Jun 9, 2013


I don’t know why.
I am getting by
Just happy to have a
A full belly
Is no joke
I want to be inspired
Travel the world
And wander.....
Yeah your lost
not fitting into
Capitalism of course
The music rocks you
The wind
Calls you
I ask the sky
If it will always be my friend
The sun said
I will love you and will bring
You warmth
Be your guide
When your
Bring you back to your childhood
With races to the pool
Sucking pop sickles was
I take a breathe in your
To be as big as you
Would only create
A mess
An explosion of energy
So I will just worship you instead

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Anonymous said...
"The wind
Calls you
I ask the sky"

couldn't have said it better myself...i think most of us understand more than u know
drockwood said...
From an atheist point of view I have an instant aversion to any kind of worship; pagan or monotheistic.

but i like popsicles and races to the pool.

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