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Aug 2, 2013

Criminal Behavior makes Contracts Void

When you "resolve" the matter between Reach CDC and Lisa Iacuzzi also known as Not a Good Queer. The civil matter is resolved but the criminal matter is not. Obstructing justice, holding back materials, and concealing evidence is a crime. Reach CDC is off the hook from future lawsuits unless they broke the law. Then resolutions become open to new prosecution. As I am fully done with the discriminatory and criminal behavior of Reach CDC! I know Reach CDC is done also with me. I am requesting from Reach CDC several documents that they have and to turn them over to the police. I am asking them to conduct an investigation of the day of my arrest. Yes, the lie that has become true needs to be uncovered. Yes, I will be blogging about the evidence you have that protected a known homophobic hater, drug dealer, and lead gang member. I have enough vidoe on publice record to show what really happened. I know about the lies. Did you think that you could get away from the criminal matter. I think if Reach CDC if you smart enough you would not have participated in my criminalization and brought forward Meyers and Barton. But you decided to hide these people eventhough these people showed up buplically in court and said things of the record.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Feb 27, 2013

Anonymous Equals Chicken Shit

Not a Good Queer really enjoys feedback from my poems. My favorite poem that I have written is called "I Do Not Know Why". Recently, I have moved back into society and live in very big house. The problem is that the Methadone Clinic on Belmont allows METADONIANS to harass people after they get their "medication". These people are like the movie the Zombies, they are drug affected, half a sleep, slurring their words, and stalking me because I am shutting them down.

Their are children who take the bus to school and share the bus stop as drug dealers who do not even go to the clinic get off bus 15 in front of my house and deal narcotics until 12pm when the clinic closes.

As you can read below, they are not happy with me not allowing them to openly distribute drugs. I have received 6 of these comments, had a gun shell casing in front of my house, and a threat to poison my dog. Guess What! I am not afraid of any death threat and I have been given a promise from a friend that he will sue the clinic if anything happens to me and give the money back to people who are trying to help themselves. I also want to say that the 500 people that get their drugs their, their are about 30 of them who are ruining it for everyone.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I Do Not Know Why":

Lee, Lisa, whatever the fuck you want to call yourself why the fuck is it always you being the victim when you threaten to kill family members you have multiple charges of assault and stalking against you. When you are the laughing stalk of Judge Judy you still have the balls to write a pity peice about how your a fucking victim. How come there is plenty of trans gays and bis that walk the streets of Portland, Oregonian, everyday unharrassed every day but yet you seem to be victimized constantly. Have you ever thought that maybe if you just chill relaxed and took your medicine, you might be able to see the world the way it is. Maybe if you didn't force yourself into being an outcast in society society would have no problem with you try walking the line sticking up for what is truly right but yet understanding that every fight is not your battle. Drop the small shit take a deep breath and enjoy life for what it is............ Think about this who and what is in your life and what is making you happy always constantly being the victim? quit crying about the shit that you think is holding you down and do something with your life YOUR A FUCKING JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am glad these drug dealers enjoy Christmas, I will see you in Court!

Justice is Dillusional

District Attorney office covers up a hate crime! The District Attorneys office with the help of my own attorney, Robin Runstein, allowed Glenda Meyers, leader of the hate mob called Not a Good Queer or Anything Else, to commit perjury. On November 12, 09, Meyers makes a false 911 and states that she is being trapped in a corner of the building. Metro Watch guard is present and a Reach CDC employee is present but they do not tell the police about Meyers false accusation. The District Attorneys office prosecuter went to the Rose apartments himself and witnessed an exit door that Meyers could have taken. She was clearly not trapped. The District Attorney ignored this evidence along with the police officers who received her false 911 call. The District Attorneys office also ignored a 6 month investigation by the State of Oregon stating that their was a hate mob making death threats and false accusations against a trans gendered person. The District Attorney challenged a civil rights case by it's own state government. Why? Because Reach CDC has money and power, as the District Attorney worked with Reach CDC lawyers during the whole criminal trial. Why press chargers against someone who had two stalking orders on this hate mob and allow a lie to happen? Transphobia. I believe many testimonies that the DA investigated was reports that Iacuzzi wanted to indentify his/her gender. He took these statements as a crime of a trans person being in an all womens building. The biggest irony of the case is Judge Zushman who provided the original stalking order. Meyers tells the judge that I am accusing her of taking lessons of hate from others in the building, that I am accusing her of being a drug dealor, and that the Civil Rights Division is involved and that Iacuzzi is transgendered and be a man or something. Of course this temporary stalking order was backed up by fired manager jamie Barton who wrote a letter to help Meyers get a stalking order. Of course, Barton deliberately left out of the letter that their was a fire alarm that I went down stairs on to check, ended up being an opportunity to write a stalking order.
The District Attorney ignored a 350 page civil rights report to convict an activist. He knew that she had been caught by her clinic with drug use and he certainly ignored the facts that she was a hater and a drug dealer. Where is the justice?

