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Dec 29, 2010

No justice-No peace part 2: Death Threats by Glenda Meyers and Gang

I represented myself in court, I was relieved of early termination of probation of a crime that I did not commit.  The people above started commentating for months to their doctors that I was causing pain and suffering to them by being a gender variant in and all women's building. The one with the mullet is Bren Athens, who told everyone in the building that I had roaches and filed a false stalking order on me two weeks previous. They would walk down the hallway and say were going to get you arrested and were going to call the crazy police. i started filming their hate as I thought that the District Attorney office would not pursue an activist who won two civil rights cases at the same address of my false arrest and conviction.But they did as they had Reach CDC lawyers in court aiding and abetting their false conviction because I was suing Reach CDC for 375,000.

I told  the judge that I reported Glenda Meyers as a Drug Dealer in which her favorite customers were Maria Leal and Bren Athens who were the bullies of the building. You could hear Leal outside Meyers door which was one foot from my front door begging for clonzapen. She was pathetic as she was trying to get on disability for fainting spells but the truth was that she was overdosing at 631 SE Taylor, Portland, Or, A Reach CDC building, on clonzapen, methadone, heroine in which Meyers was the distributor. I know as I had to get help for her as she Maria Leal almost died in front of my face.

 The hate mob was given help from  Reach CDC and Bradley Angle House who told them to go to the ACLU and demand and all women's building and cosigned stalking orders for three tenants. two of them are seen above.

Meyers does not show up for court, the DA must have called her and told her that I called her a drug dealer, the next day at the park, I am told that I am an informant, which means on the street that a hit is pot on me. And of course Meyer's had her friends text message me threats using the phone number 503-334-6928.

When their is no justice, their is no peace, I am seeking justice, the question is, am I going to be alive to see it.

We still rise we will not apologize for anything!

Jeff House, Mult. County DA, Michael Schrunk, Reach CDC, Bradley Angle House, Supporters of Drug Dealers!