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Aug 2, 2013

Criminal Behavior makes Contracts Void

When you "resolve" the matter between Reach CDC and Lisa Iacuzzi also known as Not a Good Queer. The civil matter is resolved but the criminal matter is not. Obstructing justice, holding back materials, and concealing evidence is a crime. Reach CDC is off the hook from future lawsuits unless they broke the law. Then resolutions become open to new prosecution. As I am fully done with the discriminatory and criminal behavior of Reach CDC! I know Reach CDC is done also with me. I am requesting from Reach CDC several documents that they have and to turn them over to the police. I am asking them to conduct an investigation of the day of my arrest. Yes, the lie that has become true needs to be uncovered. Yes, I will be blogging about the evidence you have that protected a known homophobic hater, drug dealer, and lead gang member. I have enough vidoe on publice record to show what really happened. I know about the lies. Did you think that you could get away from the criminal matter. I think if Reach CDC if you smart enough you would not have participated in my criminalization and brought forward Meyers and Barton. But you decided to hide these people eventhough these people showed up buplically in court and said things of the record.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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