Feb 27, 2013

IPR APPEAL August 18

Not a good queer is the only appeal for 2009 for the Independent Police(IPR) review board on August 18 at 5:30 in the Love Joy room. When the appeals process was instituted the IPR thought that would have a ton of appeals but this did not happen. Why? Because the process is long and the IPR reports are done by the police themselves. In my IPR report, Officer Lowery states that he did not investigate a gay bashing because I had a supposed temporary stalking order, well the gay bashing was two weeks before the hate mob was able to obtain a stalking order. THe police did not even check OJIN to find out these facts. The bottom line in the city of Portland, is that their is no police accountability and it is a waste of time to think that they are ever held accountable.

In this meeting that I have waited almost two years for, I will be asking for the investigation to be reopened. The police interviewed the hate mob who deliberately set up my arrest and I want an investigation regarding some communition that Metro Watch called the police while hate mob leader Glenda Meyers was on the phone calling 911. Their is not any documentation of Metro Watch on the police report and when BOLI investigated a retalliation complaint, Metro watch did not explain themselves.

Being patient is going to pay off as those who committed these crimes against me will be going to jail. THey are Jamie Barton, Jackie Barton, Maria Leal, Bren Athens, Glenda Meyers and more. They are already guilty of tampering with a wittness which will give them more time than the hate crime.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!

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