Aug 2, 2013

Gender Discrimination Charges Go South for Reach CDC

Picture above states, stop Jamie Barton from harassment and gender discrimination at the Rose.

Reach Community Development is likely to be caught in what people may call an untruth. They told Chief Investigator of the Bureau of Labor and Industry(BOLI), Kerry Johnson a detail that can be found in the paper trail. The players are Reach’s Rachel Huber and Jamie Barton. Reach has claimed the reason why my waiting list number changed was due to eight people being rejected through the housing appeals process within a two week period. This paper trail can be traced by Portland's Housing Authority(HAP) who would have appeals records. These eight appeals pending cases all happened within a two week period. Phone records would show, the YWCA making several calls to Jamie Barton and Rachel Huber on my behalf. At one point, Jamie Barton's said that she no longer worked for Reach CDC. The trace and investigation is on by HAPS director Jill Peterson. A question comes to mind regarding the penalties for lying to a BOLI investigator.

Some background information: Charges were flied against Reach CDC in July 2007 for gender discrimination. Reach is a nonprofit with over 988 units. They oversea a building called the Rose apartments who is managed by Rachel Huber and Jamie Barton. The people who live at the Rose are referred by Bradley Angle House and Genes’ Place. Gene’s Place is a homeless shelter for people who suffered domestic violence and people who are homeless. Bradley Angle’s services reach out to strictly to people who have experienced domestic violence. So in the building, there is a combination of people suffering from domestic violence and homeless with both groups fighting poverty. The building is supposed to be drug and alcohol free but most residents use hard drugs. A fellow resident almost died in my room from a Clonzapen overdose She asked to stay in my room alone so she could hide from another women in the building who was making overt gestures to be her new girlfriend. So being a good queer, NAGQ let her stay in my room alone while I was in the building cooking dinner. When NAGQ came back into my room, she was foaming from the mouth and unconscious. NAGQ made the mistake of getting the paramedic in the building who also was her stalker. Her life was saved but the drama over the incident was not appreciated by Not a Good Queer. The stalker would not leave my room and demaded to go into the ambulance of this barely conscious women. NAGQ said no to her ambulance drive request and told her to take the bus like NAGQ was going to do to the hospital. The stalker called me a prick boi twice during this interaction then went to management the next morning who signed a get well card. This stalker told Jamie Barton about her overdose and it's details. She was irrate at me for not allowing her to go into the ambulance so she needed vegence which she recieved with the help of Jamie Barton. Eventhough the prick boi comment was reported, the stalker was never written up for verbal harassment.

Of course, the overdose was accidental like her first overdose. Of course this tenant has never been written up for a single episode even though the paramedics and fire department had to reinstate her life with a dose of NARCAN. But, this was not an overdose? She claims it was a seizure but NAGQ went to the hospital and was told by the tenants nurse that she had every barbiturate known to man in her system. NAGQ reported her drug use to try to help save this womens life who is still currently using narcotics illegally. No, NAGQ cannot make someone stop hurting themselves, but NAGQ does not have to watch or get blamed for the unwanted "show".
When NAGQ came back from the overdose hospital run trying to save and protect this “innocent” women’s life, only to find rumors around the building that NAGQ would be cited for drinking alcohol in the kitchen on a previous Monday.. The alcohol was the overdosing tenant’s vodka that was used to make ice teas. We were both in the kitchen making dinner with the overdosing tenant walking around the building noticeably in a drunkard state. The bottle of vodka was finished on that Monday. Their was no noise in the kitchen but only NAGQ was written up for alcohol in the building. The bottle of alcohol was finished on Monday night but the haters in the building had to blame it on the boi for this women's overdose. The most easy and convenient escape goat,who did not pack with any tenant gang, and who wrote a document to protest the write-up called Fraud at the Rose.

Yes, there is a gang in the building here at the Rose. The gang is predominately African American women who are also bible thumpers and who believe that they are the one’s entitled to make judgments about other peoples lives. One would think that these women would be perfect in their standing in the building and how they carry themselves. They are the first ones that call foul and yet they have been attacking others in the building and calling them racist for simply being white and having a black boyfriend. Their ridiculous behavior is non-stop. NAGQ has been called all kinds of slang that include dildo, prick, butch, and boi are thrown around when the gets angry at NAGQ. Or if NAGQ simply takes any space in the building like using the computer room or singing down the hallway. A few of the other tenants get called racist who just stand up for themselves but most of the building live in fear of these people who believe that they are allowed to “run the show”. This complied with a Jamie Barton confidant who has her direct phone line to Jamies' home and calls Jamie when she deems inappropriate behavior is going on. This women has schizophrenia and NAGQ sees her early in the morning’s maybe to refill her methadone dose? Who knows what happened to her teeth. This gang is ruthless and gets benefits of free cable television that the management at the Rose allows. So for many of these residents, do not have to leave the building because their whole life is a learned helpless class taught by Lee Greer from Portland Impact. Who provides them with basic needs, birthday parties and gifts, large garden, first takes on donated food, etc. Within all this abundant food that Lee is bringing in, creates fraud with some of the gang members food stamp benefits.

