Jul 21, 2013

I am Guilty of:

I am guitly of:

Being maculine and scaring women according to the DA office in Portland, Oregon. I lost this political battle between the feminst and the gender folks. The feminist say, your transgendered and your a man. This is what Bradley Angle House directer, Kara MacFarland, had to say that their public policies on gender are in fact discriminatory. The battle the feminst won is still in the Court houses that believe that I am a dangerous person.

Yes, i am fairly intelligent, but now your trying to criminalize me for my gender which was not understood and taken away from the jury. To say my trial was a modern day whitch hunt carried out by Arusi Loprinzini is an understatement. The only thing that Glenda Meyers has abo that is flawless cry and hyperventialtion act which seems to work for police, judges, and juries. Will just be served or will the witch hunt just gat uglier and uglier.

Wittness are staying quiet for I acuzzi due to threats to wittnesses. Arusi loprinzi even came to the Rose residence place and met with Meyers in her home. Meyers is a well known homphobe which was documented by the state of Oregon's BOLI.

Who is going to win this political battle that now i am losing and will continue to be punished for stating up against them that revolve around the building as the DA is seen with Reach CDC lawyers on a daily basis. I have a lawsuit against Reach CDC and the DA Arusi Loprinzini does not have a problem with helping out the local businesses. I wonder if Lopronzini will meet with me and talk about a hate crime of a mob at the Rose.

This hate mob is fooling you when they say they are threatened. Their lying, they were never afraid, it was a pay back from winning the BOLI case.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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R. Solomon said...

You're so full of it, Lisa.

Lee McInnis Gaejens said...

we have trans-phobia though no so bad even here in San Francisco do you know about rebbeca nay.

anyway check out my site and blog, I am going though some of your isses and circimstances.

Id like to make contact