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Jul 21, 2013

Retaliation by Reach CDC

Reach CDC was given a subpoena in late October,2007, they state that they never received any drug complaints about Meyers: This is a copy of an email written on September 24, 07
This is a written complaint to resident manager Jamie Barton and Rachel Huber, her supervisor, dealing incidents since I have lived at the Rose. I request and Investigation and a prompt response. Each incident is numbered and requires a response, which never happened by Reach CDC management. This incident report was also given to BOLI, Kerry Johnson, Portland Impact, Outside Inn, Housing Authority of Portland

A warning to residents posted on September 19/07 about cause of termination for verbal harassment, etc…..
September Sunday 23

1. At approximately 3pm. I am walking back to my room. I have a cig in my mouth. Glenda, my neighbor, turns around and tells me to “keep it up” that “she is going to call the police on me and the police are after me”. This must be the mental health police.

Sunday at 4pm

I am walking back to my room; Glenda turns around and tells me to keep it up because the police are going to arrest you

Saturday 22 3pm

I am awoken to a fire alarm noise. Management put an alarm on the back door so overnight guests could not be caught on camera. The camera are suppose to protect us but are used for discipline.

2.Jamie Barton gets called in to shut the alarm off. By the time she gets here the alarm is off. She does not investigate on who set the alarm off. I see Glenda, her daughter and two children down in James office. I listen outside their door. Glenda states that I am unstable to her because I wear my coat outside in and that I am our at night walking around. She also states that I am making banging noises in my room. Jamie does not tell her that she is not a psychologist, or a psychiatrist to make any comments on others mental health condition. She tells her to write down my behavior and to call the police. Glenda complains that she needs help documenting my behavior, Jamie sates that she will help her write the incident report.

Jamie opens the door and sees me listening. I told her that I was waiting to talk to her and she told me to GO and wait in the lobby.

3.After 10 minutes, I go back to my room. Glen’s daughter is yelling to Glenda, my neighbor, that she is going to make a complaint to REACH CDC about how her daughter is mistreated by NAGQ. She yells this to me like a threat.

4.Sunday 23

At approximately 3pm. I am walking back to my room. I have a cig in my mouth. Glenda turns around and tells me to “keep it up” that she is going to call the police on me. The police are after me. This must be the mental health police.

Thursday the 20th
I tried to get into my kitchen. I was given a key after two days of asking for one. Jamie Barton told residents on other kitchen floors to lock the kitchen so I would not be able to get. Glenda, my neighbor knew that I did not have a kitchen key and was constantly locking the door. She wanted me to come to her and have her let me in the kitchen. This is a recipe for disaster.

5. I was in the kitchen. I had used my square key to get in. This was the wrong key and a piece got chipped in the door. I put butter in the key hole and I figured I would eat then try to fix it. I was in the kitchen. Glenda tried to key in. The door was unlocked. She came in screaming aggressively. She charged me while raising her hands. I backed away and walked around her. She did not allow me to explain. She called me a fucking bitch. I went to my neighbor who reported to Kerry Johnson. She came out of her room and watched Glenda pass by and yell and scream again that I was a fucking batch and crazy. She slammed her door violently. I went into my neighbor’s room visibly shaken. I went back out and fixed the door. It took 15 minutes and nobody was obstructed from eating in the kitchen.

The problem: Jamie never told Glenda that she had no right to judge me and behave erratically towards me. She never said anything to deescalate the situation but validated a known heroine and clonzapan addict to continue her behavior on me and told her to take notes and to complain to Reach CDC.

