Aug 2, 2013

Meyers or an Obstruction of Justice Crime

You know, they say alot of gay folks like to play softball, but I like to play dodge ball!

Why go so public? I believe a huge injustice has occurred in my life and I have not rested to reach this quest of Justice. I have been convicted of stalking when their was no stalking but a hoax by a hate mob. I am demanding an investigation and Justice.

Meyers is a well known drug dealer and benzoid user within the social systems of Portland, Oregon. This women was cited for selling clonzapin in a community kitchen to two residents This incident occurred on 9/12/07 when Reach CDC's former manager, Jamie Barton, started writing letters for other tenants citing how afraid they were of me. She told other tenants and Metro Watch that she was afraid of me.

Okay, Freddie Krueger! No not the butter Freddy!

Well, Jamie Barton, was it your fear that you would get caught publicly discriminating against me while letting go obvious narcotic deals in the building. I believe their was at least one overdose while I lived in the building and I heard stories of more. But what does the District Attorneys office due, they come after the Queer while they are talking to Reach CDC during, lunch, after trial meetings with Reach CDC's lawyers. But Meyers is not charged with violating the stalking order, one mile away from her castle, and she gets arrested but the District Attorneys office does not prosecute. The District Attorney ignored all the evidence about Meyers involvement with drugs and Barton's perjured written statement.

So, here I am , I will go Federal, cause the state cares too much about the big property owner than my civil rights! Also, the judge did not throw it out even though the stalking order case itself, did not fit into the statue.

It will be Meyers or Barton or both(probably) verses obstruction of justice chargers. I believe that I may have three counts of Obstruction of Justice. No, I am not afraid of you, I am afraid to allow this kind of behavior of a hate mob that is supported by the district attorneys office to be both held accountable.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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