that get their drugs their, their are about 30 of them who are ruining it for everyone.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I Do Not Know Why":

Lee, Lisa, whatever the fuck you want to call yourself why the fuck is it always you being the victim when you threaten to kill family members you have multiple charges of assault and stalking against you. When you are the laughing stalk of Judge Judy you still have the balls to write a pity peice about how your a fucking victim. How come there is plenty of trans gays and bis that walk the streets of Portland, Oregonian, everyday unharrassed every day but yet you seem to be victimized constantly. Have you ever thought that maybe if you just chill relaxed and took your medicine, you might be able to see the world the way it is. Maybe if you didn't force yourself into being an outcast in society society would have no problem with you try walking the line sticking up for what is truly right but yet understanding that every fight is not your battle. Drop the small shit take a deep breath and enjoy life for what it is............ Think about this who and what is in your life and what is making you happy always constantly being the victim? quit crying about the shit that you think is holding you down and do something with your life YOUR A FUCKING JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am glad these drug dealers enjoy Christmas, I will see you in Court!