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Mar 2, 2009

Reach CDC covers for Hate Mob

I am being threatened by Reach CDC that they are going to sue me for talking publically about thier criminal behavior. I am just waiting to get to court again to expose this hate. I suggest to Reach CDC to stop hiding evidence and bring the Hate Mob to justice. I am speaking to City Hal March 14, to discuss a full investigation of the matter. More heads are going to roll for Reach CDC or they can decide to due the right thing, tell the truth. If Reach CDC would like this to end, they know how to find me, I am more than willing to stop writing about you, if you turn over Meyers and the hate mob that you have fully protected.

This city is not going to tolerate a hate crime or an organization who deliberately and intentional had me falsely arrested and concealed evidence to the District Attorneys office. Oh yes, I will be getting records and one has to ask how much is the District Attorneys office is going to protect you and your hate mob.

I am here, come and get me, I have not stopped thinking of November 12, 07, it has been almost two years being falsely charged and thier is nothing, nothing, more than I want than justice.

Not a Good Queer

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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