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Aug 17, 2008

Hate Mob at Reach CDC

Their is a hate mob at the Rose apartments, who hired Metro Watch, to support tenants false accusations. Not a Good Queer was arrested in the lobby in this location after winning two civil rights complaints with the civil rights division of Oregon. Metro Watch just stood by as Meyers, leader of the hate mob, made a false accusations. Recently, the Internal Affairs department of Portland, Oregon has cited foul play as Metro Watch will be added to the lawsuit which has been filed in District court.

Paul Hamilton speaks out against this hate blog called This blog tries to fool the public by misspelling Not A Good Queers blog authors name Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi. These owners and authors of notagoodqueer-oranythingelse blog is going to be charged with a hate crime. This hate behavior will not be tolerated and all those responsible will be held accountable.

Paul states, you are suffering on behalf of those of us who have made a deal with the devil to live (for now) in this dysfunctional system. You have the strength right now to be on the front line of this struggle. I believe in you and I know that your work is supportive of our community.

I have been appalled in investigating the situation the level to which those who have expressed hatred to you have resorted in order to demean-- themselves. Their web site mirroring yours is an example the violence of a lynch mob. It is not just an unhealthy situation, but one in which I now understand you had a very real concern for your safety. Lord of the Flies comes to mind. I have never seen a web site created whose sole purpose is the expression of hatred for a person. The only precedent is Nazi Germany or the Columbine massacres. It is a case study in the psychology of evil.

The difference between your web site (operated by a single person) documenting, in occasional posts, claims against the apartment complex-- and a mob of people gathered in an orgy of hatred against a single individual -- is a difference between a freedom of speech and a lynch mob going to hang and torture a queer.

Again, despite the horror that you face with homelessness looming over you, I feel that you have escaped the truly alarming prospect of escalating cruelty at the hands of people who enjoy telling themselves how normal they are through their combined hatred of one person.

Their web site alone is a clear issue of hate speech directed at a single target. Its sole purpose is cruelty. If it was directed towards someone in power like the president of the United States, it would be warranted. But, to create such a web site targeting someone who is powerless is an example of the kind of casual bigotry that created the crematoriums in Nazi Germany. Their characterization of your hair as being "buzzed", is very much like the Germans dehumanizing the Jews in World War II so that they could gas them.

As awful as it is, I think you need to just get the hell physically away from that group of people. I am creating a PDF copy of their Blog so that I can archive it. Then, perhaps we can respond, point for point, to the character assassination that they have undertaken towards you.

I wish I could tell you to be strong. I still have family left to visit. . . so, despite my financial problems, I will have some kind of holidays. I can say-- hones tly-- that I will defend you the best way I can.

Take Care,


Another response from the gay community is blogger Leopardi who about the mob at the Rose whose blog is mimicking NAGQ blog with HATE!

LEOPARDI SAID:NAGQ's assertions of being lynched by a homophobic mob seem to demonstrate credence to NAGQ"S claim that the environment is hostile to queer people.

While it is clear, based on the incidents you report that you have a cause for frustration, your comments, sadly, validate the core assertions by Lee.

Let me remind you that no matter how challenging the individual conflicts you have with a particular person, there is no excuse for resorting to the kind of insensitive language you use in your posts about Lee. The entire tenor of your post revels in a heterosexual norm that confirms Lee's complaint that you create an oppressive climate. Your language may not only be offensive to Lee personally, but when you choose to broadcast these views publicly, you are engaging in hate speech against a large group of gays, lesbians, and trans-gendered people in the Portland area.

I am not asserting whether or not your claim is just. However, I am unimpressed by your claim thus far.
I don't doubt that institutes such as the justice system support you. They have always been on the side of the powerful.

I would submit that Lee has done you a tremendous service. She has given you a way to tell yourself that there's nothing wrong with you.

My question to you is this: when Lee is gone, who will you hate?


08 December, 2007 10:44

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!