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Feb 25, 2009

Fire Racheal Huber of Reach CDC

The stolen cable from the hate mob was reported to Racheal Huber in early July. This document has been given to BOLI. Including this email is a police report in which I had to call the police to escort me in the building as I reported the cable to the police. Then the next morning I called Racheal and asked her to pull the video tape of the two women threatening my life. Martha Fegan a well know Felon and someone who had already violently threatened another in the building. Did Racheal Huber do anything? No. At this time in the BOLI investigation Martha was a key wittness for Reach cdc so she was never held accountable. ANd despite email after email, blog posting after blog posting of this stolen cable, Huber did not respond. By October, after another death threat, I took the cover off the cable box. I called Comcast and reported the crime. The guy said that he would not send anyone out in that environment and to cut the chord. I called Rachel Huber, over and over again. I had brought a wittness in who was sitting me as we dialed for Huber. She was too busy listening to lies of Meyers and Barton and did not want to take the pressure off me from this gang. I was ignored again. She apologized to me and said she thought it was Lee Greer on the phone. Then out of complete frustration I cut the chord and gave it to Reach. Then Reach CDC, Rachel Huber, participates with the district attorneys office to have chargers filed on me for cutting a cable chord. A picture that I took of the cable box and all those stealing cable, was shown to me before my trial by my own attorney. Stating to me that Reach CDC reported me of this crime. But this was my attorney who is going to loose her law liscense. I want the firing of Racheal Huber who was just as guilty of Barton and hiding evidence to the police and the DA's office.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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