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Mar 12, 2009

Hate Crime: Glenda Meyers and Reach cdc

Gay bashed over and over again but Reach CDC signs a letter for this women to get a stalking order even though they know she is a drug dealer and homophobe. Reach CDC deliberately held back documents that allowed this activist to be jailed and criminalized. The hater received the help of the judicial system who never questioned her temporary stalking order and ignored their states Civil Rights Divisions 6 months of investigation that stated that the residents made false accusations and were aided and abetted by Transitions Projects, Portland Impact, and Reach CDC.

Judge Zusman: Glenda Meyers. Hi Ms Meyers have a seat, please raise your right hand, do swear and affirm the testimony is the whole truth under the penalties of perjury.
Meyers: yes
Judge Zusman: Alright Maim, I have read your petition basally go over that with you and give you the opportunity to, you know, add any details or tell me that I have missed something. I definitely have some questions for you. You have alleged two contacts in here especially I do not know if there is more stuff, I sort of got the sense their might be more but it is not written down. I so I can’t know what am not written

Meyers: I did not know how much to give information on the little form, so I just wrote 2 incidents that bothered me the most.

Judge: So let’s talk about those. Okay let’s talk about those, so on 22nd September you assert that the respondent ease dropped on a conversation you were having I think with your landlord your manager while you were making a complaint about the respondent.

Lee says, that September 22, is a Saturday. Barton works Monday through Friday and what happened was that Meyers pulls a fire alarm to get Barton to come in. The fire alarm is going on, I go downstairs to only hear Meyers complaining about my jacket that has written Not a good Queer on it. Barton intentionally does not mention the fire alarm in this complaint.

Judge First of all what were you complaining about.
Meyers Her
Meyers Banging, umm bangs on the wall, she slams my door, she’s got my grandchild so scared that don 't want come to see me. My daughter pause
Judge: take a deep breathe, your fine

Meyers: My daughter won’t let her come, my daughter will not come, and she’s um,,
Judge: all because of this lady

Meyers: yeah
She’s a umm
She’s umm….my doctors upped my antidepressant, not my antidepressant, but my anxiety medicine because of her.
Umm she’s a um, she bangs on the walls in the middle of the night, she’s slams her door every time she comes in and out of it, slams her door
Judge: how often does she do that
Meyers: a lot, pause, a lot
Judge: coming in and out of her room
Meyers: coming in and out coming in and out slamming the door, she slamming the door so hard one day , it scared my birds so bad. She came after birds you mean you know pauses she’s umm, moan, pause,She is next door to me, so she can hear when I get up, get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Because I don’t have : I live in in transitional housing, All it is a room. I share a bathroom and a kitchen with her. (Moan Pause) She gets up and waits for me at the end of the hall , tells me how she is going to get me and . breathe

Judge: she has threatened to hurt you physically?

Meyers: she just says that I am going to get you, you know, pause

Yes, I am going to get the drug dealer, hater and liar in jail and show others that bullies loose.

Judge: how often does that happen
Meyers: Almost daily, breather she’s, she’s umm,
Judge: Has this kind of thing been happening before the 22?
Meyers: it goes way back
Judge how long you have been living

Meyers: She moved in about 6 months and started automatically, you know, right away, but it has its gotten worst and its gotten worst, pause she got the whole building in an uproar, in, in,, sign long breathe

Judge: Umm, have you had any
Meyers: umm, umm I put in for reasonable accommodations so breather so I can move to another floor or to another building in, in but that will not happen until after the first.


Judge: First of November? Or first of the year
Meyers: November
Judge: okay
Meyers: maybe the 15th even
Judge: 15th of November, breathe
Meyers: yes, I am still, I am still going to be next door to her that long,
Judge: Wow
Meyers: and, I mean
Judge she, she
Meyers: she actually scares me
Judge: I can tell that she scares you mam and I do not doubt that for a moment.


But I need to ask you another question, now. have you, has it been or conveyed to her in some fashion, that you do not want to have any contract with her

Meyers,I have,,,,,pause I do not speak to her breathe I try to avoid her ,breathe, as usual

Judge take a breathe

Meyers: I am sorry

Judge don’t apologize, take a couple of deep breathes

Judge whether you directly or someone in the building with some knowledge has told her to tell her to leave you alone. TeLl me a little about that.