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!
Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Dec 22, 2010

No justice No Peace

Flow back to God
Let go and become a drop
Of dissolving water...

Back into the ocean
with all the Ruthless Compassion

rolling back over and over again
Changing the earth and the seas

Who have a God-wish
Of enough ruthless compassion

to change the hearts and minds
Of all those who define peace
To also seek justice vigilantly
To restore peace....

Amen, Namaste,.......
We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Dec 13, 2010

Fuck You and Thank You

Thier is a very thin line between Fuck You and Thank You and when one states these words, make sure you do it with a smile!
We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Dec 4, 2010

Iacuzzi vs. City Of Portland Case Numer 101216978 Officers Lowry and Koefed

Sued: Settled with the Mission in Eugene for public accommodation in shelters. Break through and precedence for homeless people. Reach CDC successfully as they paid 30,000 March 09 and successfully changed housing rights for trans, gender plural people in  gendered housing with the Civil Rights BOLI settlement Iacuzzi vs. Bradley Angle House in September 10. Sued by Judge Linds Lohr for 65,000 settles for 5,500 not to hurt them too bad financially but they have stopped their advertisement of female gender only.

This person is a family member of a ReachCDC employee. NO she was never arrested.
He r name is Bren Athens and she was obsssesd with me becasue she had to
be the smartest person in the building who had the biggest drug problem.
She and others about 14, created the hateblog notagoodqueeroranythingelse

This is a a lesbian poet named Karen Carpenter who told BOLI that this incident on the stairwell is when I supposedly called Roy, a baby killer. Then Roy told Karen that do not worry that the light is not on while filming. You were wrong, as the security guards Roy and Malinkowski gave false police reports to deliberately have me arrested.

<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0">iframe>
Before this video they chased me down the street and it was even logged into Metro Watch minutes. Later Roy calls the police on me for harassing this women named permanent tweeker akas permatweek.

I was given a citation from Officer Lowry who was the person that Metro Watch wrote down in their logs to ask for when the call the police on me. I was given a citation and had to leave for almost a week due to intense exhaustion and fear

Mar 2, 2009

Reach CDC covers for Hate Mob

I am being threatened by Reach CDC that they are going to sue me for talking publically about thier criminal behavior. I am just waiting to get to court again to expose this hate. I suggest to Reach CDC to stop hiding evidence and bring the Hate Mob to justice. I am speaking to City Hal March 14, to discuss a full investigation of the matter. More heads are going to roll for Reach CDC or they can decide to due the right thing, tell the truth. If Reach CDC would like this to end, they know how to find me, I am more than willing to stop writing about you, if you turn over Meyers and the hate mob that you have fully protected.

This city is not going to tolerate a hate crime or an organization who deliberately and intentional had me falsely arrested and concealed evidence to the District Attorneys office. Oh yes, I will be getting records and one has to ask how much is the District Attorneys office is going to protect you and your hate mob.

I am here, come and get me, I have not stopped thinking of November 12, 07, it has been almost two years being falsely charged and thier is nothing, nothing, more than I want than justice.

Not a Good Queer

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Feb 25, 2009

Fire Racheal Huber of Reach CDC

The stolen cable from the hate mob was reported to Racheal Huber in early July. This document has been given to BOLI. Including this email is a police report in which I had to call the police to escort me in the building as I reported the cable to the police. Then the next morning I called Racheal and asked her to pull the video tape of the two women threatening my life. Martha Fegan a well know Felon and someone who had already violently threatened another in the building. Did Racheal Huber do anything? No. At this time in the BOLI investigation Martha was a key wittness for Reach cdc so she was never held accountable. ANd despite email after email, blog posting after blog posting of this stolen cable, Huber did not respond. By October, after another death threat, I took the cover off the cable box. I called Comcast and reported the crime. The guy said that he would not send anyone out in that environment and to cut the chord. I called Rachel Huber, over and over again. I had brought a wittness in who was sitting me as we dialed for Huber. She was too busy listening to lies of Meyers and Barton and did not want to take the pressure off me from this gang. I was ignored again. She apologized to me and said she thought it was Lee Greer on the phone. Then out of complete frustration I cut the chord and gave it to Reach. Then Reach CDC, Rachel Huber, participates with the district attorneys office to have chargers filed on me for cutting a cable chord. A picture that I took of the cable box and all those stealing cable, was shown to me before my trial by my own attorney. Stating to me that Reach CDC reported me of this crime. But this was my attorney who is going to loose her law liscense. I want the firing of Racheal Huber who was just as guilty of Barton and hiding evidence to the police and the DA's office.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Reach CDC: The evidence hidden

