Jul 21, 2013

Justice will Prevail

I am going to be sentenced for a crime that I did not commit on Friday at 2pm. I am disgusted with the amount of lying and politics that have affected this case. I also have questions that are not being answered. The amazing thing is, the people who are lying against me are a bunch of junkies and feminist who love to hate. This hate started for me many years ago in my life but has blossomed here in the liberal city of Portland. The discrimination became a hate crime on 9/12/07 when Reach CDC hate mob started filling stalking orders. One after another they came and were denied over and over again until some judge heard that I was transgendered and wanted to help this poor women. Their was a total of 5 attempts and on the last attempt the seed was planted to have me arrested in my own building that I live. The police and the disctirct attorneys office participated in the hate and deliberately ignored evidence of hate and retaliation. The truth will come out and I do not care anymore about the death threats, come and get me.

The gay press and Portland and KBOO radio do not want to air what is happening to me because their of their friends in the womens community where their are many lesbians who are the main haters. This whole thing is wrong and those who sat back and did nothing who are responsible and allies to the gay community are silent.

I will be handcuffed and will not be able to write freely due to the legalities. But Know Worries, they will have to kill me because I will not stop until the truth comes out.

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