Aug 2, 2013

BOLI Retaliation Claim

The Civil Rights Division of the state of Oregon is investigating a retalliation complaint. This was recommended in my sentencing by Judge Janis Wilson. The strategy of my defense on a violation of a temperary stalking order where I was falsely arrested and convicted of stalking. My former criminal attorney Robin Runstein, a former Prosecuter with the DA's office, stopped defending Iacuzzi due to a tort claim notice given to the city for Police and Judical misconduct.

Runsteins strategy in court was to state the facts of retalliation of the BOLI complaint to the jury. My wittness, the investigater from BOLI, showed up to testify as he knew about Barton's firing and discriminatory behavior towards me. My own attorney sent him home and never conducted an investigation which is standard in the legal industry. So it is now being investigated by BOLI and the Independent Police Review Board. Iacuzzi did have a meeting with the District Attorney 's office stating that this was retalliation. Jeff House, District Attorney, stated that it is hard to prove perjury but convicting Meyers on false swearing may be an option. Meyers who told a judge that she was being accused of being a drug dealer, taking lessons from the other hate mob, and a Civil Rights Complaint was filed was given a temporary stalking order. During the trial of my "violation" Runstein did not have Meyers paperwork on her stalking order so till this day, Meyers has never had to prove her stalking order and I have been criminalized by a hate mob. Their was no justice. Yes, I am guilty of filming them, but I also went to every agentcy in this town for protection including the police, no one did nothing.

The irony of the story is Bradley Angle House whose administrative offices were on the first floor of the building where the witch hunt was going on. Did they wittnesses events? Yes. Did they case manage many of these people? Yes. Did they ever tell them, that I had a right to self indentify my gender to the other residents? They certainly did not stop it and even encouraged Meyers, when they even saw her standing near me while I was calling the police on her. Their reaction, Meyers, will come up to see you. Not, what is going on, why won't the police come? Bradley who is a leader in sexual minorities and protections from domestic violence did not step in. Does Bradley ANgel house allow trans people to stay in their long term housing program? Yes. So why did they not stop it? Retalliation is the only guess since they were also found to be discrininatory by the state.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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