Meyers; I have gone to the people who own the building that Hap rents the building from and I have told them what is going on, breathe an they told her, talked to her to and told her she cannot keep doing it, but she does, she keeps doing it, and doing it, its just not me, its a lot of other people in the building too. She thinks I’m, I’m, I’m taking lessons from a woman, one of the other ladies that live their and taking lessons, how to get her, how to attack her. I am not the only one who has come to get one of these either. ask

Lee says, what the Fuck is going on here, is this judge coaching her own. Helping her to breathe?
She is telling the JUDGE ZUSHMAN that she is being accused of harassing me with a group of women.
Judge I know, I denied in another case, Umm

:Meyers I’m I’m scared, (pause) I have someone with me all the time, I am not alone any more,umm

Judge, that is probable a good thing., why isn’t hap umm or anybody DOING ANYTHING

Meyers Because she has called BOLI and uha

Judge Boli

Meyers: Boli and the Civil Rights. She is transgendered, she thinks she wants to be a man or something, I do not know. But, pause, So the building Reach has to take it through steps and lawyers to get her out. It is going to take a long time to get her out, to get her out and it is going to take a long time, her violent behavior did not start until like 3 months ago but she had aggressive behavior before, not

Lee says, hey judge the civil rights is involved and maybe you do not know the facts of any of these statements and this may be a witch hunt. Or is it judge that you hate gay people and understand that your family would be afraid of this said person.

Judge: What are the violent things. When I was reading your petition, I thought gosh ease dropping is obnoxious but it is not violent

Meyers No but

Judge but now you have added to the mix that she told you that she is going to get you

Meyers She bangs on my walls day and night, I have sleep disorder

Judge: let me, I just want you to focus you a little more, now what was their something other than you have already described anything that happened between September 22 and October 7th incident. Again I do not need you to repeat what you have already told me about the banging and waiting at the end of the

Meyers: I came home, I came home the other day, and I seen her, my room is at the end of the hall, and I saw her there., So I knocked one of the other girls doors before I went home...I couldn’t tell if she was at my door or her door, I need classes I cant see that far away but I went in and told them I asked my girlfriend if she could come with me to find security guard, and she had it, both of my friends are here, They said sure, we will go with you. They just had just some kind of confrontation with her too. She said what are you out of clonzapen, or something, she is accusing me of selling drugs, I am not, I don’t take clonzapen, I think that I am allergic to them, never, never, I have never sold drugs, you know when we walked out of the room to find the security guard she was at the end of the hall video tapping us walking down the hall, pretty irritating, But I don’t know what she is going to do with it, she’s got pause

After Meyers stalking order she receives an increase of clonzapen from her doctor.

Lee says judge, your a dummy, I am calling the Bitch a drug dealer, a hater, Do you hear me judge but guess what I am not there to defend my self because of the Women's Womens Anti Domestic Violence Act that allows this crazy fucking hating drug dealer to take a free fucken shot at an activist.
Judge: how does that pose a threat of harm to you, I was thinking that about the videotaping and the picture when she jumped out from behind the van you talked about,

Meyers: she scared the crap out of me

Lee says, I am scared of Meyers more than I am scared of Freddy Kruger

Judge: I understand that but how does it pose a threat to your physical safety.

Meyers: I don’t know what she is going to do next, I don’t know if she is going to jump out behind a truck and shoot me. I she, she I don’t know what she is going to do.

Hey judge sounds like Meyers is obssessed about me. Are you thinking, you dumb white ass mother fucker. Chorus

Judge does she have weapons

Meyers: she threatened one girl. One of the girls she threatened, she was helping another women move, and she got upset over something, but she said just wait here, I will be back with a crow bar. I will be right back and take care of you, it was not me, but it was someone close to someone in the building.

Lee says, I was helping someone move and told them that they needed a crowbar and this incident Meyers describes never happened or even reported. I do not have a crowbar nor have I ever threatened anyone. Oh yes these women wanted to call the police on me for vacuming at 10pm. These women were obsessed as thier leader and friends were fired or resigned.Their is not any write up on me ever, threatening anyone with any weapon.

Judge Alright mama, I going to issue you an order on this case, This some questions about this case. When I impose one of these orders it is a violation I will tell you their some questions about this one, part of this is t the physical proximity of the premises, I am going to modify this ever so slightly and allow her to come directly in and out of her unit without making any contact or gestures of any kind. But like I say, this is going to get heard by another judge, She gets to a judge and tells her side, The best thing that can happen here in the world as getting alternative housing. As the victim here you should not have to move.

Lee says, how is she a victim. Who are you making a victim, Judge?

Meyers: she has put my grandchildren on her Blog

Lee says that I posted her attacking me and a child being abandoned in a car. These granchildren spend time with Meyers as she is the drug dealer of the building. This family is at these three generation heroin use and distribution. I was hoping the video would put child protective custody on the Meyers family. Instead, I recently saw Meyers daughter pregnant, how sad! THe kids are the biggest losers.

Judge: go to 211 and their will be hearing on November 16.
Meyers :thank you

That hearing never happened, I was denied justice by hate and I am coming for you! Just think when you thought I was going away, I have been here all the time, waiting, like a chess game, knowing that an alley would open. Their is no need to protect Meyers anymore. Enough is Enough and I have even started to telling what really happened. The Womens Anti Violence Domestic Act is in trouble and this case is a great example of it's unconstitutionality. I want to take it down and I want my Constitutional Rights back!

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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