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Feb 7, 2013


The term transphobia best describes the performance of Mult. County District Attorney's office: State verses Iacuzzi. The Da's office did not think BOLI, the states own civil rights department was not an independent investigation and gave it "no weight". Judge Janis Wilson disputed that claim and stated that the jury might have made a different decision if they had read the document. My lawyer, Robin Runstein decided to defend me somewhat in the sentencing hearing by discussing the perjured stalking order. My lawyer tried but she may want to have asked these questions or presented the information during the trial. I believe this document demonstrated negligence on my own attorney. The DA's office turned back it's own states finding, I do not bleive this kind of behavior has been recored by DA offices since the KKK. I guess the DA was desperate to cover the jail abuse and the hate and the cover up of police officers Andrew Koefed and Timothy Lowrery.

When you read the transcript, you have to say to yourself....Bizarre. Judge Janis Wilson stated that in her 17 years of being on the bench has never seen such a sentencing request and asks former Mult. County District Attorney Arusio Loprinzini if he has passed his sentencing request to his office. Basically, Loprinzini, are you acting on your sexual frustrations? Granted you do not like what I say or write on my blog but asking the judge to punish me for my first amendments rights is fascist. I was pleased that the Judge Janus Wilson spanked you over and over again on record.

I am going to ask the Department of Justice to look at this case. I believe my 6th Ammendment rights were violated on many levels. One of the transphobic moments was during the jury selection. Arusio Loprinzini asking potential jurors if they ever changed their name. This tactic would and did "take out" trans person out of the jury selection. I ask myself the question, are all defendants during jury selection are asked this question or only the question asked when the defendant is trans, (bigendered, gender variant, intersexed, etc.) to keep them from their peers!

We still rise, I will not apologize for anything!