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Aug 2, 2013

The Friday before My Arrest, Women twisting Domestic Violence

Discrimination Damages from Reach CDC

Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi
631 South East Taylor
Portland, Oregon 97214


•Developed heart condition, currently on a beta blocker for tachycardia and high blood pressure!

•Checked into hospital in November for suicide when Jamie Barton told Lee, why did you bother to sign up for housing at the Rose, when you are a man?

Defamation of character

• NAGQ has worked in the nonprofit industry for many years and will be black balled by:

Reach CDC, Portland Impact, Bradley Angle House, Transition Projects

•All these agencies were told by management that they were frightened by me even though NAGQ has never physically threatened anyone at the Rose. The management falsely accused NAGQ of threatening behavior and when NAGQ asked for video tapes that the used to make write-ups, they said that they lost the tapes.

•Harassment of 17 year old mentor ship student. Lee brings clients to the Rose
to show public housing, Jamie Barton, Reach building manager, humiliates NAGQ in front of client.

•Jamie Barton is under criminal investigation from Portland's Housing Authority. She did not follow administrative rules for my housing and deliberately tried to keep me out of the building.

•Lee Greer, Portland Impact, had a secret meeting with residents where she taught them how to do write-ups after she wrote me a document that she does not deal with behavior. She turns her back when gang members chase me out of a building and call a "little bitch" in front of Lee Greer. She refuses LEE client services for 4 months, quits, and then tells the gang in the building that she is afraid of me. This creates more hostility from gang members.

Legal Abuse

•Jamie Barton provides a document for tenant to get a contact order on me. The document that Jamie Barton writes is a lie which is easily proven by the location of the buildings' video cameras. This lie allows tenant Glenda Meyers to continue to harass Lee by calling the police 7 times in a one week period to get him/her arrested for violation of contact order. Glenda Meyers tells the police, that Lee has a stench that makes her sick. Glenda Meyers is a felon for narcotics distribution who is now the new drug dealer at the Rose who was recently rewarded with a building transfer that has larger accomondations.

•Metro watch security lies to the police which results in a charge of harassment from another tenant. Video will show his lies and his homophobic behavior.

•Lee came into the building as domestic violence survivor but received harassment within the first hours entering the building and continues on a daily basis.

• Reach created a hostile homophobic environment and blamed Lee for a residents overdose. Allows resident to continue drug abuse even when she has been reported over and over again for use of legal narcotics.

• Jamie Barton would not write up individuals who attacked Lee nor would follow up on any reports of my complaints.

• Security was hired at the Rose after 5 months of tenant’s harassment of Lee and when tenants and management failed to evict Lee, they said they were scared.

• Reach ignored all written complaints of fear of safety of Lee Iacuzzi who has written documentation from other residents who have witnessed their threats on Lee’s life.

Emotional Abuse

• When my companion animal was put down for bone cancer, Reach CDC gave
Lee a cause of eviction notice two weeks later for bogus charges. The grieving process was side tracked by cruelty of Jamie Barton.

I do not apologize for anything!

Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi
Not a good Queer
MA @ PSU data>

Feb 7, 2013


The term transphobia best describes the performance of Mult. County District Attorney's office: State verses Iacuzzi. The Da's office did not think BOLI, the states own civil rights department was not an independent investigation and gave it "no weight". Judge Janis Wilson disputed that claim and stated that the jury might have made a different decision if they had read the document. My lawyer, Robin Runstein decided to defend me somewhat in the sentencing hearing by discussing the perjured stalking order. My lawyer tried but she may want to have asked these questions or presented the information during the trial. I believe this document demonstrated negligence on my own attorney. The DA's office turned back it's own states finding, I do not bleive this kind of behavior has been recored by DA offices since the KKK. I guess the DA was desperate to cover the jail abuse and the hate and the cover up of police officers Andrew Koefed and Timothy Lowrery.

When you read the transcript, you have to say to yourself....Bizarre. Judge Janis Wilson stated that in her 17 years of being on the bench has never seen such a sentencing request and asks former Mult. County District Attorney Arusio Loprinzini if he has passed his sentencing request to his office. Basically, Loprinzini, are you acting on your sexual frustrations? Granted you do not like what I say or write on my blog but asking the judge to punish me for my first amendments rights is fascist. I was pleased that the Judge Janus Wilson spanked you over and over again on record.

I am going to ask the Department of Justice to look at this case. I believe my 6th Ammendment rights were violated on many levels. One of the transphobic moments was during the jury selection. Arusio Loprinzini asking potential jurors if they ever changed their name. This tactic would and did "take out" trans person out of the jury selection. I ask myself the question, are all defendants during jury selection are asked this question or only the question asked when the defendant is trans, (bigendered, gender variant, intersexed, etc.) to keep them from their peers!

We still rise, I will not apologize for anything!