Evidence deliberately hidden by Reach CDC in the case Iacuzzi vs. the state.

1. Warning letter of cause of termination if Meyers continually calls the police on Iacuzzi. Meyers must go to security first due to the fact that Meyers with a stalking order on her had 16 residents sign a document making false accusations. Meyers calls 911 stating that she is trapped inside in the building.

1b. The video of the day of my arrest. Supposedly erased that will end a few police officers careers and the arrest of Meyers. Rachel Huber, Becky Crew, Jamie Barton from Reach cdc were on the DA's list for wittnesses for the day of my crime? Also hate mob tenants Karen Carpenter, Bren Athens, Maria Leal, and Terry Sharpe. I had a stalking order on Sharp and Leal, Atens can be seen on You tube called "your so hated" and for Carpenter, look up "Lesbian Hate". These films clearly show that they lied to the District Attorney's office to cover their hate crime.

1c. Reach cdc told the night monitor Patty Spain, not to talk to Iacuzzi, Iacuzzi was to call 911 as the other residents were free to make complaints. Spain gave Iacuzzi luggage to leave two days before my arrest due to the incidents reports reported to Spain. Spain's doucments and write up regarding false accusations are deliberately being hidden. Spain has been silenced by Rachel Huber to keep quiet or else. Spain talks to Internal Affairs Lynn Courtney. OOPS Internal Affairs sides with Iacuzzi as the IPR while the Southeast precint sits on the case.

Reach cdc tells BOLI that the security guard called the police on me prior to MEYERS due to a communtion. This commution is not written about in the police report. The security guard was about to get fired for not doing his job. This was well dcomented on video.

2. Copy of the documentation of Metro Watch reports and managers report of that day.

3. The commution was beleived to be reported by Jackie Barton, a leader of the gang, who was used by managment to get rid of Iacuzzi. Barton also played liason between Transition Projects and Reach Cdc. She is seen as a reliable source who ends up having an inappropiate relationship with a Metro Watch security guard.

4. Metro Watch made fale statements to the police and did not protect Iacuzzi even when they wrote in reports that I was being chased. Metro Watch allowed overnight guests for another tenant Theresa, as her guest Michael Marguels lived in the buiding for months, until Iacuzzi arrest.

5. Jamie Barton hid evidence of a report of drug dealing of Glenda Meyers written before 9/12.
on 9/6/08 Barton fails in court to have Iacuzzi evicted for nonpayment of rent, when Iacuzzi had paid the rent in ful. Barton uses this public experience to come back to the building and say to Metro Watch and tenants that she is "afraid" of me.

6. 0n 9/12 Portland Imapact Lee Greer and Jamie Barton hold a meeting with only rusted ganag members. In this meeting, they discuss how to document supposed incidences against me. Boli is to come in the building within the week.

7. 9/24/08 Barton tells Matick about the drug use of Meyers, Leal, and Athens. She deicdes to do something but the dame hate mob, writes a three page document citing false accusations and have Matick fired. This document included homophobic references but Reach CDC did not punish the gang.

8.9/19/08 Barton posts an antihharrassment policy in the building and does not include protections of people with gender. The document is written to target Iacuzzi eventhough Iacuzzi documents a package of bed bugs on my door.

9. 9/12/08 First stalking order attempt with manager Jamie Barton writing a letter to the judge confirming the tenants fear. The incident described was involving a community kitchen. An incident that Barton never talks to me about but just helps the tennat get a stalking order.

10.9/30/09 Lee Greer leaves the biuilding citing that Iacuzzi is the cause of the buidings troubles and that she will keep her job outside of the building. Iacuzzi is out of building but Greer will not come back in the building. Greer shows up at a hearing in November participating in a lie from one of her gang members. She states that from the alley in the apartments, one cannot see in my window. What a lie, easily proven. You motherfucker.

More to come

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!