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Dec 22, 2010

No justice No Peace

Flow back to God
Let go and become a drop
Of dissolving water...

Back into the ocean
with all the Ruthless Compassion

rolling back over and over again
Changing the earth and the seas

Who have a God-wish
Of enough ruthless compassion

to change the hearts and minds
Of all those who define peace
To also seek justice vigilantly
To restore peace....

Amen, Namaste,.......
We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Oct 6, 2010

Physically Beaten!

Yes, I have been physically beaten by a man. He said he wanted to talk to me and act like we liked each other as we use to be close friends. He asked to see my van and go tin the passenger seat and I in the drivers seat. I said things were going well as I was very happy to have a van.  He then said that I was a liar who got him kicked out of housing. I was his roommate and left on June 23 with the clothes on my back.

It is now October 4, 2010 and this guy is getting evicted for growing weed in a federal building. He has a growers license and he thought he would put his 6 foot plants on the back patio. I was living here at this time and told him not to do it, as did my other roommate told him the same warning. He did it anyway and he was given a cause of notice.

He is in my car blaming me for his ridiculous behavior. He calls me a liar and I tell him that he is not my friend. He started doing white powder drugs which made his temper and behavior become more irrational and is not the person I use to know. He did not like my answer so he punched five times on the chest and arms. I blocked most of his shots with my bruised forearm and when he stopped grabbing and punching me: I smiled and grinned at him which made him stop. He said, you still do not want to be friend?
                                                      No, you dumb ass, get out of my car.

He then took my keys and started yelling to others to call the police on me because I am supposedly running him over with my van. I close the doors and locked myself in. Five minutes later he keys into the passenger side and I escape out the back door. My dog would not come. I was frightened for his safety as I thought he may try to hurt my dog.  I ran into a strangers house and called 911.  Nine police showed up and he did not get arrested. My arm has bruises all over and it and now I am saying where is the police report?

                                                                   I will get one. Right.

I just expect my friends to say, it will be okay, You do not want to be friends, cool, I will always love you and in things may change in time but for now,  I respect your wishes. Beating me, creating lies about me because your hurt does not make me want that kind of friendship in my life.......

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Mar 1, 2008

We were Humans


The uproar of the poor becomes more acute when one thinks about the enormous cost that the "arms race" presents.

It has been estimated, that in 2000 the world spent 756 billion dollars on arms.

This figure would have been enough to feed for a year, 4 billion poor children (almost the entire population of the earth).

The price of a war tank is enough to build schools for 30 thousand students.

The cost of a jetfighter represents that of 40000 pharmacies.

90 countries are still suffering from the plague of the antipersonnel
landmines; 20.000 people a year become victims of these landmine

Half of the victims of the last fifty years of conflicts have been

It is estimated that in the whole world there are more than 300.000 child soldiers.

In industrialized countries military expenses are 30 times greater than aid to developing countries.

The average price of a landmine

Production USD 8,00

deactivation USD 5,000

Modern war's victims are:
34% children
59% civilians
7% Soldiers

Human Developement Report 2002, ONU/OCSE 2002 and documents found on internet

Allysson Lucca .

Thomas Daniel Collins .

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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