Feb 27, 2013

Hate Crime added by the POLICE

Koefed and Lowry do not press any charges on this drug affected hallway owner. Bren Athens shown in the video also is the writer of a hate blog called Queerer and Queerer http:/notagoodqueer-oae.blogspot.com which is dedicated to the hate of Not a Good Queer(NAGQ).

The videos above show the story of hate of someone who has a male and a female gender in an all women's building. You see a video of Maria Leal who overdosed twice in the building. Her drug dealer is Glenda Meyers who has been convicted of several misdemeanors for drugs. After the hate mob put bed bugs on my door, Meyers spat at me while I was trying to cleanse my room. Andrew Koefed came to the rescue and threatened to arrest me after I was gay bashed. I was arrested in my lobby of my own building even though I had a stalking order on Meyers and Meyers gang. Boli investigated the hate and several witnesses came forward who wrote documents citing Meyers homophobia who forced other gays out of the building. In one of the videos you see former Reach CDC manager Jamie Barton. Jamie Barton committed perjury with Glenda Meyers when she falsified the facts given to a judge where Meyers was able to obtain a stalking order on NAGQ. NAGQ spent 29 days in jail and still faces chargers of violation of stalking order since November 07.

NAGQ video taped the arrest which clearly demonstrates that Meyers violated her stalking order but NAGQ was arrested for standing in my own lobby. Due to the substantial finding of discrimination form the state, BOLI, Reach CDC is being sued for gender discrimination. Jame Barton supposedly resigned due to the Housing Authority doing a criminal investigation against her behavior. NAGQ went outside the building and held up signs for free drugs at the Rose. Barton would only write up NAGQ for drinking in the kitchen but would not write up others even when an ambulance and the fires department had to revive the above Maria Leal. The drugs made their hatred validated by Reach CDC management doing nothing but protecting a homophobe and drug dealer who exposes her grandchildren to her drug dealing.

Of course, the sexual minorities round table, a Portland based police community against the discrimination of sexual minorities is doing nothing! Maybe this is because Bradley Angle house is involved with this organization against hate. Bradley Angle is against hate but not when it affects trans people? Bradley Angle House's administration is on the first floor of this building. They also case manged many of the residents of this building. Did they tell others to knock off this gang behavior or did they encourage them to file a lawsuit against those who are bigendered?

Let's say, that did nothing to protect me and had a spokes person in the building who signed a hate document against NAGQ. Shame on Bradley Angle house.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

Not a Good Queer on BWe still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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