6. I know and saw Glenda selling 30 of her clonzapen pills to Maria Leal in my kitchen. Bren was also present during this financial narcotic exchange. The clonzapen selling was also witnessed by little Linda. Little Linda also states that Meyers gets in these emotional places when she is not using her clonzapen. She sells her clonzapen to buy heroine. Her drug use and heroin use is well known and documented before she was let into the Rose. So here is a person who is selling narcotics in the building that is supposed to be taken her own narcotic who is confronting me on my behavior? The manager does not question her mental health but sides with her clinical observations. She does not write a report on this women who is bawling hysterically over my presence. She does not document this women's behavior but tries to gain information about getting me evicted via disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of others. Glenda continues to complaining about my hammering. I did use a hammer at 4pm to fix something. It lasted several minutes but it was during a time where others should have been up. Glenda tells Jamie that I am pounding at night and keeping her up. I have been living next to Glenda for almost six months. I have taken care of this women when she was sick and have gone to the store for her. Why is it over the last 2 months, her behavior has changed. I believe this is due to the fact that Kim, another drug dealor has moved out of the building and Meyers is now the new drug dealer. Now Maria Leal gets her clonzapen from Glenda who is not taking her prescribed medication. Glenda makes loud noises every 5am to get her methadone. I have never complained about her noise.

My “erratic” behavior, I am up at night, because this is the only time I can do laundry and cook without being harassed. I am also a writer who spends a lot of time walking outside and gaining thoughts. If I am out on the public sidewalk, laughing, how is it anybodies business? Jamie Barton does not echo this. She allows residents to take shots at me when I am not even in the building. The public sidewalk is the public sidewalk.

Friday 21st

At approximately 4pm,
Thursday 20th

7. I left the building and found a note on my door. It said that supina was spelled like subpoena on my door. I had my nieghbhor witness the sign.,

Thursday 20,

8.I left the building and came back and someone wrote on my do not disturb sign that I was illiterate. Anne in 211, told me that I was illerate when I wrote the article fraud at the Rose. She said that her gang members that my writing is an embarssment and that I am illiterate. See Note.

On Wednesday the 19th

9.I came back and found that Maria leal wrote on my do not disturb sign, that I was a bitch. She also attacked me on this day and a neighbor across the hall came out and told her to leave me alone. This is a different neighbor. As Maria walked away she told me that I should put my dildo on. I told her that she was really missing out if she did not own one. Maria Leal is a butch lesbian who has always considered me as her brother. We were never sexual but Bren told me the entire time in the building that I sexually wanted Maria and Bren was obsessed about this fact. She clearly sexually harassed me for months. A good witness would be Denise in room 104...See Note

10.On Tuesday the 18th, I was in Denises room. It was about 1pm. She asked me if I abused Bren's dog. I laughed. I told her that I was having dinner with Maria on Monday at approximately 5pm. Maria has other people cook for her due to her overwhelming drug abuse with clonzapen. She had a black eye and her tongue had a bright red mark all the way across her mouth. She said that she had a seizure. This is what she says when she accidentally overdoses on the drug. She is given a perception by her doctor of advan but she is only given ten pills a months. She makes up for the rest of he days by purchasing drugs in the building. Maria Leal has had the ambulance to the Rose twice for drug overdose but has never been written up. She uses the seizures as a cover even though her drug use has been reported by me.

11.On Monday 17th at 5pm,
Maria promised me if I cooked that she would not allow anyone in the kitchen. I did not want to deal with Bren. I told her that I would cook for her but she cold not allows Bren in our kitchen. Bren had her own kitchen who way welcoming herself to my dinners that I cook with Maria. I told Maria that I was maxed out and that I just wanted to eat in peace. She promised me that this would happen and she said she would not let Bren inside the kitchen. I moved the table so it was not visible to the kitchen door. As the dinner was ending and we were cleaning up, Bren came by. I waved her off with my hand gesturing to her not to enter. This of course, my boundaries never get honored by Bren even though I am on a contract not to harass her. She opens the door. I shut it with my foot and gesture to her again with my hands and my head shaking to her not to come in. Maria Leal opens the door. Bren lets her dog down and comes into my kitchen. I pick the dog up and hand it to Bren which she puts back in her arms. I told her that I did not want her to enter. She yells at me that this is a community space and that she is allowed to come in. I just walk out.

