Jul 21, 2013

NAGQ is bigger than LISA/LEE IACUZZI

NAGQ known as Not a Good Queer is bigger than Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi. I know I have been marginalized, castrated, by many people who did not think I was capable of putting such an amazing piece of media together.

The most important person responsible for my success is my sister Chris. My sister Chris is a chief paralegal at one of the largest law firms in personal injury in the state of New Jersey. She is amazing and wins all kinds of awards for her Congeniality. She wears a constant smile and has a big heart. She is an amazing person who is my biggest cheerleader in my life. Most great leaders,artists, and creators have people in their lives which helped then get through a "difficult time" until they were discovered or that they made their imprint on society. I hear these people talk about how their significant other or family members helped them get through a "difficult time" they traveled through to reach their success.

My sister Chris and like many people have called me an activist. They are correct in the description of who I am. An activists is an educator who is trying to send a message that is not well understood but through activism, will cause changes towards justice. Many of these people or groups are Love make a Family and Basic Rights Oregon and the many peace organizations who are working. Most activists are work for free, some are funded, and some are lucky enough to be trust-fund.

So declare NAGQ is bigger than LISA/LEE. I will stop signing my name to stories so future postings will only be authored as NAGQ'S.

Anyway, NAGQ is bigger than me and many "HUMANS" who are in my position who have been marginalized, understand and are quickly inspired to the "right thing". You could say that these people deserve to be marginalized but I think that many good gays have a backbone and believe in integrity.I was lucky to take several business law classes under my bachelors degree. I learned about the agent and agency relationship where employers are liable to what employees does and does not do.

Stupid is, as Stupid does.

Forest Gump


They play-poker on
both sides
until one day
those sides
to open the door
to another place
where justice
may take

This work is dedicated to all the HUMANS who believe in KARMA.



Anonymous said...

You're so full of it, Lisa. Have you ever considered suing your brain for non-support?

Not a Good Queer said...

So glad to hear that NAGQ has a fan club. Of course more and more not a good queers will be coming out of the closet to spoke ya!