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Aug 20, 2008

Nick Fish: Housing Portland City Council

Not a Good Queer spoke to Portland's City Council this morning and showed the video of Meyers smiling at me the day before she filed her stalking order. I spoke about Transpanic and how it is easy to use this as an excuse of fear of others to validate discrimination. I talked about the history of civil rights and how bathrooms and housing have been places of fear for minorities.

Of course Adams and Leonard looked they just got of bed, Salztman told me I only had thirty seconds, and then their was Nick Fish. He said, that he knows about the laws and he would do some work and get back to me. He has no idea how big this issue has become in the womens community while us trans are like, "please stop, this is not necessary", but they continue to divide the Queer community into men verses women and the trans are saying, we are all one! We trans can be both, as we are both, we know, we have bridged this gap! We are free from the boxes.......

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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