Maria Leal comes charging at my door calling me a liar because Maria Leal is stating that she did not see anything in the kitchen to defend the dog abuse charge. This is my last interaction with Maria Leal. She looks horrible and her behavior is erratic due to the amount of drugs she is ingesting. She told me that everyone hates me and that she was the only one that defended me, the boi in the building that nobody wants to have in a women’s building.

12.Monday 17th at 5am.

I can’t get into my kitchen. It is too early to wake up Glenda and I do not want to deal with asking permission to eat. The kitchen has not been locked the entire time I have lived in the building but Glenda started this behavior in the last month.

I have a friend outside the building. He is homeless. So what. He works two jobs and he had a new job and I wanted him to eat. I went down to the first floor and very quietly tried to cook. Within twenty minutes, I see Cheryl giving me this look through the window. The look was like, you piece of shit, your nothing. She opened the door and said that I should not be in her kitchen. I told her that I was locked out of my kitchen and that I would be out in a minute. She told me to get out and I told her that she was welcomed to go get somebody to chase me out. She said that she was going to get Martha. I cooked for another 5 minutes and ate breakfast outside on the Rose steps. My friend can not come back into the building until 9pm.

13.Monday 17 at 1130

I knock on Glenda door and ask for a cigarette. She said sure and to come in. She told Jamie that I just walked into her apartment. Anyone that knows Glenda, that if she does not want you into her room, you could not take a step. I had not talked to her in awhile but I had been feeding her plates of food when I cooked and gave her cigarettes. When I got into her room, she immediately stared yelling at me. She said that I was scaring her children because I am earring my two sided jacket inside out. She states, that I am pacing in form of the building and saying racial slurs. She yelled at me, like this gossiping that happened at 5am is now spread to all my neighbors by 1130. I told her that she was not a psychiatrist and who is she to take my inventory.

I wrote her note and stated that I would not be coming to her door anymore as I would expect her not to come to my door. I also stated that I had taken care of her when she was sick and went to the store for her. I told her that this would not be the future and that we could live in peace. I told her that I wanted to be left alone.

14.Sunday the 16th At 3pm,

Little Linda has a daughter and a son in law. They were hanging out in my room. The male told me when he came by; Martha told him that I was a bad person and a butch. He said he has heard derogatory comments constantly from the gang when he visits the building.

15.Saturday the 15th,At 11pm

I walk down the stairs and Terry, Martha’s gang member chanted to me crash and burn crash and burn. I had slept outside the building for the last three nights. I was told the boil investigator was coming on Friday and I did not want to be accused of witness tampering or having my evidence be jeopardized. Bren told me that she would of stayed in the building but I think that this sis the difference between me and my opponents. The second time I passed Terry and she said crash and burn, crash and burn, I asked her if she was going to say this every time that I passed by. I told her the cameras were watching and she might not want to be doing this behavior.

16.Friday 14th the day of the Investigation, BOLI at the Rose apartments

12th September through October 18th

Stalking orders filed by three women with five attempts, Meyers was successful on the fifth, these stalking orders were all accompanied with a letter from Reach CDC manager Jamie Barton.

The Behavior of Kim Matic and Lee Greer,Portland Impact: Lee Greer and Kim Matic, Transitions Project incorporated,Please talk to Kim’s and Lee's supervisor before interviewing them. I do not believe these people know how outrageous their behavior is and the obstruction of their behavior has been in this investigation.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Aug 16, 2008

Reach CDC Cover Up!

This was written by Karen Carpenter who is partnered with Julie Acres. This was written the weekend before Meyers put a stalking order on Lee Iacuzzi. They both knew they were witch hunting me but Karen is now a witnesses for Reach CDC. Is this because Reach CDC moved this couple into their own apartment and paid for their utilities? This is not their policy but they change it when they need to cover-up and pay off their witnesses.Or is it that Karen Carpenter who is a lesbian is transphobic? These two lesbians were harassed for two years by tenants at the Reach CDC property and Reach CDC did nothing but pay them off to silent them from the truth. Is Julie Acres and Karen Carpenter scared of the gang?

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!