Lee Greer helps get them free food so that they can sell their welfare cards for cash is the main vehicle into getting ones’ drug money. This is how they get their drug money. Some of the gang members get their drugs brought into the drug-free building versus buying it on the outside of the building and keeping the hard drug element from people who are trying to maintain ones’ sobriety. Yes, there are a minority of residents who are trying to heal and fight for their lives back. They are working 12 step programs and are actively looking for work. These people are trying to better themselves and have goals that do not include public housing in their future.

It’s a combination of people that are not healing in a building that is advertised as a domestic violence shelter according to Reach’s own description of the Rose. Portland impact Leer Greer handles client services but her job description, according to Lee Greer does not dealing with behavior. How Special! (Chuckle) Lee Greer was caught having a “special food and beverage drinks" only to a particular group of residents. All of these women happen to “hate” NAGQ but this program was not advertised like all the programs are advertised in the building. How special that Lee Greer does not deal with behavior but will coach people on how to document behavior. NAGQ is sure that she will justify this position. How about, stay out of the investigation. How about ending your secret meetings behind close doors with residents who are involved in the discrimination case. How about letting me in the clothes closet to get some clothes like the other residents!

A beautiful feminist moment
The reason the building is not a healing environment is that the management uses people in the building to do help them due their positions. This includes bringing up groceries and errands around the building. This includes dividing people so management can weed out people that they do not like. They hate NAGQ because before my arrival NAGQ asked for their mission statement and complained about Jamie Barton’s inappropriate behavior of constantly telling NAGQ : my wait list number was lucky 13. During my arrival, NAGQ received the mission statement, which did not include gender. Jamie Barton’s response to the gender policy when questioned, was, “men are not accepted in the building”. It was a beautiful feminist moment... Which resulted in a wooden bed susceptible to bed bugs and a carpet full of 20 or more cigarette burns? After my two hour introduction to the Building, where they told me that their gender policy meant that their was no men in the building. Then NAGQ gets written up in my first 36 hours in the building when my friend dropped off an air mattress and left at 10:30. Folks, it was an air mattress in a box. No harm was done and no noise was made. Countless times others in the building have been inappropriate with similar offenses and NAGQ has received an eviction almost every month. One eviction included nonpayment of rent in which NAGQ paid the rent three days before they even filed the eviction. Of course they had to dismiss it but if I did not show up then NAGQ would have been evicted. It goes on and on with all kinds of follies that Jamie Barton keeps performing over and over again. NAGQ has had written on my door that NAGQ is not literate. NAGQ has also a gift of an envelope that contained over 50 dead bed bugs. This was just the topping of an already strong urine smell at NAGQ's front door.

Jamie Barton reminds me of the keystone cops: people who end up creating
a mess that should never have happened. Her position requires boundaries and professionalism where Jamie Barton has already been cited for an inappropriate relationship with a lesbian in the building.

Kerry Johnson (BOLI)is being told half-truths regarding many of the claims of NAGQ from Reach. On November 27, NAGQ, taking two witnesses. went to see Jamie Barton about my waiting list number. Jamie slammed the door in my shoe as NAGQ tried to keep it open to finish the conversation. She said that NAGQ was number 13; yeah we all know what number 13 means. NAGQ went to the YMCA to get documentation. The evening shift person who also works with Bradley Angle House relief called Rachel Huber and she said that NAGQ was number 5 on the list. This number is significantly higher that the number 13 that NAGQ was quoted on the same day.

Here comes the lie, Rachel Huber tells Kerry Johnson that eight people were on an appeals list and in a two week period of time, all people were reviewed and seen as unqualified by the Housing Authority. Are you kidding me!

NAGQ bought the Brooklyn Bridge too.

The Housing Authority does this screening which is done by the state and requires a criminal background check. The housing authority would not have eight names that they checked out and failed during this short time period. NAGQ believes that Reach has been caught in another lie.

investigator? Do you want to know something better? NAGQ went over the head of Sherry Sacheo, the Rose’s too friendly contact resident services for HA, forP. and went to Jill Riddle. She is on the job to investigate this bridge for sale.the top shelf of HAP and found two ethical people who are not afraid to find the truth. What is the penalty for lying to a BOLINAGQ hopes the punishment is a felony………

I will not apologize for anything!

Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi
Not A Good Queer


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