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Nov 19, 2010

The Longing

The Castle, a place where relatives of the king were put for safety.

The tart and tea
were for you
I guess I am out of
maybe too easy
I have been alone for four years as I needed
to grow into my own...

I know who I am
I don't ask others to
try to be anything but
even on a rainy day,
it drizzles with spots of puddles
all around

I am wet up to my ankles

I have waited a long time
like a bishop in a chess game
a player who strikes in a blind-sided fashion
No, I am not waiting for others to make a mistake
as I know what is happening
is a convergence of a higher power and a
social construction called Justice

What I know is
that I have is
 I breathe air
I see the moon which puts me to sleep,
and I awake to the sun.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Sep 30, 2010

Pastor Tate

 Pastor Tate seen here jumping on Christ Memorials bench and cheering on the crowd to not let anything hold you down! He preaches that the devil is drugs, negativity, injustice, etc., and God will fight our battles. We just have to ask and it will come. The Pastor knows how to dance on the devils toes and has brought the restless misfits a home in God.

He does what he does for the love of God!

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Jul 4, 2009

Recipe of the Soul

Recipe of the Soul
Written By Dr. Magaret Sewell

1. Surround yourself with beauty, works of art, music, etc..

2. Be around young children as they still understand and have innocence.

3. Do something for others, even if your poor, have no time, and are stressed. Believe it or not this works.

4. Go out into nature and see that the universe is a place of beauty and our time here is just borrowed.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Mar 1, 2008

We were Humans


The uproar of the poor becomes more acute when one thinks about the enormous cost that the "arms race" presents.

It has been estimated, that in 2000 the world spent 756 billion dollars on arms.

This figure would have been enough to feed for a year, 4 billion poor children (almost the entire population of the earth).

The price of a war tank is enough to build schools for 30 thousand students.

The cost of a jetfighter represents that of 40000 pharmacies.

90 countries are still suffering from the plague of the antipersonnel
landmines; 20.000 people a year become victims of these landmine

Half of the victims of the last fifty years of conflicts have been

It is estimated that in the whole world there are more than 300.000 child soldiers.

In industrialized countries military expenses are 30 times greater than aid to developing countries.

The average price of a landmine

Production USD 8,00

deactivation USD 5,000

Modern war's victims are:
34% children
59% civilians
7% Soldiers

Human Developement Report 2002, ONU/OCSE 2002 and documents found on internet

Allysson Lucca .

Thomas Daniel Collins .

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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