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Jul 21, 2013

Police State: Come and get me!

I seek Joy and Want to do my best
I am a leader?
I am a joke?
who spoke about the injustices
But got choked by Mult. County and the Portland Police
The pain is so great
that it hurts to stay still
Pacing, pacing,
the pain away
It's in my skin
on my shoulders, back, arms, and legs

Leave me so I can rest

The people who are responsible for hate crimes in the city of Portland are nothing but an insulary group that protects their own.

Sell out to a hate crime committed by tenants of a multimillion dollar nonprofit called Reach CDC who is funded by the city of Portland, state, and Federal agentcies.

Those complicit to the hate are as follows:

Kevin Easton, Equity Foundation
William Warren, city of Portland
Randy Blazak, Portland State University Hate Crimes Committee
Detective Michele Michaels, City Of Portland
Portland Police officers Andrew Koefed and Tim Lowry
Basic Rights Oregon
Judge Zushman, Mult. County
Just Out
KBOO radio

Did you notice not one of these people are trans? Yeah, lesbians and gay men help or come to the aid of transgendered people? It is a fact that the gays and lesbians are just as discriminatory towards trans as the Christain Right. Stop funding the Equity Foundation and Basic Rights Oregon.

Its okay, I am going over your heads.......

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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